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decidedly the strength of terror antworten

> Five hundredth chapter, transit bombers have broken them harder and harder to stop when the last layer, Li Yichen came to the front of clouds, clouds slept very peacefully at the moment, her eyes seemed to reveal a faint smile. Www, QUAnben, CoM "Do not move her, Wang's fine soul were still in her body, and now only the last king of the soul of the" old man watching the clouds look like slowly opening. "How to save her," Li Yichen watching the clouds, could not open asked, for this is the king or the clouds are not important, important is that she stood in front of their own. "Yiyi Ya Ya, she was so beautiful Oh," came out white at the moment, staring at the clouds face, a happy look. "We must find him last king of soul, so let the king really perfect it be possible to make her recovery had." The old man began, some sympathy for Li Yichen his inner being, perhaps Li Yichen clear, Wang once recovery but also for the survival of Tianxuan, Wang can not be concerned about two women's affair. Others do not know it, but the old man clear, then people will be feeling the king never mind, I heard only Tianxuan survival and health, which had been known human king. And Wang after waking, those hidden in the depths of the stars who will be out of the war, when would be a world war, everything is hard to say clearly that after Wang is really still alive, he has not think of anymore. "First Among Shending Wang put it, this thing can not let anyone know tactic, otherwise known by nine, must at all costs to destroy human king of the" old man began, very dignified. Li Yichen also began to put Shending among the clouds of the body, has a hint of his mind at the moment of inexplicable warmth, clouds can survive, the other is no longer important. With sufficient thrust, their speed almost reached the extreme, almost three has come out very soon where Rune cylindrical abyss mysterious beast out of the forest. .................. Unitary planing held by the entire day in the north peak of God, the Holy Land has been a continuous transit and day North Shenfeng launched three wars, almost every time the two sides have suffered heavy losses, had to say unitary planing held under the original capital, and vigorously enhance the realm of men, only in the battle for the revenge. He wants to find Li Yichen, personally kill this man, that he took most of his strength, or in the battle with the nine when he would not be so tragic, and finally his death almost. "Lord, the fat man brought two million troops now remaining 1.5 million, as there is quite tricky thin, the other side was too strong, just tens of thousands of soldiers would have been lost and destroyed hundreds of thousands of army army, "under the peak moment Tianbei God, a God peak soldiers came respectfully open road. "Well, a thin person can not solve, go die!" Unitary plane lifting eyes flashed a ray of cold, physique of a move, the man had been engulfed, almost no power of resistance. Look around the elders and so on at the moment is the look shocked everyone watching this scene, but no one dared to stand up say a word, not even dare to go out, and everyone mind is clear, lord horrible, since that night, after coming out The whole sky north peak of God no one seems to be able to look up to. "Great elders, what advice do you have?" Unitary planing lift eyebrow color of a challenge, look to the side of the great elders,oakley sunglasses cheap, had sky north peak of God God God is the most peak time except that the elders of the group called the most vicious, even peak of God's command against God, so now planing unitary groups are held for these elders have special care. Stood at the side of the old man shuddered, slowly walked out, face bitter Road "transit shrine so powerful, captured the Holy Land after the two things can be said that the Holy Land have been growing throughout the transit, and we Tianbei Shenfeng come from behind, what is needed is a continuous growth in a short period of time can grow fast enough, with the strength of the Holy Land against transit, however the only thing we are missing is the same as that of the warrior fat and thin, do not such as war, our troops face each other and only defeat. said here the elders could not help turning to the top of the unitary planing move, apparently unitary plane has not held any angry after, this rubbed the head of sweat, a lot of stability and little hearts. "hum ......" However, the stability of the elders did not last long, unitary planing cite mouth with a sneer, that smile as if the people are so great elders which generally fall into the blood pool, like a moment his eyes even see any thing. "say well, a war brought fighting really is hard to imagine ah, since we do not, then let the enemy did not it! "Said unitary planing cite here the eye of bloodthirsty light flashed." All God's people listen up peak "unitary planing lift look indifferent tone revealing an unquestionable taste." Give me all the days of the North army mobilized This time I want bloodbath transit holy "unitary planing cited snorted, and instantly the whole people of God out of the sky north peak, today's unitary planing lift can be said to have become the strongest of the entire continent Tianxuan, and even even a Fang Dajun can not be his opponent at the same time, nearly three million days of Peking Army soldiers touched the vast stirred at this moment sky north of the elders grateful no one dared not come out, no one knows, unitary planing lift the terrible, and now no one can be the enemy of the continent already. transit shrine above the somber thin, continuous fighting have to say even if he is also a little tired of the color, day soon led his army north army transit , three million soldiers arrived, the battle will be overwhelming, and even the emergence of unitary planing lift beyond his imagination. "Boss, I hope you do come back, I'm not sure this war" scrag face bitter, fat side Shou Lexie minor injuries, now also are good, but at the moment the hands of the sword fighting fat is bursting out haoguang, like the war in that he generally. "if this war die, I take you to see red, I do not know whether she was still in place Yanhua Xiang them "fat mouth with a smile, seemed calm sway, at this moment his eyes seem to see the end of the day, his heart is like completely put down . "Pange, do not think I do not know, when those things no one knows, Yanhua Xiang long gone, red also find families, even your old lover is also out of the four sacred time to give up own industry, and now the whole world can know where they are, perhaps dead, perhaps already slowly getting old, "said thin lips started mumbling, everything is not all of a sudden their hearts tired." at least There boss, there he is, we'll be fine. "skinny fat seems to want to comfort, but now Li Yichen simply no fixed tracks, nobody knows where he went. fat is also clear, even if they know the trail boss would not say that, after all, this is a battle can not be overcome, unitary planing give strength even beyond the nine, terrible, he did not have the confidence to fight, and even Li Yichen shot they have not the slightest grasp. "had it, or do not give the boss trouble, several sister were sent away yet, I'm sorry I do not want the boss to make things "thin eyes look to the sky, he and fat were only a daisy shuriken, that the incomparable flair sword can say let them flair while. Everyone knows that if I had not encountered Li Yichen them, but continue to dawdle, it is conceivable that they would be too much moisture, their life will be good, but also Xu Xiaohong no There Xiaolan,Air Jordan Flight 9 Sale, maybe ...... who knows maybe it. fate was very strange, and now even they themselves could not possibly imagine when two brothers greedy lust fat or thin, and now can Qiu Hui Fang exclusion, pointing country, which is a war, thin is very clear, no matter win or lose this war, they will over the course of history in this painting a strong one. "dead will once and for all, I also live enough fat, Even dead, I do not want troops, and then I am afraid that the whole world is there who is my brother's opponent, go back up to find a few best gossips, go baby born with "fat look easy. eyes staring at the front, plain Always on top of the confrontation with the peak day of God's army north, but now this way the army has been completely holed up in the distance, and even discouraged by. "I did not expect really going to come, the day came really fast! "Was the pupil of the eye suddenly move to see to the void, when nine of his death the moment he clearly will not miss the transit unitary planing cite the Holy Land, and this war will eventually have to come. Three million as countless army torrent Only crazy ants rushed over, constantly gathering outside the city, opposite, a man sneer looked over, and that it is in the eye of the beholder with a kind of death. gilt carved wood chair, unitary planing cite mouth sneer, his eyes looked sharp in front of the distant gates are always closed, but then how would he have to be expected, but as the Lord Party felt the need to get rid of him Na Shouzai and fat, these two guys have no need In survive it. Yet he is still eating delicious fruits, for the time he has been in no hurry, and this time it is necessary to leave some time for each other to enjoy the moment of death comes, will probably come out this time also said Li Yichen Indefinite do so, at the moment still quiet unitary planing cite enjoying all eyes, his eyes from time to time a bit more aggressive, and occasionally swept away the gates of both fighting imminent, but it is now behind fat Suddenly,Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses, out of a faint shadow, his eyes with a trace of decidedly. "My wife is Yi Chen, this time I will not leave," Shangguan Missy looked decidedly distant, at this moment in her eye flashing beholder. had a choice, Li Yichen waste from a small family walked commanding almost the entire continent, Shangguan Missy feel that their choice is good enough, no nothing better than such a choice even better, so now faced with several million troops, she still standing here, here ...... is his home. "sister-in-law, boss has not come yet, you can not worry ah, or else you first leave, etc. and then for us to find the boss revenge" Fat Man smile somewhat reluctantly, he clearly could not even have the boss to beat. "sister-in-law, this left me, your sister-in-law, several other first away, after all, we can not do the things I'm sorry boss, everything they first away okay? "Scrag eyes fell Shangguan Missy's body, at the moment he does not calm, and once Shangguan Missy what happened, he is really ashamed to go see the boss." I will not go, I'm here hostess, the army can not do without me, "Shangguan Missy look indifferent, at the moment, standing behind her impressively small Nana, Phoenix sisters, and Oona, while over two transit holy mysterious artifact East Bridge Tower and reincarnation are bursting out endless horror light, which is Li Yichen left her daughters, in order to protect their safety at the same time, being in the Li Yichen suddenly between acute look for a move, eyes look to the transit Holy Land. "well, small Nana them dangerous, "Li Yichen Anjiao soon as well, while stature rapid transit toward the direction of the Holy Land soared shot away, while the old man is also looking gloomy, followed by Li Yichen behind, while the speed is not white slowly, followed closely behind. "Haha, thin, fat, a shrine only, which means nothing, it is better to surrender my day North Peak of God, and I assure you that you will get the whole continent Tianxuan a" unitary lift look cold planing, keeping a close eye in front of the city. "bastard! "Thin eyes some anger, but rather the side of the road with a smile face fat" unitary planing lift, what good ah surrender you, at least you have the benefits promised to give me first "Fat Man's face with a trace of expectations smile, as if waiting for the other really out conditions. "Haha, what conditions you just opened, even if you want the whole continent Tianxuan have no problem," staring at the front of the city unitary planing cite think this fat talk was quite palatable to But Well, he was very unhappy, and this fat is doomed to die of. "of course, is to go to your mother's a *" Fat Man laughing, a very natural look. "court death! "At this moment unitary planing lift face distorted, he did not Mom, he really did not know that they have no mother, he only knew that he is born of a father, perhaps he himself is split, maybe he really is born , but this thing even he himself did not know such a curse but was fat, unitary plane lifted his face instantly twisted up. "Boom ......" Suddenly an instant hit decidedly the strength of terror holy city to transit tank top, this force was too horrible, the formation of air waves swept crazy, fat and thin people whom you have only felt a strong straight back, behind that there is this kind of destructive force. "All army listen order "fat open road." All troops listen up "scrag open road." SPL "" SPL "instantaneous fat and thin people gathered together as the strength of the general, the two hands together as if connected to a common play, I saw the earth, a sky and shouts out Langtou crazy city, right on the unitary planing give it a type of terror. "Boom ......" huge Zhuangjizhisheng crashing open, and now fat and thin people, who as if seriously injured in general, stature falling backwards, his eyes looked aghast unitary planing move ahead, no one thought unitary grow so fast planing lift. "Hmmm, I see you still doomed" unitary planing hideous eyes held , he did not just trick out the best, had wanted to get two guys is not a problem, but he did not think he was a dark loss will eat. days Kitagami peak under the army at the moment can not help but startled mind, But for transit shrine still feel shocked, two joint Lord's strength against the Lord could have on a formula, which how awful? "Well, fat and thin, this time I will let you know how he is dead" unitary plane For gloomy face, and then a shot. "Yiyi Ya Ya, you do not have small **" soon Jiaohe sound moments came while conditioned reflex moment of death, unitary planing held forcibly withdrew their forces in that style. "Poof ... ... "sky emitting a blood, unitary planing cite pale, how suddenly withdraw their moves, this is not court death? but unitary planing lift still do not calm, the white appeared, this guy does not appear every time good thing, he was forced to withdraw in that style just is not to be terrified of this white, could not help but recovered only under conditions which reflected type, the result now, is simply in their own court death ah. <

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