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03.06.2013 03:59
flesh and blood flying in all directions antworten

Update: 2013-01-06 "will contain fusion wind trajectory moves, can avoid my big Luo jade palm?" So muttered opening, beautiful woman looked at each other's eyes as the view of the dead. Sure enough, after a breath, the man is become a real dead,Nike Air Jordan 5 UK, was a slap in the beautiful woman chest, students will be the body like a palm hole,Coach Purses Clearance, flesh and blood flying in all directions, death can't die. "Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu....." eleven seek God beads suddenly not into the beautiful woman's body, she just Zhan Yan smile, beautiful like a lotus blossom in general. The beautiful Mou between splendor shine, beautiful woman looking up at the sky that nature Jinbang, seem to be thinking about something, after a long time, she is very pretty and charming again to reverse the posture, fly away. "I smoke fly this one goal is to get the great force of the progenitor of the vast heritage, nobody can stop me! Hum, punishment Yu, you think? I was in the vast heritage opened a year ago, once again awakened a blood, blood concentration, far beyond your! Wait..... "Faint voice reverberated in the void, just with the top twin beings pose the vast s è beauty, it is the strongest evildoer a body repair a famine, smoke fly. Randomly in a gorgeous blue ice labyrinth walk, the peak in after turning a corner, froze! Nice. Is froze! Because in front of him walk, even stood a young man, dressed in a beautiful red S è robes, slender eyebrows, with a cruel smile, face fierce eyes, all such as unsheathed sword, kill the quartet. This person is not others, it is in the body repair a fix true inheritance within a heaven shrine, peak encountered. A strong this heaven a guide body repair is a light, and mixing with some feuds, two people are more happened quarrel dispute, the heaven is a more threatening peak, that is to meet peak in the vast heritage, will give him a good, didn't want to to the peak, here unexpectedly met this person. Huang Tianyi see in a moment of peak, is be startled at, s è become very ugly face, his face a little twitch, seem to mind doing intense struggle. "Huh? Heaven? We didn't think of such a margin, unexpectedly met here. Ha ha ha... I remember you said that you would give me a significant lesson." Seems to be deliberately scorn saw a peak, the deep two words of very heavy. As he spoke, he took in the nature gold placard on rough check, suddenly found heaven a position was arranged in forty-nine place, with one hundred and twenty pieces of seeking God beads. I heard a peak mocking smile, I saw a flicker of a touch eyes y ī n ruthless enmity,Oakley Sunglasses Store, but his face was still slightly changing, seem to mind is doing something difficult decision. "I and the peak as has been forged a great hatred, but to see the way, obviously not what the devotees to the Buddha, as its strength, arranged in nature Jinbang fourth, I want to beat him, I'm afraid not! But, I was Zhi Xiaoqi a clear progenitor >

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