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03.06.2013 05:39
would not have two mysterious antworten

> Three hundred and sixtieth eight chapters, the hapless skull almost in an instant, an unparalleled momentum projection out instantly, directly to Li Yichen enveloped in which this force seems to have the fortune to use up energy among one that can be seen faintly mysterious gas intermediate layer of pale gold wrapped fortune, fortune in that the center, but also has a hint of flavor surge destruction, the three mutual restraint but seems very powerful. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM just did not expect one to enter this third layer to suffer such a powerful attack, Li Yichen clenched teeth, he felt more up the East Tower of the more mysterious feeling of suffocation, and where each layer creatures will seem increasingly wisdom, and now the third layer is there have been races, this feeling made him kind of a bad idea. "Oh, ah, we finished, here is the third layer of the legendary family circle, gone, gone, this time we definitely finished" side of the skull looks like a dead face, drooping jaw bones froze the entire white is Jiangzainali. "Yiyi Ya Ya ......, White said, a large skull, you have a small wood **" white face angry finger waving white paws, milk and milk sound air openings. "Bam ......" skull jaw stunned carelessly knocked off, and instantly skull and rolled on the ground, carefully connect the jaw to, this grimaces watching the white, tangled called up "aunt ah, white grandmother, aunt white, you will spare me, this third layer already has a family, and every family where at least one species will have three days of strong mysterious saint sits, plus you can use each type of organism that golden energy, this is more than just a trace of the mysterious deities were weak presence ah! "skull unthinking complain, but his eyes among the green flame that is At the time staring at the white of the eyes, for fear of accidentally you people a small wooden **, went home to see his direct ancestors of the skull. "Wait, mysterious holy three days? Skull, that this fortune strength is how it is, I feel we are extremely forces around the horror, arguably certainly not mysterious holy three days beyond the strong arranged by the "Li Yichen frowning, how he feels a lot more powerful fortune here, simply can not be arranged in mysterious holy beyond three days out. Skull a very unfortunate way,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, his face looked Li Yichen complaining side, two faint green like the pupil becomes a little different, "that now there is only one possibility, and we compare the unlucky encounter that position is likely to be strong in these communities, probably, perhaps, may be mysterious holy four days to go! "Yiyi Ya Ya ......, skull, how you can not say something nice, be careful you have a small wood ** "White held out little white paws, and instantly shut up the skull directly, terrified look white, and out of fear that this aunt What strange things. touches Li Yichen feel the body began to have a hint of mysterious gas beating, communicated with their own perception also seems to be different, it's just strange smile men have disappeared long ago, is likely to inform their communities, and the next is probably the strongest of the group to catch up, to the time mysterious sage who hope not. Liyi Chen began to think and hope that this skull is not so accurate to say that he must now go there looking for the exit leading to the fourth floor, to absorb the huge fortune forces him to start casting artifact, must now be there is sufficient fortune. feet fortune forces constantly surging, you can clearly see, though not much, but it requires a full dozen mysterious sage who millennium savings, and lower full car ** laugh fortune knead to make a group, apparently quell party boundaries, making the city look at the stable. "gone over, this time is certainly mysterious sage's ethnic groups, we unlucky dead, the future leaders of my great skull would completely burned out "skull a very pained expression, staring at the bottom of the car ** small fortune,Oakley Fast Jacket, miserably." Who is my trespass Tianshi ethnic group "in the skull just finished, behind one in an instant In men coming out of the body as petrochemicals, but Li Yichen vaguely see, this is an ancient war who do not rot the bodies, did not think in another form of survival. "Yiyi Ya Ya, a small skull, you do not speak will die ah "white skull looked unhappy, apparently it has these mysterious sage who appeared to blame guilt skull body. felt that soulful eyes white skull shiver, suddenly opened up on the whole person chin, seeming to laugh "Haha, even nothing mysterious holy things, white aunt, they certainly would not have two mysterious sage's" skull seemed to feel a little seepage white eyes feel uncomfortable. Not Well consciously not help but want comfort. speak no comfort in the skull good moment, shaking gush again behind the mysterious gas, a sudden another person out, his face grim look to the side, "I Who'd want to see me in trespass Tianshi ethnic "sound cold voice came slowly, a sudden half of the skull that comes to life and life's mouth stunned stopped, looked at the sky look strange, Gosh! not coincidence, right! "Yiyi Ya Ya ......, White said, you would have dared to speak, let your wood with small white JJ" wait a moment white slap shot dead this Hell, what to say to What, did he really say so in the very moment, the skull had to keep their mouths shut, his face looked weird white, greenish white pupil lest some action, only Li Yichen been bitter confrontation with two mysterious sage who level, elevate their mysterious gas almost to the limit, with the attendant ready for battle. "Hey, maybe they can come to soy sauce, and then how to say it does not directly activate ethnic matrix, our bombers go die! "Skull half-jokingly spoke not help but feel right, then just finished it." Are you a small wooden JJ "white waving small white paws, milk and milk sound air openings that moment skull Just pick a good chin and gave knocked off. "shot, alien gang who killed them, Tianshi family fortune to get more" Almost in the skull not connect the jaw suddenly two stare, almost not rolled aside, his mouth still talking about the "Oh,Nike Jordan 14 Shoes, no, so pit father! "Side is a white skull and crossbones anxious to live alive will swallow." Ding Town universe "Li Yichen almost no hesitation, instantly pushed the real dragon Shending, both an extremely mysterious gas instantaneously days stone matrix resist ethnic groups, while the pattern of God pushed, an amazing mysterious gas projection, golden god pattern slowly appear on the top of a large array, and rushed over to the two mysterious sage who play against up. <

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