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03.06.2013 05:09
Li Yichen slowly pulled out a antworten

> Two hundred and ninetieth chapters, ten of the territory "Beggar Master, beggars grandfather, grandfather god beggar, beggar god old master, someone hit you apprentice Little Nana" At the moment no matter three small Nana seven twenty-one, constantly cried, had watery eyes closed up, two hand is trembling. WWw. qUanBen. COm "Little girl, who can not save you this time a" big shot suddenly between elders, at the moment,oakley for cheap, holding his determination to kill, in order that lost little **, in order that lost dream, he fight! Suddenly, the hands of the elders of the big blue goat ax suddenly bursting out between one bright light shining moment the whole piece of earth, and the night seemed to be lit up in general, at this moment an unprecedented feeling welled up in my heart, that had been no breakthrough in the realm of the mysterious holy first, as if at this moment with a trace of loose, that the original bright blue instant surge doubled. "Go die!" Grand Ayatollah's face shaking reveal an intention to kill, ghost ax ax body instantly appear in a small Nana's eyes, almost to the naked eye can not distinguish between the speed straight Kanxiang her eyebrows. "Damn - you - girl -'s!" Just beyond the limits of the elders to the speed toward the small Nana, when that speed is almost as if an anti-aircraft guns fired at an instant feeling of distance, but accompanied by Your sister's four characters sounded, like Grand Ayatollah appeared in front of a huge slap in the face. Moment to the ten times faster than the original speed inverted out, fell on the distance, at the moment, a small Nana's eyes one more impressively old man, was surprised that it had separated beggar god. Very hard to force the big moment finally elders slowly from the ground up, this saw the girl's eyes more out of a man, and he was suddenly a kind of pit feeling. The two men discuss in advance is not good ah! Grand Ayatollah moment to burst into tears, when the collapse of the human spirit, even though the drug is mysterious big family elders can not suppress their emotions. From the beginning to take such a weak girl to lure yourself, then this girl even in play pig eat tiger, the most hateful word, a very simple word, JJ gone. This is something no problem, but this woman is simply to pit father, JJ lost no consolation two no problem, after all, is the enemy, but this Hell even said put it back also connected, Grand Ayatollah wait cursed a, Ah you have the ability to connect yourself to me to see. Most detestable is ready for revenge in his time, had a layer of mysterious holy realm could have been a qualitative breakthrough in the mysterious realm of gas increased, but this girl is saying that he is about to enter it prohibitively two door of the realm, was a direct slap in the face to shoot back. A slap in the face ah! Think Big elders suddenly a kind of impulse to kill myself, at the moment, he stared at the beggar in front of God,Jordan 2 Sale, even the tone could not breathe. "Boom ......" Suddenly shaking an outbreak of mysterious gas crashing at the same time, to Li Yichen as the center, within a ten-mile radius, an dazzling golden light flickering up, Li Yichen head quite new, atmospheric proudly, eye in the plain, but once soaring Road to make now. True Dragon Guards drug-ting into the sky, the golden dragon seemed reborn, leading the sky and shouts. Great day pattern across the sky, such as the one between heaven and everlasting difficult to keep Kendo veins, outlined a world, a sword, a pattern, not the world fighting force! However, all this does not end. Suddenly, a golden phoenix sky and the sky, this moment had shining golden flame of God Phoenix made a most primitive transformation, it is a veins, such as the general crimson glow of dawn, like red eyes. Phoenix bloodstained, golden veins mysterious incomprehensible, between heaven and earth is like the dawn breaking the night, a sudden hot, red earth, this is the first outbreak of the most terrifying pattern of God's power, the eyes of the first Li Yichen become extremely hot. With his eyes never intended to kill the limit. When his gaze to the elders not far from the big time, his eyes became extremely Xiong Li. "Get out, I want to personally kill him" Li Yichen look crazy, there has never been, a small Nana just a naive little girl, he did not expect this mysterious drug is so large Presbyterian family greed, to now have not let go, at the moment he took his intention to kill, for this great elders mercy he has not the slightest idea. "Yi Chen brother" had been somewhat timid little Nana moment that angelic Qiaolian finally blooming smile, so beautiful, breathtaking, but the more see the little Nana Li Yichen will become even more so in front of the absolute The Grand Ayatollah unforgivable. "You should not have come," Li Yichen icy eyes, eyes only intended to kill him at the moment. "Boy, did not think you into the country so fast, but you still is not my opponent," the elders feel as if intended to kill Li Yichen, Leighton time into my mind to escape rely Li Yichen approach that has been standing in his opinion Little Nana beggar in front of it is the most terrifying. "Divine pattern!" Li Yichen slowly pulled out a long-term, on a golden arm veins, this moment is not the Phoenix, without any form, it is just a veins. Huge veins instantly appear in the ghost ax above the golden veins seemed torn in general, directly on top of that violent ghosts ax broken light bombers. "Creation!" A sword, and now this one to show the sword never had style, dragon blade, rippling amazing forces of terror, instant projection out. Sword out, day pattern now. Across the world. Fragmentation everything, Grand Ayatollah whole body almost instantly cut into two groups, look frightened. Shending real dragon, dragon now! Li Yichen last played drug bronze tripod, a sudden a golden dragon shouts moment between heaven and earth, leading directly to the ghost giant ax with Grand Ayatollah swallowed. Moment, the whole body dragon golden kindled a flame of God, blink of an eye everything would have been wiped out, only Li Yichen eyes still looked cold void, until this moment he intended to kill only slightly eased. And now the beggar stood somewhat equally incredible eyes of God, he did not think Li Yichen realm will suddenly soared so much, this strength is a bit frightening. Touches the side of the teenage king Nana is some fear looked Li Yichen, small Scattered always been afraid to move forward, but eventually she was taken firm steps, rushed Li Yichen arms. "Yi Chen brother, so terrible, this will not be a small Nana small satyr, Yi Chen brother, little Nana obedient, do not be so fierce okay?" Then, that angelic eyes reddish look to Li Yichen , two hands are always holding Li Yichen's waist, the head slightly lower. Li Yichen until now only slowly recovered, felt the arms of the kind of fulfillment, he suddenly felt - good happiness. Thank tail ring,Oakley Lifestyle clearance, small K Empire, is love you for a reward, Yi Chen is very grateful, thank you! <

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