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03.06.2013 05:31
Opposite the black people antworten

> Chapter 37, "roar" black people like the whole body turned into a black hole, devouring all of the flames, like a big black sword in the absorption of the TV drama flames. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM "Phoenix family," the old man's voice filled with incredible exclaimed. Li Yichen hiding in the side at the moment, I heard the old man exclaimed, shocked, but can make the old man gaffe is no easy task, could not open asked, "Old man, what is the Phoenix family?" At the moment the minds of some turn, but Li Yichen come, things did not his outsider can understand, a man turned into a half-phoenix. "Boy, stupid, even the Phoenix family did not know, is that some Phoenix Phoenix family ancestry, with the blood of Phoenix, Phoenix burning flame, a big mysterious gas can enhance the level of" the old man look dignified openings. "I am the grass, so cattle * force, far better than cattle are loaded to force" Li Yichen could not help but surprise, in front of hot woman obviously has reached the pinnacle of Xuan Xuan, just opposite from that black people are still a number of poor. "How to do?" Side girl Feng-yu look while anxious, both breath can clearly determine some hot girls weak, as if the red flame of fire burning everything, but it is constantly being swallowed that big black sword, it is difficult to continue. "Boy, this is a family tradition thousands of years, ancient to even my old man is not clear," the old man's voice was apparently indicates that the Phoenix ancestry is extremely simple. Seems to have helped her a ah! , Li Yichen looked very solemn look, Phoenix ancestry flame but extremely frightening, and it might even mysterious gas will burn. Feeling the flame temperature, Li Yichen body constantly close between the two, he manipulated the world's perception of mysterious gas has reached a peak. "What are you doing, come back" girl Feng-yu, frowning, his sister is still fighting with the enemy, this waste booing, even at this time to run up to die, is clearly to my sister trouble. Angry Feng Yu Li Yichen want to pull back. Just let the girl surprised that Li Yichen's body seemed supremely important if, combined with the earth in general. Seeing pull them Liyi Chen,Kristin Coach UK, Feng Yu Qiao Lian red, even more angry, and could not help but exclaimed, "What are you doing, do you want me to do my sister died a little faster?" "Go away," Want to see Feng Yu Pull yourself, Li Yichen suddenly thundered loudly, a mysterious gas suddenly burst open between the Phoenix jade, stature and move on. And now phoenix jade two big eyes looked incredible Li Yichen, eyes seemed to be somewhat sluggish, it is ...... mysterious gas? How could this kid is not no mysterious gas do? Even his sister did not feel the guy who's mysterious gas, how he is hiding down? And now Li Yichen phoenix aid body has been very close distance, and instantly Li Yichen opened his eyes, as if heaven and earth began to beat up the mysterious gas. Corner! It was originally bombardment in black people's congresses above the flame sword suddenly Rao at this moment a bend, once again hit the black man's head. Acceleration! Black people can not think, that crazy fire red flames again accelerated to achieve the ultimate moment. "Roar" black people seem to feel danger, uttered inhuman roar, bloody eyes tightly staring at the flame, the whole body at this moment broke out a black light. Black light black people live in the moment enveloped the whole body, as if burning fireworks fire red black people generally consume the body of the black light, opposite that black people face is also showing a hint of pain, black light getting dark, began to turn pale. Side of the girl gazes blankly jade phoenix what happened, just that she did not understand how the flame suddenly turning up, but she had always thought that the waste will actually have juvenile mysterious gas. Come on! Li Yichen crazy shouting in the heart, which controls a mysterious realm of the mysterious peak flame spent almost all of his mind, his consciousness as if about to fall into a coma. "Boom" black people throughout the body inverted out, bloody eye as if no expression generally climb up again, but he has an extremely faint breath, as if conscious of not fighting, black people stature flash, they disappeared in the original ground. Accompanied by black people to leave,Coach Outlet Sale, phoenix aid the body also instant restore the original appearance, hot Jiaoqu in that armor revealing a backdrop of wild spicy, sexy enchanting. Similarly phoenix aid Jiaoqu well it happens down on the Li Yichen's body. Li Yichen Jiaoqu only felt a fiery burst into his arms, hint of fragrance in the breath between the waves, Then you know nothing. Of course, Li Yichen mouth still hanging wretched smile, two arms tightly hugged the woman's arms. Opposite the black people seem extremely painful, stature falling backwards, bloody eye gradually turn white, as if no pupil in general. At the moment, only one person jade phoenix looked blankly holding his sister Li Yichen. Suddenly seemed to wake up the phoenix jade, bitterly on the TV drama with a wretched smile Li Yichen cursed "bastard, you actually Ganpian me, you waste, why are so affectionate hugging my sister ah!" Side cursed, while also straining Feng Yu Li Yichen pulling arm, Li Yichen want to break apart the two arms. Well, you are the villain, even my sister eat tofu, you're dead! Feng Yu Li Yichen looked angry, she appeared in the hands of a group of red fire fireworks. As she prepared to be in front of the large predators to a fire when he died, suddenly frowned,oakley sunglasses store, she remembers the past seems to be this big pervert sister after the flames have a hint of change seems to be turning up? The large predators should not be so powerful, and I remember he seemed that mysterious gas are not, and have just sister attack, he did not hand ah! Flame will bend? This allows some headache jade phoenix as phoenix blood ancestry, she is also very clear that you want to control the flame requires great handling capacity, which is only by virtue of talent can barely control the flame. But just that flames from corner to accelerate, all in one, as if it already has the flame of consciousness in general. "It must not be doing a good thing this big pervert," said Feng Yu pouted Pakistan, despite the inner being has been somewhat convinced. At the moment is sleeping in the gentle among Li Yichen totally did not know that they have been dubbed this little Lolita big pervert the title. Feng-yu watching the two men do not know how to do. "This large predators, hug so tight, certainly dreaming are eating tofu" girl muttered, but she did not open Li Yichen breaking the arm, the two men who had put some soft grass. Seeking collection, find the red ticket, Yi Chen Thank you! <

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