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03.06.2013 04:18
straight is not into the peak antworten

Time: after the 2013-01-28 peak was engulfed in that one's bloody mouth, they disappear in the eternal barren land of exile,UK Nike Air Jordan, no one knows what happened, even the peak itself is completely dead faint. / (M_) access to download txt novels in an endless desolate desolate space, everywhere is a general silence atmosphere, which seemed too long time and decay in general, this space is very large, the faint with ten huge breath in dormant, but most it is confusing, seems there are not a small injury, not be the pink of perfection. In a region, suspension is body peak in the void, and in front of it, was suspended a illusory form a million in size, the form such as birds such as fish, casual Chen Heng there, is a covering for the day and R ì like feel, and know not as ancient allusions invincible strong if you see this, would not hesitate to escape one's lips. "Roc!" The ROC wings fanwise, wind up, rise directly to a high position tens of millions of years, from the word R ì infinite, a R ì will tour history. Kunpeng, one of the ten founder and legends of animal body, for tens of millions of years, at the most is the space flight can, optionally a breath is to the earth swallowed up the general horror. However, in the eyes of many people, this is just a rumor, but who would have thought, in the eternal barren land of exile, actually there are legends of the roc! The peak of the body in front of the cover shield R ì general Kunpeng was small, can be neglected, and it just seems to be just a ghost, and the atmosphere is very uncertain, seem ready to vanish in invisible general. Can the Rao is such, he need only slightly up, still have the shaking heaven and earth terrorist vaillant. But at the moment, this statue Kunpeng soul seems to ponder, was silent for several hours, it appeared to have an idea, suddenly a flash, all of a sudden narrowing of the millions of times, and again a shake, is again deflate millions of times. Fully shake countless, Kunpeng it down to size as general peak shape, illusory body suddenly burning up transparent flame strands, suddenly disappeared in the peak of the body. After the buzz..... Kunpeng ghost disappeared into the peak of the body, is hurried toward the peak of the soul of the shock, there is a most urgent taste, seems to be afraid of what the change. But, in his soul just to reach the peak of the soul, suddenly the void suddenly again into sh è a Mou,Coach Handbags, the Mou light also don't know is how to know, straight is not into the peak of the body,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, not hesitate to kill to the ROC soul. "Peng!" Condense countless times Kunpeng soul in this way all the beheaded a sudden collapse of nine layers, and it is not completely collapse, only to become extremely weak, bitter and twisted, and then suddenly occupy the peak of the body, the soul life of the extrusion to a corner of the general sea the. After occupying the peak body, originally is the unreal incomparable Kunpeng ghost again.

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