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03.06.2013 05:18
to participate in blood the fight antworten

Breath take fifty people invited,Coach Online Bags, the peak is very calm and began to practice, quietly waiting for the arrival of second R ì, for Tu tee, is the start will be a large number of stone all bets, not hesitate to choose the peak. Before the start of each R ì, above the ancient mirror blood witch castle are will emerge this R ì may fight, they can be betting, then obtain certificate, here to watch, to participate in blood the fight person, is can with token into a closed static chamber to wait, once turn he, is called celestial transfer matrix in blood the altar, to fight. The family's control sixty-seven Sin City, where each seat there are several blood witches castle, can say the situation is vast, each R ì earning of the stone is horrible in a complete mess, treasure mountain. The eternal sin city, quiet room blood witch Castle Peak is a, calmly sits atop a magnificent gilt chair, looked up at the front of a small mirror, which flashes a picture, but two are fighting. "This R ì I battle is called a dragon tiger fairy, suspected fairy king, adept at melee....." mind flashed the message, the peak is carefully check the front of the battle. In front of the mirror and small peak, two figures, a dragon and a tiger in combat like jumping, giving a huge sound, and one of them is giving gold s è palm Xian Lei, to occupy the absolute advantage. Finally, the developmental Xian Lei immortal wins, the opponent will be forced to escape the blood the altar,Nike Jordan 7 Shoes, chose to throw in the towel. The peak was waiting for more than half a hour, the blood the castle token suddenly shock, issued to the sound of footsteps, and the peak forward one step, then fell into a transfer the fairy. Hum..... A majestic fairy dollar the dint to ourselves, the peak is changed, instant is clear perception of the energy singular shares in the operation, cut open the nether, carrying the peak body, a transmission such as electric - like, is to a great the blood s è altar. Simple, the vicissitudes of life, the original, bloody, vast,Jordan After Game Sale, just came to the altar, the peak is to feel the breath out of this, he slightly startled, regarding this rumor in the blood the high altar again saw several eyes. Almost as the peak fall blood the altar, and at the same time, a flash of light, a figure emerged, as for the blood of the altar is suddenly light up, suddenly appeared a mask a reddish s è, will for thousands of miles of huge altar fully settled. Free standing in the altar, peak and looked at the figure opposite, suddenly eyes narrowed slightly, exposing the accident. "I never thought the first opponent I met in the blood the altar was body repair a figure, just, then punch the off the altar." Only in the peak of the opposite, at the moment is standing with a yellow s è hair unkempt middle-aged man, like the lion, appearance is also very fierce, the peak in the body to feel the body to repair a special force Gang, very >

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