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03.06.2013 05:40
find the God of sorcery clan antworten

The peak is tiny to knit the brows, then again asked "green brother,Oakley Active, so to say, only through God. God, heaven,Air Jordan Take Flight UK Sale, can really live?" "Well, it is, however, also similarly be threatened by growing crises, may fall at any time, between heaven and earth, can truly happy living there, maybe only you teacher force progenitor that supreme being." Affirmative nod, green fairy is very complex. "But.... also not die, always have a slim chance of survival between heaven and earth. In addition to scared adopt change my life to the extreme, the body's own small world achieve satisfactory, changing from God, rob, there is only one way, that is, that a turning point! Now, from an era an opportunity is not far, it is not a little hope." Eyes suddenly blurred some, green fairy seemed to think of what, eyes looking into the distance, long time no words. And heard the green fairy the riddles like speech, peak there is a be all at sea feel at a loss of feeling, thoughtfully for a moment, it is said "green brother curious,Oakley M FRAME, what are you saying a era an opportunity? Murphy, as long as they get the opportunity, can immediately break, soaring world?" So saying, even the peak of their own breathing is a hurry up. At its heart, always have a not clinging to read, that is the faster the resurrection of Aileen. According to the family patriarch said, their only up also, find the God of sorcery clan, to the resurrection of Aileen, and now, there seems to be a shortcut to hope. In fact, for God is soaring, the peak has a lot of confidence, but may need to spend tens of millions of years of penance, such a long time, the peak is not willing to wait. This expression for peak, green fairy slightly surprised, then it is a language of "peak airway ask brother, Murphy, open an era of a black's tomb, you don't know? Should not be ah, body repair a old thing should tell you." "Big black's tomb? I do not know ah, green brother, if you tell me how?" Tiny tiny one Leng, the peak is at. The face of God s è changes a bit, green fairy just nodded, with a faint language airway "peak brother, the black's tomb is a fairyland to the most horrible place, flat R ì simply will not open, and even fairy strong, into which is a dead end. And once in a Mongolian era, it is open, there will be a heaven pot Brewing, and that moment, is in heaven Ding!" "Heaven Ding? What is the fate of the fetish? Black ox eldest brother, if you tell me... "A bright eyes, peak more curious. A faint smile on his face, green fairy it lightly coughs a channel "in fact, for a large tomb, black min Tao Ding, I also just according to ancient records should know. After all, every fairy only up to a Mongolian era of life, can't experience opened two large tombs opportunity. Tao Ding, but the ups and downs in big black's Tomb of matchless sacred, every Mongolian era is brewing thirty heavenly order, as long as they get to heaven, is can get ten thousand of them will make, one million >

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