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03.06.2013 07:40
is comparable to the top peak fairy. " antworten

Peak du to rob the storm really is too terrible, as strong as ginger Vatican, must avoid a bit, and treat that rampant terrorist extremely frail little energy, and they are shockingly discovers, along with Rob cloud disappeared, the peak is also completely disappeared. As the peak is a frightening nine to a Lei Jie fall, or through the Daolei robbery, whether he is,Nike Jordan Big Ups Shoes, no one knows. Also, in the celestial eyes of people, is the existence of superior greatness, invincible synonym. Also, it is a terrorist than celestial thousands of times, huge and clinking, filled with God yuan of fury, the density of matter than I do not know how many thousand times celestial tough, and because of various factors, which leads to the great God of. In fact, with the celestial exactly alike, also there are many forces, terrorist presence,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, some hidden supernatural forces. Also, there are a lot of man and beast, because congenital powerful, almost as easy to work up, and even the most barren regions, also accompanied by all sorts of risk. In general, if there is no strong background and strength in the world, at any time, the risk will have fallen. Although, as long as the man of God through God, achievement, is really soul source sustenance vanity, immortal, no Shou yuan worries. However, the world is a very dangerous place, especially for no forces and background of the strong, it is comparable to the hell. In the world, in addition to the more ancient existence eighteen thousand big city god,Satchels Coach Online, in which you can easily absorb God force training, the rest of the region, God force all was furious, but without suppression filter the city of God, God can only use stones to practice. Of course, God force can also absorb the fury of mottled, it is tantamount to quench a thirst with poison, have a death wish. The world has a near bluestone God City area, is a barren mountains, at the moment, there is a figure is stand stable lying in a valley, and rags mess, seems to be in a state of coma. This figure is a young man, his chest in have a ferocious terrible scars, almost to be cut in half. I'm afraid it is because of this hideous scars, which makes the young people in the unconscious state of being. "Oh oooh....." a R ì, a fairy King late peak wolf ran to the valley, after seeing the dead a young man, suddenly the eyes are flashing out ecstasy look. "This man was seriously injured dying, well, actually no strange flesh under God force furious, want body contains a lot of J ī ng China, maybe I can devour, strength further!" So thinking, the giant wolf fiercely is upon young people. "Puff and blow!" Open one's bloody mouth, giant wolf fearsome teeth was astounding, its true power, is comparable to the top peak fairy. "GA ba! Awu!" Crack a tinkling sound, and then look at the giant wolf, the teeth were collapsed for four, issued by the mournful howl, without hesitation is the body a longitudinal, panic fled here. The giant wolf in >

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