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03.06.2013 04:04
much change constantly mysterious martial antworten

Time: 2013-01-09 "thunder!" Sound of bombing a violent, the peak of the right is like with heaven and earth, suddenly killed off, the momentum fierce wild, big kill all taste. (.) (M_) / Baru also seems to go the mighty domineering route, and not too much change constantly mysterious martial arts, eyes a stare, such as savage as emitted a roar, covered with black giant fist suddenly meet up, seems to be a high mean and peak. While facing each other like this move, peak but is to smile, face a more and more cold light, the mighty warriors fist already hard hit on Baru fist. "Mao cha....." a sound crisp fracture sound suddenly sounded, a be hardly worthy of belief expression Baru face, seemed to see what impossible things. For a moment, his right arm is like noodles soft drooped, apparently by peak to destroy, temporarily lost attack. And now suddenly and violently back in Kota Kinabalu, the mind is already set off huge waves, how also unable to quell. Impossible. Impossible. I Wan Fu hole orifices Xuan body has reached three hundred and sixty-five major points all through it, is a three hundred and sixty-five virtual character and blesses the flesh, even the best spirit are able to contend with, why so poor?" Although heart very shocked and be hardly worthy of belief,Coach Bags Online, but the right arm that unit, burning pain, but it is clear that he, all of this is true. "Against the Dragon day! Dragon of heaven! Dragon flight. The Veyron crack day! DPCA stepped day! Yuetian whelp! The Raptors disc days! Evil spirit dragon swallowing day! Fierce dragon shake days!" Already seem to know is this result, the peak with a faint smile, great strides forward chase and suddenly, the peak at the moment the tall body seems increasingly fierce up, black hair flying, was like a dragon, and expansion, and shock, fists a road across the beautiful arc, with a fierce Li gas, a kind of bombardment and! Peak display is supreme,Oakley Store, occult Odin dragon, dragon of heaven! Overbearing! Ferocious! Wild! Press forward with indomitable will. Superior. This gloriously boxing contains endless abstruse and momentum, the peak is in the boxing with his proudest spiral perfect force behind Qi, every blow seems to tear the sky, burst the general. Facing the peak overwhelmingly fierce dragon ascension of boxing, Baru surface s è big change, it is not considered, because the peak that mighty fist, has come! "The three hundred and sixty-five Rune now! Million Fu Xuan body cavity!" His sudden back, see oneself already was again peak chase up, see in the peak Na Wei can a dragon ascension boxing, Baru face a variable, seems to bear what a pain. "Bursting out ow....." a wild x ì ng hoarse voice suddenly to Baruch mouth, the whole body is strange to release a Y ī n Sen cold, bloodthirsty maniac breath,Kristin Coach UK, the breath is extremely rich, appears to be some character from his body that flash indefinite >

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