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03.06.2013 04:23
terror into the heart of heart palpitations antworten

Update: 2013-02-03 "swallow.... bite..... Day... At....." a muffled thunder sounded like the exploding in their ears, this moment all is mind y ù to collapse and shockingly, some guarding in the vicinity of planet wheel day strong is also a surprised, the strike terror into the heart of heart palpitations. Look at the incarnation of roc peak, the animal nature force over the burning around the void students burning out of a black hole, and it seems to be no limit to absorb the endless void of all things,oakley sunglasses store, and that I do not know how many in one's bloody mouth at this time is already open, suddenly issued a acoustic shock the world engulfed the sound! Unable to describe the sound of the invincible and customs, the one hundred and eight thousand to peak in body as the center, in addition to the earth as well as some creatures of the planet was deliberately take care of all the other peak, average per capita is a howl, but there are many foot day strong couldn't help a loud scream spirit collapse, direct is collapsed! The peak is not really use the earth swallowed up, only a terrorist with a bang, is life of the collapse step day strong mind, such a tough results, it is enough to frighten the fix true overmatch. Live! It is too big! "Hum hum...." at the moment, a long flute sound like general bell to peak for the center to start radiation sh è apart,oakley sunglasses sale, around the void in this moment collapsed pieces, like earthquake, turtle split after a giant General traces. But perhaps the peak for deliberately, he has turned into a tangible like devouring force that avoid the one planet, but firmly locked on the Mahayana period all day hundreds of planets in the. Hundreds of star, this is what a great distance, to lock all the strong firmly, it even the strong general level is also very reluctantly, but, at the moment as the embodiment of ROC, the earth swallowed up the role in the fate of this life magical power, but it is done! More terrible is, peak not only the endless fury phagocytic power role in the strong body, is in nearby for more than 300 without a living dead planet. Some of these stars above toxic miasma clouds, terror matchless, but the peak is unaware of fear, it seems anything that was swallowed into his body, all will be devoured, into a stream of energy in general. Almost work a moment of heaven and earth in the peak period of Mahayana, all strong and strong step day all feel like ants in a dragon on the general, then felt a seems to be between tangible and intangible forces acting on their body, this force fury to the extreme, violent did not these Mahayana period strong resistance, there is a blasphemy. This power was coming from the from all sides, with hurricane, tornado rotary hanged like. All ears, eyes are a sharp enough to kill all the wind howling, howling between, for a while, unexpectedly open not open eyes, ears ringing,Oakley Store, there is more fully half of a few days in a strong sound >

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