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03.06.2013 05:04
Yichen become somewhat antworten

> Two hundred and sixtieth IX, upgrade again "bam ............" Dan Ding huge impact that extremely violent hit in a mysterious small business ** elders, although trouserleg, mysterious business is still feeling to two eggs at the moment is a big hammer to hit a moment, is this feeling, bunker to die. wWW, QUANben, cOM "mysterious Manufacturers elders, must kill the Li Yichen ah, this person is simply bastard" at the moment Tien also a gentlemen's appearance, especially after seeing the mysterious trader suddenly feel that this is a dead Li Yichen . But at the moment somewhat mysterious providers face twisted mouth constantly issue some useless dull sound, seems to be in front of the Tien wait one to swallow alive. "Mysterious business elders, how are you, you all right, oh, how your pants below, and will not be smashed it!" Tien Xuan face looked worried suppliers below, stunned by Dan Ding to pressing it. And now watching the Tien Xuan supplier, suddenly kind of want to kill the impulse. "Mysterious business elders, should not hurt, even if it is a small ** out, the family of the mysterious drug or can be cured," Tien's become increasingly proud of, but fortunately, he knows the cure. And looking at Tien Xuan providers that a spanking appearance, looking more and more ugly, face increasingly distorted. "Roll ------!!!" Mysterious business a slap instantly Tien fan fly, while once again mobilized the whole body endless mysterious gas, gas instantaneous mysterious terror eight hundred veins burst out collusion, as between heaven and earth big mighty general, very scary coercion crazy bright everything. However, the goal is a shocking moment Shending been standing where Li Yichen. "Boom ............" suddenly between the sky above an matchless power crazy boom, instant cover up the entire world, an matchless veins collusion between heaven and earth, between heaven and earth that appear in an immortality, quintana red gold, but this red gold engraved a dragon, not a mysterious Denon, but the real dragon. "True Dragon Shendan" Manufacturers Suddenly Putui mysterious moment, two eyes, even with incredible look. Between heaven and earth in a large tripod stretches eight hundred veins unrest million veins beating, very majestic momentum feed pressure world, beneath a golden long queue swinging between heaven and earth, directly from the top of that huge veins, condensate and then fear, sky and shouts, this is a real dragon, very frightening momentum Interfax each one looks as though a shaking veins, very scary. "The days of old, what are you doing" mysterious eyes Dengyuan suppliers, this must fight to the bitter and Li Yichen, but did not think the days of old even cross into the hand. But at the moment has been sitting not far away, no how chairing majority moving off the old man, and finally slowly stood up, his eyes dull sky glanced mysterious providers, calm open road "in my site, you dare to get involved, day drug-ting very right, my old bones can still move about, temporary die, "the old man say these words when talking about the order of the day as if in general,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, did not care. At the same time, one side of Shangguan Missy also grateful cast over the eyes ah "Thank you shot the old days" to finish the sentence, Missy turned to Li Yichen This will be beautiful eyes, big eyes and a blinking, it seems that in tease. At the same time, Li Yichen suddenly felt Paoniu system between the transaction again. Drops, because of who the system to remind you, as the owner of your protection ** Shangguan Joe got the recognition, so the owner your Paoniu task completion increases. People Objectives: Shangguan Missy outsider beauty beauty Rating: the best beauty Personality: seductive hot, stunning Allure mission requirements: Conquest beautiful mind. Task completion: 30 percent. Task reward: two thousand. Get quest rewards,Madison Coach Sale, four hundred mysterious gas values. Get the task Total Rewards six hundred mysterious gas values. Suddenly one of the mysterious gas shaking moment converge to Li Yichen's body, had been stuck in fourth-order peak of the Tien Tien drug refining technique increases at the moment. "Boom ............" an unparalleled ability to control the moment of terror spread to the whole body Li Yichen, crazy up mysterious gas as boiling water in general, instantly broke through the last obstacle. Climb one! Suddenly Li Yichen felt an unprecedented manipulation of forces beyond the bounds of an original moment of mysterious gas collection Tien drug refining technique, this moment Li Yichen feel his strength once again increased. Only this time he felt Tien technique of mixing drugs with their mysterious gas miraculously combined. Two forces combined with the moment, so that he can ignore the three levels of feeling kind of murder. Because of who really is good, light with strength enough to kill four strong it. Li Yichen mouth with a smile, not far from the same against Joe blinked mind is excited, such as stealing a mysterious drug family Shending, we took Joe to win, hey! At the moment, a mysterious pale purple supplier, looking forward Shending difficult, and ultimately ferocious stare Li Yichen later, turned away, and even the side of the Tien did not see one. And now, the days of old That turned, smiling to see the Li Yichen, "Little Friends, I wonder if you know that the legendary Tien mixing drugs surgery?" The old man's face with a little good-natured, crutches one one point came. "Well?" Moment Li Yichen become somewhat wary look, the old man said, this thing is definitely a good thing, to get into the old man of discernment is definitely not simple stuff, but did not think that there are people recognize this technique Tien mixing drugs. However, occasional visitors of the old man's face increasingly spanking, but also a very shy way, "Little Friends, mixing drugs Tien million years ago, had surgery in which war is lost, even Tien mixing drugs founder surgery, days absolute drug statue also unaccounted for since the days of medicine has continued with drug Venerable doors are the true dragon Shendan, this barely keep the foundation of "slightly Yi Tan said the old man here, but that's two more old eyes from time to time to see the Li Yichen. However, Li Yichen is a surprised expression, "the old man, you say, I do not understand." "The amount. ............" The old man had also look forward to watching Li Yichen, waiting boy speak out, but this kid actually rearm? But also do not know anything installed in general. "Oh, little friends if you wish you can go to my day medicine door rest, the majority believe that tomorrow will be more exciting, rest assured that the old man I just wanted to invite a small friendly pure" old man a good look, but that look to be expressed meaning, can not wait tied directly to Li Yichen past. "Oh?" Li Yichen look for a move, think of the mysterious drug to kill the family, then the mysterious one laughed, "has recently been and Joe Sister had a good talk, this is not, is preparing to go to Celestial Court a visit" said Li Yichen right the Shangguan Joe blinked. However, looking at the moment but it is a stiff old man,OP Art Coach Online, had a good talk? You two have not spoken to, right? Old man looked at the two men, how feel a little wrong. But Joe also came out at the moment, "the days of old, Yi Chen has been a guest of my Celestial Court, this time Joe has invited earlier, or else next time?" Next time? Old stay for, he can not imagine how these two guys actually collaborate with each other ah in! <

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