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> Four hundred and thirtieth IX, the day South elders kill "You have no escape route" Ximing mouth sneer, that may seem cold smile, this moment seems to have felt that he is about to become a top- war, this war, he will be the real fame. wwW! qUANbeN! coM "kill" fat eye at the moment it seems more out of something, it seems more eyes in what, at this moment as the upper and lower body fat bathed in flames, the body of the Department, almost can clearly see That seems to upper and lower body exudes an extremely dazzling gold, this force is more similar to fortune, but differ only in the fat around everywhere glowing golden sheen. Only in fat outbreak of the moment, it seems the scattered golden photoelectric cohesion in the moment of it, a terrible spot gold broke out unparalleled power when this force behind bra army inspired moments, bursting out very violent light , a sudden surge of thousands of times, like a huge golden sun. If Li Yichen here will definitely shocked, because the fat look thin golden light spot and the same, the only different is that this turned out to be the golden spot ahead of invocations, even if fat does not reach the mysterious realm of deities who can still use This power up. "Boom ......" spot gold broke out the ultimate strength, thirty thousand troops at this moment as if the strength of the rally turned into an ax, crazy pixia Ximing this moment even in the face of such violent forces could not resist a reduced pupil. "Boom ......" This is an extreme blow huge golden sun crashing between spending a moment they left so that the original army of two hundred and seventy thousand of the West once again destroyed thirty thousand, suddenly leaving only twenty forty thousand troops. It was a Pyrrhic victory, more Ximing mouth slightly bitter taste, once this time the army to chase another way, even if their side has three hundred thousand troops can not win. Must speed up, seeing almost opposite burnout oil to make fat, Ximing eyes flashed a Sili Mans, snorted, "This war, you must die." Suddenly the whole body broke out Ximing an unparalleled terror force, this force at the moment the outbreak, Ximing as a senior Western secret to war, only the difference between the top step to enter the realm of war, which has the strength was powerful, at this moment it is close to the saint's strength bursts, the strength of terror seemed to gather together almost instantaneously. Looked at over a strike soon bombardment, even fat can not do anything with their whole army are the same, can not hold, as long as the shot down, thirty thousand troops would be annihilated bra. "Pange, you can Ah loaded to force a little bit?" At this moment scrag very cordial voice that seemed like the sounds of nature in general fat ears, thin at the moment are almost not help front of fat, and that last resort directly off the western secret to thirty thousand troops, this is the secret to the West with the East mysterious land army simply can not be compared,Coach Hotsale Online, but the trick too, bunkers, and almost did not recognize them so thin. "Retreat" Ximing look a condensate, at this moment he knew that this war has no chance, even if the hard battle continues, the rest of the twenty tens of thousands of their own army that will be annihilated. "Yiyi Ya Ya, you have a small wooden **" white very lazy glanced backward Ximing not far from the army, mouth and face humming began, not when the occasional issue several sleep sound. Touches on this side, Ximing legs flick, the original is still retreating footsteps suddenly stops, instantly felt like a little wet below. Which seems to have heard the last phrase, a small ** are close to being resolved, at this moment he could not even move not daring to move, Ximing this stop, the army is also a stop behind him. Meanwhile, behind the thin eyes projection out of the exciting light "good opportunity" scrag cried, he's ready to take to try his trick, and since then the boss to help enhance the strength of the thin hand and thought someone was preparing it. Who is thin, that's a strong warrior, and he will not miss any opportunity to solve the opponent's instant, thin shots, and that at this moment the body to the extreme rally behind him twenty thousand troops almost no stockings hesitation, both shot. Extreme! Was another extreme, thin at the moment is the ability to almost reached the limit, the strength of 20,000 troops were concentrated to the point, an instant is a huge golden sun. Side felt dangerous moment they feel Ximing fooled, can not wait to throw himself a slap on the spot, how this time the ball dropped, early on foot, then things are not birds. "Boom ......" an majestic pomp instantly fell down, and instantly had tyrannical Western secret army was instantly swept the ground, directly exterminate forty thousand, at this moment Ximing do not have any hesitation, led the remaining two hundred thousand troops Feitui moment, at this moment is to call him Big ** he would not stop. A war has ended, the army suddenly quit Ximing, the original crisis was relieved at the moment, of course,Classic Coach Outlet, the rest of the time is used to chat with Li Yichen Shangguan Missy it. ........................ Western secret places, throughout a mask men are hidden in the darkness. Master, a thousand years, and I expect the Western secret to a million years, this is my moment Tianxuan out West, do not know when you're gonna be able to come out and look calm mask man watching the Basilica of hearts that huge statue. At this moment, deep in that hall, hideous statue constantly overlooking the Western secret places, that behind the statue, a halberd with a dark black mark as if uncertain of the original basilica according to more darkness. Mask man looked quietly statue, turn around, eyes look to the hall outside, at the moment Ximing fell down on the ground, the whole body trembling incomparable. "Master, Western secret, the defeat of the" West Ming's voice was trembling, it seems that so that he wet his pants, originally a small wooden ** you gave him so do not be afraid of the dark too. Masks men never speak, that eye can not seem to see any expression. Just the man had seemed invisible mask turned into a wave at the moment seemed majestic intention to kill, instantly penetrate Ximing body. Mask man quietly watching his hand, that touch more golden glow. "The energy is very thick, I believe only one step to enter the top warrior, well, hell, a month into it, this is your punishment" mask man's voice is not large, but in the moment to say, the West Ming's whole person as a general collapse. Hell, the Western secret to most horrible place, even spend a day is certain death. Month, out of the war will become a top,Cheap Oakley Lifestyle, otherwise only the dead! At this moment, Ximing has no choice. .................. Mysterious Oriental, the two elders sitting in a hall above, today's Oriental mysterious land has been converted to the Depression, but it is only two elders mouth with a surge of hot light. "Brother, the day has been flying coffin East mysterious tower, then we just wait to go to the mysterious Orient can truly be no distracting, and that time the entire cycle will be changed because of ancestors." White beard old man eyes outbreak the hot light. Behind the old man never had another move, but his face always changing. "Reincarnation has hindered the development of all, do not know this can not escape the mysterious East, the last bullet, this reincarnation of the mysterious Orient land belongs to me, no one can get" At this moment, there has been no move mysterious Orient tower broke out a blazing brilliance, enveloped the whole piece of earth, like the entire East becomes translucent, the night could be so bright at the moment. At the same time, transit shrine quietly rising. "Newspaper ...... an old man with a body to kill me Zhongtian holy" surprised so many people heard the voice came, had also some leisurely Li Yichen, look Suddenly a twist, the great days of the South Xuefeng elders. No one more than he clearly just how terrible that were corpses. Saint peak, almost in the kind of sage king extreme strong. "Li Yichen and get over it," a loud shout, an extremely strong push toward the side suddenly between fortune come, at the moment, Li Yichen also slowly appeared in the sky. Day South elders look flashed sneer, just out of the original body, fit is not high, you can not play a full strength, but now it has become extremely horrible. "The solution is this kid a" watching Li Yichen, Grand Ayatollah Henli eyes flash, almost no nonsense, instantly shot, the body at the moment of the whole earth fear the outbreak of Grant's strength. Argumentative huge sun slowly rising, which is a fortune, very terrible destruction fortune, almost instant live enveloped the entire transit Holy Land. Li Yichen expect the day to come to South Presbyterian Church, but he did not expect the strength of the elders would be so strong, strong people fear. He shot to destroy the entire Holy Land, Li Yichen suddenly between clenched fist up. Shangguan Missy still below, this trick if the fall, there are fat and thin people are Joe will instantly vanished. "Kill!" Just Li Yichen ready pushed real dragon Shending moment, behind a cold Sheng instantly sounded almost without any hesitation, stockings, bras moment as two stocks combined army general. "No one can kill our boss!" Thin voice was full of decidedly. "Thin on you," the same body fat that horrible Jinmang cohesion to a little degree to the thin body. "Boss, brother I did not leave you" thin smile, waving hand out at the moment, this moment fifty thousand elite troops seemed to coalesce into an extreme spear, pole! Never once been like today so perfect, thin mouth with a smile, that the body is very strong, but how can how, the boss has in his side. "Poof ......" fifty thousand troops, combined, a prosperity, a loss for both sides, the moment, the two stocks majestic moment of collision energy, thin inverted out, the whole person as much as a hint of cracking. Li Yichen's eyes red, this trick even if he took also certain death, but thin is to help him block down. <

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