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03.06.2013 05:34
trying to find your way to the mysterious antworten

> Three hundred and sixty second chapter, the first layer of the East mysterious tower began to look like the first time Li Yichen Dong Xuan tower go in the direction of the second layer, at this moment, the entire East mysterious tower is full of some of the first layer being bones, including some powerful person, just at this moment has already turned into a loess. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm Li Yichen no hurry to move forward, to the East mysterious tower second layer must go through the first layer of endless Gang Feng, said that when the artifact so powerful, mysterious expeditions throughout the East, beheaded countless strong, especially in the first a layer of day, there are millions legend bones, bones touches the floor now let Li Yichen a shock. "Boy, East mysterious tower reportedly captive millions of skeletons, did not think the original is dissipated million corpses came, and now it seems, million years ago, a war is indeed terrible, did not think even one of these four artifact East mysterious tower has also been beheaded millions of people, "the old man looking sank, somewhat endless emotion, every one have to say four artifacts are extremely powerful, but as a one-time East mysterious tower abusing millions of people can indeed terrible! At this moment, Li Yichen has been walking in the desert and finally, here is the first layer of the East mysterious tower, but this is also the burial million strong, dense bones seen everywhere, it seems that the pupil hole for the faint, slow slow over here, like one living in general. Li Yichen fists clenched, eyes keeping a close eye around the movement, while the body of the real dragon Shending continuous projection a hint of golden sheen, it seems always ready to hand in general. At this point, Li Yichen just as bathed in a golden among the white sand forest on one place with bone disorder, as if untouched for hundreds of years in general. Li Yichen rocket arms without the old man to the heavenly guns out, he knew that things should never be used, the old guy is definitely moving the hands and feet inside, the only thing he can do is come up with God pattern at a critical moment, with its God patterned fortune force bombers broken everything. Just a moment Li Yichen still do not feel any danger, sometimes dangerous on the side, but can not find Li Yichen almost feel the body pores almost stands up, but his eyes still do not feel the slightest from the surrounding gas. "The old man, exactly how this happened, why do I feel an unusual kill the idea, continuous shock to me," Li Yichen wary of looking around, and consciousness to connect again on the old man. And now the old man began frowned, his eyes seemed to continually glanced around, cut the eyes from time to time to stay in the surrounding skull seem to find anything, there does not seem to. Until Li Yichen looking somewhat anxious when the old man This open road "Boy, where the skull seems somewhat different, do not you find?" The old man staring eyes tightly around the skull, and always looks a little weird. And now Li Yichen also turned his attention to the skeleton of the body, almost in a flash, Li Yichen suddenly discovered these skeletons which seems almost every one who has a hint of dark yin fire burning. "Oh!" Almost instantaneously, Li Yichen instantly flew the whole person, both upper and lower body, real dragon Shending projection on the golden glow constantly, almost in the moment between a skeleton instantly rushed forward,Air Jordan 6 Sale, suffering black pan with a touch of green seemed extremely wicked and wild. "Boy, these are all the stronger million years ago, the lowest level and above are Tien, even in his death is extremely powerful, so much, I'm afraid you cope, but to" the old man cried out, get out while urging Li Yichen . Li Yichen constantly pushed this real dragon Shending, golden dragon ringing in his side, at this moment,UK Nike Air Jordan, who is also constantly white glow golden light, it seems that those skeletons in blocking the advance, but at every step, There are thousands of skeletons will rush to, while countless green hole shot over the pupil constantly. Shot! Li Yichen almost no hesitation, a golden dragon play, instantly shattered dozens rushed to the skull, but still has countless skeletons rushing desperate moment to Li Yichen as the center, surrounded by tens of thousands of skeletons crazy The rushed over. The white of the snow-white paws are constantly projection out of the golden light like a real dragon in the roar. "Yiyi Ya Ya ......" white waving claws, almost instantaneously with dozens of skeletons were broken, but then again, Li Yichen dumbfounded, I saw that the shattered skull seems to climb up, and then find themselves arms and think nothing connected, followed once again rushed over. Li Yichen to real dragon Shending of a circle, constantly bombarded with rushing skull, while those stature began to pass through the skull base, trying to find your way to the mysterious East Tower of the second layer export. But Li Yichen still unable skull base, can only be mad rushing skeletons are blocked. "Call ......" Almost Li Yichen hard to resist when that originally has been placed in the body of the rocket heavenly moments injection, while a purple glow slowly flow, rifles constantly broke out a circle halo, almost In the glow of the central group of skeletons instantly fell to the ground, the whole body fragmented, never recover. "Boy, look, outside the skull," At the moment, the old man suddenly pointed to the outermost white skull, it may seem weird. And Li Yichen could not help turning to where the bird was seen trying to rush to the original skeleton, but in half of the subject but rushed suddenly go back, and shortly went back to the origin, to the side again rushing. Ad infinitum,jordan online cheap, but it led the majority of the skull rushed to the side. This skull is very pit father, it is estimated that these skull head, or how it would be so clever, Li Yichen gritted his teeth, seen pit father, never seen such a pit father, but also by a skeleton pit father. "Yiyi Ya Ya ......, White said, that the skeleton guy, you have a small wood Jj" also found a white skull, it seems very uncomfortable waving small white paws, almost instantaneously. Skull entire body flick, "bam ............" almost no hesitation, and instantly a skeleton's arm flew up, only a direct hit on the skull's head, followed by the skull while shaking, but these have not ended, I saw that the skull shaking moments behind the bird skeleton unconscious rushed over, followed by a foot on it's ass, it should be accurate to say that the thigh bone. "Ga bang ......" Skull issued a scream, a leg is so broken. While only on foot skeleton ready to be connected to the thigh when the moment is a skeleton behind kicked up, abruptly kicked in the head of a bird skeleton, skull moment inverted out. "Hello!" Li Yichen it is holding a bird flying over the threat of a skull. <

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