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03.06.2013 04:33
his face showing fully satisfied or antworten

Update: 2013-02-22 "though I have never seen this kind of animal can form, it is an extremely precious animal, even to me are the super god beast most precious between heaven and earth, I won the body, break and then!" In times of rapid pounce up, soul still emperor Jiang Wang so thinking, then he is suddenly came to the front of the peak Kunpeng soul body, suddenly one mouthful swallowed down, his face showing fully satisfied or contented smile. Yet, the smile just on his face showed less than two seconds, is suddenly transformed into a rage and fear, sad uttered a scream. In its just swallowed Kunpeng soul peak when,Nike Jordan 11 Shoes, also do not feel anything, but for the use of its soul forces to erase the Kunpeng soul body, it is suddenly to sleep wake up, then the emperor River King is shockingly discovers, a seems to collapse the heavens, to destroy day out, such as deep as the general long vigorous energy recovery. This kind of feeling is very real, very terrible, the emperor Jiang Wang birth is an ants, but swallow a sleeping dragon general idea. Shua! Under the emperor Jiang Wang refining disturb, soul opened my eyes peak this passive recovery, is a vision of SH è, as a power can not estimate the SG, suddenly is through to. This is a kind of eyes ah, divine, vast, majesty, nature, immortal, subversion, brilliant, the emperor Jiang Wang soul body perception, is this kind of feeling. In addition to this look at the Dragon general feeling, Emperor Jiang Wang also feel a strong suppression of extremely, oppression! Most deep place, this repression from body search, is a kind of instinct. "This.... what happened? What is it? How can oppress me to such an extent, I'm super God beast! Super God beast!" Insane. When the eyes shone on the body's own soul, Emperor River King is a kind of endless flames burning feeling, a pain continued to spread, but was himself seems to move is not qualified. Total yield, yield under pressing this horrible completely. In this way the invincible eyes, Emperor River King's mind was rumbling, then thoroughly collapse from collapse, is this a invincible eyes. Generation of invincible strong,Coach Outlet Sale, a fairyland old person, is under the peak Kunpeng soul fierce counterattack, falling so results. In fact, Kunpeng soul body in the face of other soul body, has the absolute advantage, and was forced to interrupt,Air Jordan 4 UK, awakening a similar to the instinctive Vaillant, will produce this effect. Of course, the most important is, Kunpeng soul peak, for all animal arteries are unimaginable blood press, soul oppression. "Puff!" The soul body emperor Jiang Wang complete collapse, turned into a most original soul energy, be Kunpeng soul peak absorb out, then the peak of the consciousness is the long turn up. "It hurts!" Peak just consciousness awakening, he couldn't help a bare teeth, all up and down without pain, everywhere >

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