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03.06.2013 05:12
moment a large black dog antworten

> Three hundred and twelfth chapter of your bird thing, "Who are you?" Oriental proudly look Suddenly cold, he does not understand how this is not the background of the Li Yichen suddenly jumped out to so many people at once as he spoke. wWW. quANBen. coM "none of your birds do, you hit a TM unhappy we two ah!" coquettish look loaded to force the old man staring proudly in front of the East, even for a time the two confront each other up. Coquettish face of the old man, at the moment has stood proudly in the East suddenly feel the pace a little bit floating face coquettish old man he actually did not mind the end. "The friend,Nike Air Jordan 13 Sale, Li Yichen dare this kid and sarcophagi collusion, the matter can not let go, I just for the sake of everyone," At the moment the East proudly against the old president once again come up with a method, but at the moment his mind is still not the end. "Oriental proudly," the old man suddenly some uncertainty coquettish look to the old man. "What" old man eyes slightly narrowed, more eyes with a trace of anger, it is clear that the old man suddenly faced with coquettish little helpless feeling. "You paralysis" coquettish old man nodded his head very seriously. "You ............" Oriental proudly gave almost no bar mustache gas crooked. But the face of the old man how he is coquettish feel each other's depth. "If you unhappy we two to dry one, I is to see you unhappy, how? Collusion sarcophagus, hook you NN head" Oriental flair proudly against the old man shouted, while pointing to the side of the big black dog cried " white, bite him. " Sure enough, after receiving the command, the big black dog instantly soared shot out, directly toward the East proudly small JJ, this speed is absolutely comparable to eating dog. "Dear friends, this person has just dog suspected of collusion that sarcophagus, we went up off him" said the East proudly make a death-defying look, vowing to die with the big black dog. But just as he was ready to hand it originally stood suddenly found himself behind a group of guys suddenly standing beside each other, but at the moment behind him out of that mortal grandson oriental outside even a ghost was gone. But at the moment a wave of big black dog body thrown mad tyrant's mysterious gas, even oriental hearts thump proudly can not help but look forward to seeing the rest myself, and suddenly his legs drawn, and you want to run away,Nike Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, but this did not play can not just humiliating Paolu. So the East is still played a mortal veins, his own veins also seems to be one with it, a sudden become extreme terror. Veins terror forces, even the big black dog there is no way under the mouth, only by virtue of its own strength deal with each other, but at the moment the big black dog does not feel strong confidence moment when suddenly swelled. "Li Yichen, you dare collusion sarcophagus, this time no one can save you," the moment that huge veins, and instantly Zhao Xiang Li Yichen, trying to destroy each other directly. But at the moment is sitting not far from the original tea coquettish old man two stare, instantly cried "You dare TM loaded to force" moment coquettish old man shot, shot just do not want to be too lazy shot,UK Nike Air Jordan, but now this guy actually dare loading force. Suddenly the old man's hands appeared in a coquettish great character, accompanied by the emergence of character, oriental proudly in front suddenly between the emergence of a huge slap in the face. "Boom ............" in the East proudly upcoming Li Yichen shot of the moment, that slap against his old face an instant fan down. "Popping ............" loud applause moment sounded Pakistan, but at the moment the East proudly spot perplexing, the people inverted out, this time the old man was somewhat shy coquettish walked over road "Little Yi Chen brother, all right! "surprisingly Li Yichen slight hold to smile," Thank you very much. " But Li Yichen coquettish old man still did not understand what this means, this is the second time to save himself, but he did not know this guy, he is how to recognize their own, and they seem very familiar with their appearance? And now, not far from the old head proudly Oriental extremely dark, darker than black carbon burnt, especially those being slapped in the face at the moment is still rich with purple, the color looks again and again. "Li Yichen, you dare me the most mysterious Orient, I see you this is to court death, hum" Having instant stature Oriental proudly fly the distance, did not dare to stay one step. Touches the side of the coquettish old man pointing around the big black dog shouted "God dog on the 8th, bite him!" "Wang ............" emptiness between the moment a shadow approaching rapidly proudly in front of the East. "Awu ............" "Oh ............" scream sound, rapid flight of the figure that had instantly become extremely slow, but at the moment a large black dog was a look of excitement rushed back to the station In the coquettish old man behind. "Yiyi Ya Ya ......, White said that white is not to be late," the moment has white paws over, and I saw a look of innocent white small mammals standing Li Yichen's shoulder. Only one side of the coquettish old man in white appeared almost instantly scared mouth off, just relax a little after this slowly recover. "Are you okay!" Sound like a sweet voice slowly from the ears, between Phoenix Yuanyuan at the moment has stood aside, his face with a trace of worry about the color. "I'm fine, rest assured!" Li Yichen Phoenix Yuanyuan gently stroked the hair, but also look to the eyes has been hidden not far from the Phoenix jade jade, face the villain is a bit dumbfounding. "Yi Chen little brother, we also say good-bye, there is anything directly to me flair can be" finished coquettish old man instantly disappeared in front of a turn, at the moment only one side of the Phoenix war astonished watching Li Yichen. "Yi Chen little brother, just really sorry" Phoenix somewhat apologetic war began. "Oh, Phoenix gentleman, I will not blame you," Li Yichen nodded his head, he could understand the Phoenix war difficulties. Then Li Yichen is accidental war goodbye to Phoenix, but let Li Yichen feel a little surprised that the old guy was like the Phoenix war is the same as gifts directly to Phoenix Phoenix jade jade Yuanyuan and get over it. This really is to let Li Yichen somewhat unexpected places, he had been ready to go to the East also mysterious manner, followed by Phoenix sisters come back after leaving. "Boy, my granddaughter on to you, they are now the body needs to eight mysterious drug to neutralize the impact of the Phoenix blood, the only way they can survive," said Phoenix here when war seemed serious expression incomparable. And now Li Yichen look a cold, this deep in a swift hand, an instant infusion mysterious gas, the gas enters the mysterious Phoenix Yuanyuan's body after his face instantly changed. <

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