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03.06.2013 04:09
Almost two people's figure is left antworten

Time: 2013-01-20 rumble..... The Wraith cloud on the battlefield just a form, is sweeping across the world a rumble, then a great strength to the void comes down, all of a sudden perturbation and blood Jianqing and road, then two people who will be thrown to the Wraith cloud on the battlefield. The fastest 78xs dong! Dong! Dong! At this moment, the void suddenly came the big drum, makes one's blood boils with indignation., the Wraith cloud on the battlefield is a symbol of war in ancient China, gas swallow 10000 flavor ripples, empty space is changed slightly distorted, a cloud dragon and tiger changes over the looming, it is very spectacular. Hum..... The sky, vast fortune Jinbang suddenly turmoil in the blood,Nike Air Jordan 6, which see the situation and the road name Qi Qi light rose, and many have been conscious of all nature's are known, see the situation and the way of fighting blood, at this moment, began! Almost two people's figure is left the battlefield to fly to the Wraith cloud moment, is hurried to stabilize the body, firmly stand in the j ng, its "looked at each other, and there is no direct fight. "This is the blood of two people see the situation and the way it, really looks is extraordinary, I'll watch their fighting moves and mystic, may encounter a....." their eyes narrowed slightly, still standing in the clouds on the peak, and stared at the Wraith cloud battlefield. "You see the situation is the blood? The valley is to see whether you have any extraordinary!" Still open, Valley Road, dressed in black is still the proud in the boundless. However, he still said, the heart is very shocking, even the heart don't produce a few silk fear of Italy, the immediate blood see face fortitude, seem to have no heart, no temperature, not breathing, completely turned into a dead thing, and his body is distributed a sharp,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, destruction, bloodthirsty, wild, strong momentum, seems now is not a person, but a weapon, a fail to show restraint, y ù to GOLDION peerless weapon! "Amazing breath, he seems to have a kind of against the powerful method, will themselves be born quenching became a ruthless weapon!" Once again took a deep breath, Valley Road, it became calm again. For the Valley Road provocative speech, blood see no fluctuation is, just was suddenly exudes a kind of cold dense light, apparently on the Valley Road slay of heart. In fact, although on the surface of blood Jianqing looks calm and matchless, but the heart is secretly scared, are reluctant to sell. Although the valley road surface appears to be a black man elegant beauty, but the blood to see love is can feel the whole body lurking a very scary, dark, y ī n poisonous breath, the breath and the perfect body together, which seemed to once every act and every move, is will play a kind of terror peerless arrogance, kill all, invincible world. "Kill!" After his savings momentum reaches a peak, see blood in vain and wildly roar a, body as to pierce the sky pike, across the void, the void collapse,nike air jordan, churning out hula ring >

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