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but that momentum going antworten

> Three hundred and ninetieth chapters, the old man's bad luck every thrusting out, will be accompanied by the huge golden sarcophagus fortune fortune is extremely strong eruption, which shares the fortune already extremely strong, the experience of the last years The rally was only a trace of powder cohesion of the sarcophagus, but this powder is very huge. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM If at the moment you can clearly see that the black side of the old man's face on the front of this unit fortune enough to know that are more powerful, and the old man's eyes stare too much, his cock is not powerful barrier to break through the ninth floor When almost all the power runs out, the strength of today is not even a saint like, at this moment in seeing such a huge fortune, suddenly systemic mysterious gas eruptions, active phagocytosis of the huge fortune that up. Of course,Air Jordan Superfly Sale, at the time did not see Li Yichen, the old man on his own fortune confident enough to engulf the entire continent Tianxuan able to swallow so quickly has few, and for the fortune of understanding more clearly than he did not, so it is swallowed fortune is too simple. Old man while thrusting fortune, sit and wait like, although Li Yichen's thrusting faster than him, but so what, as long as the constantly engulfed fortune, restore their strength, that do not want to accelerate with thrusting as simple fart. Huge golden fortune crazy surging, a Unit of golden mist, slowly inhaled by the old man, this is the utmost of his speed, and then quickly likely died of blasting, unless his body again Otherwise, you want to speed up not even think about. But when the old man turned to Li Yichen dull moment when the two eyes together, he NND, this is the man to do it? Old man almost did not fly into a rage,Cheap Oakley Polarized, eye clinics, Li Yichen gently waving a wave, instant gold large tripod as a large black hole, surrounded by endless instantly to swallow a fortune, fortune ah, that's fortune ah, this kid how to play with child wildly. Although it is known around the fortune to be swallowed is just this kid did it, but the old man could not help but want to draw themselves a mouth. It had also prepared to continue to devour the body, not even a trace of fortune now suck less, at the moment I feel like the old man began to consider themselves holding a light sports car flew ah, but looked at the side, and the people of the aircraft Compared to open their own Hell simply tractors. This feeling is undoubtedly the most people egg pain, seeing endless fortune was almost swallowed up, with the crazy old man had to continue thrusting down, hoping pushed sarcophagus, ejected enough fortune, good to help him regain strength. As long as the strength enough to kill this kid really easy, old man eyes flashed a trace of Yin Li, but he did not shot, but still waiting for the opportunity to wait for the most critical moment shot, it is best to accomplish this guy thrusting, which sarcophagi can be opened. Two-thirds of the old man, ah, etc., but let her pain egg he found the next thrusting more slowly, more slowly. Fourth, the old man burst egg pain, which TMD have to wait until when ah! While he himself was only now thrusting only half, but unfortunately, the old man could only watch as the inverse of Li Yichen slowly pushed down. "Hmmm, as long as you backstepping completed my first kill you," the old man at the moment as a split mouth with a cold smile, at the moment, but he was in no hurry, and he had plenty of time to change. "Yiyi Ya Ya ...... and you have a small wood JJ" do not know when that milk and milk sound white gas sound instantly rang, but at the moment the old man had already unknowingly fell asleep, while still licking his lips, seems to have been waiting out. "Bam ......" Just after the finish in white, suddenly it difficult to open the sarcophagus was originally opened suddenly collapse, but at the moment Li Yichen's thrusting left the final step, but when he saw white swaggering into the sarcophagus , suddenly grown up mouth, NND, and these guys than himself is the father of the pit. But at the moment the side of the old man still sleeping soundly in his estimation among the Li Yichen also need at least three hour only enough to complete the next thrusting, so his time is sufficiently abundant. "Oh, flash," Li Yichen shouted, and instantly a huge figure lurking out slowly, feeling as if an unspoken fear constantly emerge from the bottom of my heart, and instantly erode his own mind. It is a shadow, just a shadow, but Li Yichen but as the face of a very frightening exist, then bursts out of the pressure is almost makes him nearly collapsed the whole person, this feeling even in the face of the old man, they also never had , the old man, while powerful, but that momentum going to do, and did not feel much, but until now this road shadow appeared, Li Yichen whole people are near collapse. "Do not sell, do not, or we die miserable" Li Yichen quickly opening,Nike Air Jordan 9 Sale, he felt the shadow is not the body, but it is extremely powerful. Skull and white do not continue to sell, but it quietly stared at the shadow of terror. "Hey, if the big man go directly old guy like" skull at the moment for their own pit father surgery with confidence, so for the first time put the most pit father thing that instantly training and preparation behind the old guy to sleep, just saying things. "Let the old fool enjoy enjoy it!" Li Yichen snorted, for the old man wanted for his shot he already knew, but for not distracted, he did not want to continue thrusting down. Huge shadow unresponsive to bypass Li Yichen's head, followed by disappearance of the mouth of the sarcophagus, at this moment, the old man ushered in the first battle most pit father. Said the old man had bad luck today, just after he was ready to kill Li Yichen doomed to bad luck, at the moment he was sprawled sleep, especially the lower body the absolute top, propped up a tent. Originally this is nothing wrong, but the key is this old guy did not notice from the sarcophagus out of the mouth of a huge shadow, Gordon time, an enormous Bigfoot suddenly fall from the sky and, at the moment when the old man bulging little JJ mouth with a smile, eyes Weibi small JJ a beat, seems to be provocative. This action instantly weird shadows found instant huge hit in the old man's toes between both legs. "Bam ......" "Oh, who TMD ...... of ......" The old man looked at his face sluggish below Flanagan enormous step on toes well it happens there. "Little ** it?" The old man wanted to say ** is still small, but at the moment in addition to The big toe, small ** has wood feeling. Great toe pressure in the lower abdomen between the old man, at the moment it is slightly raised. <

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