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Woman slowly spit out antworten

> Four hundred and sixty second chapter, zoned space battle! At this moment, no one back, their eyes beginning to end, watching the sky, looking at the void above the eyes. Www, QUAnben, CoM "for the old sage a war!" The crowd roared. These people are sage men of the city, the old sage that their faith is their everything, just today they watched the old sage in front of their own dead body. At this moment all hearts are burning up, this is not burning, is the inner rage at the outbreak of war with their eyes, which shares the war from the heart. At this moment, Li Yichen walked in front of everyone, as if his body became the only, his eyes staring at the front of the wearer's eyes. Old sage gave him much, but everything that is precious, even the man of God pattern, then the Phoenix God pattern. "Reincarnation, this war will ultimately be of the" Li Yichen slowly opening, the Phoenix God tattooed on his body, the old sage loss of strength to help him improve vapid realm, this situation he has! "As the sage a war" Li Yichen suddenly take a step, this moment everyone seemed to him as the center, while countless people take a step, this moment is not a person in combat, but many people are all strong throughout the city sage in the battle. With everyone's eyes are decidedly one, which is fighting for the faith, as a shrine to fight! "Kill, real dragon Shending, town World" at this moment in the hands of Li Yichen appeared that huge real dragon Shending. In that Shending above is the emergence of a golden dragon, dragon sky and shouts, everyone followed startled, body strength at this moment a Fangtai Ding crashing outbreak appeared in between heaven and earth. "The town of the world!" Li Yichen slowly opening, the moment a huge pressure fed Shending crashing down, like this moment turned into a huge party Shending mountains. The sky above the huge eyes suddenly broke out between an intake light projection Cn Reed Flower instant intake among Shending that huge. Artifact! Countless people shocked incredible watching Li Yichen. Together thousands of people shot, this moment Li Yichen played Shending third type, town World! Ding pressure town World! A tripod town universe! Great pomp Shending instant pressure with horror to the distant eyes. "I come from a reincarnation" eyes slowly spit out the sound, only this time it turned into every word is like shaking one's power, which shares power and influence as if turned into a horror Juli. Juli crazy sweep, was roaring like a huge Shending Bash, on which the original gas swept round after round of transparency, it is hit with a road war broke out, but at the moment it is still unable to prevent huge eyes of the beholder. "Poof" Li Yichen inverse spray a blood, blood sprinkling the earth. Meanwhile everyone backwards, look shocked, can not imagine the night in front of that huge eyes was so terrible. "I come from reincarnation today off days out, is ...... Destroyer" At this moment the emptiness that broke out in the eyes of unimaginable power, the moment a huge Shending crashing inverted out, everyone no imagine back. "I violated the majesty of Ru, Ru, trial!" Eyes projection out of a terrible power, that kind of force in the projection of the moment, crashing between the swept down, crashing Shending had huge front line, Li Yichen force pushed their nine original gas play out. "Boom ......" At this moment the two forces collided with a wave of terror broke out. "Poof ......" Li Yichen backwards again, at the moment the whole human body cracks, the whole body is like a blood people. "Kill!" Eyes with the intention to kill. Void above a purple Reed Flower turned into a shaking, like a sword, and instantly Zhanxia. This knife has almost decided Li Yichen's death. Looked at this moment a huge reach, Li Yichen finally felt terrible reincarnation, this strength is beyond his imagination beyond it. That an intention to kill overwhelming, almost all-pervasive, Li Yichen upper and lower body the whole person as if the pores are crazy bear squeeze, which shares the extrusion force is to let out his body constantly lasing blood. "Boom ......" At this moment the void rupture, all eyes suddenly between a stagnation, stagnation in this moment appeared a void in the sword, which is a Xuantie. At this moment people's eyes with amazing, incredible look unto the endless void above, that the Xuantie actually had round after round Jianmang may fear, in that Jianmang above is the emergence of a wave shaking the sword Italy . Proudly Italian sword beheaded like in everything, countless people marvel, even Li Yichen also in shock at vanity. "This is a sword statue sword, that sword statue" Everyone looked empty Fortunately, at this moment, everyone will want to turn to a void in that respect the sword. However, Li Yichen eyes look unto Xuantie is not, his eyes look unto Xuantie depths, a nine-colored swords, nine color Jianmang continue to extend, as if from across the void,nike air jordan, that huge Zhanxiang eyes. This is a supreme showdown, the presence of the commencement of several terrorist war, and found that the two stocks in reincarnation sword means the moment they have eyes turned to the depths of the void, the endless pampas grass broke like crashing at this moment, huge eyes is filled with endless purple. "I come from a reincarnation" eyes leisurely opening, Reed Flower Dasheng, instantly fired vanity. Xuantie buzzing quiver, like in the excitement, a surge of pride in shaking meaning sway,cheap jordan shoes, this moment all eyes are focused like up that huge pampas grass between the moment of contact with the Xuantie, huge iron Among the sword held out a hand. Italy is like a huge sword pierced the void, Zhan Xiang Reed Flower. In that Xuantie behind but also has a huge nine colors like SG became the origin of heaven and earth, cutting the entire vanity. This is a war time and space planning. "I, the sword statue!, Sword, Darksteel! Ru, reincarnation your mother" huge Xuantie with boundless proud moment Zhanxia meaning, the original horror Reed Flower with touching moments that Xuantie crashing chipping. At this moment all eyes have become shocked up, "reincarnation Nima?" It's really enough respect for the sword proud! "Reincarnation, you should not come to this era, destroy my body, you are seeking death!" At this moment, more indifferent void above a voice came down, then a huge nine colors like propped up a world Jianmang . "Impossible!" This is the moment that the merciless eyes finally uttered a cry of horror, and that is a huge eyes stared at the void above the wearer's nine colors Excalibur, stature is crazy backwards. "I was reincarnation, no one can stop my footsteps," exclaimed eyes, as if at the moment the endless pampas grass becomes messy, crazy hit, everyone saw this moment, in that over nine colors like Excalibur appeared a pair of Yuzu. The perfect pair of Yuzu, even at this moment that a pair of Yuzu become like all their eyes. That Yuzu gently marching marching void if in the rules, every step down the rules will continue to drive the void fluctuations, while the original cycle of unparalleled terror seemed crazy at the moment but in general, you want out of this piece of vanity, but no matter how he struggled all along seems to be trapped in general. "I, as reincarnation, you are not kill me" huge frightened eyes cried constantly swept endless pampas grass, the whole piece of land that seems to be filled with pampas grass are, however, still can not resist everything. That huge sword slowly Zhanxia nine colors, this amount becomes desperate eyes. Xuantie constantly cutting in the void, the void as if every cut once isolated out of the general, rules like endless road turned into a thread, at the moment that big sword cutting the thread at the endless collection, formed a huge cage. "I was reincarnation, you can not kill me, can not kill me, but you're not, you still incomplete, how can you get out," cried frightened eyes, his Mouguang of pampas grass is crazy like a rolling projection to together, you want to cut pieces in front of endless rules. However, a pair Yuzu slowly taken, like worn out world, all this is just a pair Yuzu exposed, it is difficult to see everything, just ah nine colors Excalibur is let Li Yichen's eyes burst out of anger. "Kill ......!" Woman slowly spit out a word, this moment void above the huge sword like a nine-color cover the entire world, the moment came. "Ah!" Scream sounds like a reincarnation of the original terror was a direct cut in half, two eyes is with horror, just two reincarnation is still at large, they are crazy out toward different directions. And now Li Yichen's eyes are turned to the Na Liangdao eye up, and he knows its own strength can not fight with the sword that nine colors, so he must have enough strength enhancement. Thought here Li Yichen projection out one's eyes will light, stature in the moment that Shending into hiding, only so that he was able to ensure their own safety, after all, he is now who's hurt is still insufficient to withstand stronger shocked. "I, the sword statue, reincarnation, fuck you, go die!" Vanity top that sounds like a very dignified with banter cut out like endless Xuantie turned into a wave of intention will, at this moment sword chop next. "Boom ......" shaking sound broke out, a collapse of life and life's indelible eye out, leaving only the eye wanders atheism in the emptiness. "Do not come, do not come here" reincarnation crazy shouting, as if you want to get rid of, but at the moment he has no chance. Huge figure walked slowly, looking frightened reincarnation, sword statue slowly opening "I did not expect you to have your own consciousness, really funny with me!" Moment Xuantie wave, that the original horrible eye disappeared. Leaving only those dull eyes floating in emptiness. Good opportunity! Li Yichen have been waiting a long time, at the moment physique of a move, and instantly rushed to his arm and atheistic eye,Air Jordan SC 1 UK Sale, while their nine original gas eruptions, in a moment turned into a huge hand wrapped directly to the eyes. Seeing this, everyone was shocked, no one would have thought that Li Yichen shot for dog eyes and, more importantly, is the sword statue remains still. <

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