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I have just the kid and antworten

> Two hundred and thirtieth chapters, toe white's timing may be too poor, on white shot after it had purple bowl on purple veins flashing a bit, and then bang bang, backwards a little, just like nothing matters in general, and the Creation of confrontation with them again. Www! QuanBEn! COM "did such a good weapon in the hand thanks to this kid," read Jung looked very angry, as a college four elders, his eyes even more greedy. "No, absolutely not let this guy go so well, as long as killing him on what problems are not, and that time be sure to dog his weapon and robbed the mysterious beast," thought here to read Jung's eye over the side of the Shishu, immediately sneer, blame blame this kid behind the times, since you do not want to apprentice even kill nor punished it. Suddenly four elders sneer, he finally shot, but this time the purple bowl instantly becomes extremely powerful, and even a thrill of horror world of coercion appears. And that turned out to be the original weight of the powerful heavenly backwards,oakley sunglasses cheap, meaning sword of terror even somewhat difficult to resist. "Boy, fast shot, do not let him have any chance," the old man suddenly shouted at the moment, as if to see what came out of his eyes even with a trace of incredible colors. "How could he get what is where" sense of the sea of ​​angry old man beat this desktop has been the old man has never been so angry before, even Li Yichen also looked sluggish old man. With the roar of angry old man, Li Yichen heavenly hands constantly waving, an Italian sword terror throughout heaven and earth, directly opposite Zhanxiang. However incredible scene appeared, four more in the hands of the elders toe length, for it is the exact length toes, a bit chunky. Only in that phalanx arises, a rich purple appear extreme, and even that had brought terrible heavenly sword meaning also blocked up, what seems to be pressed tightly. Between heaven and earth, the four elder's head appeared a shadow illusion, it is a length phalanx, glowing light purple, but it has the feeling of a kind of collapsed earth, four elders slowly drag the toe bones in the hands, slowly down, along with the old man down the moment, the sky above that ghost is also slowly under pressure, together with the terror that brought heavenly sword means also in the instant collapse. "Boy,Air Jordan 8 UK Sale, you want to do?" The old man could not help but exclaimed that he intended to kill the terror felt a phalanx of release from that section, while eyes glared at the side of the four elders. "Shishu, he is a college student, even kill a classmate, I was shot learned about" four elders read Jung faint opening, as if the old man did not put in the eyes. But at the moment, Li Yichen know the sea almost to the old man almost jumped up and shouted "Boy, escape it, Fear, this guy is simply courting death, and today no one can survive here," exclaimed the old man, only he understands That cut toe what it means. At the moment, Li Yichen is a burst of surprise, the old man will not just pointless, since he said that there must be a possibility. But at the moment mole old drug days are finally felt wrong, he felt that the power came on the toe is extremely odd and even lines without fear days, even he has a kind of feeling of horror. "Stop, read infidelity, soles do you want to eat?" Medicine day yelled. However, four elders increasingly bland expression, "Shishu, I just learned about this guy it, it touches you still go first, I believe you do not want to know the origins of this cut-off toe" four elders sneer a cry, between heaven and earth that cut more huge toe, or even cover up the entire College of transit. At the same time, transit within the college, the old man suddenly between three startled, his eyes finally incredible to see the college, and in college an unassuming little building which suddenly becomes looming, followed by a burst of water-like brilliance flash However, the appearance of an old man slowly, his eyes looking into the distance, frowned, sighing loudly. "This appears always to appear, Tianxuan Continental Quartet land is about a comeback, it seems that after all irrepressible of" the old man muttered, as if to express what you want, but in the end that figure eventually fade away in a small building which , followed by a flash of brilliance, hut again fever. At the same time, read Zhen Shishu sneer at his drug days, "Shishu, you do not know it, the original day Kitagami peaks above the peak of the previous generation of God God has now cut a small toe on these nine northern sky day period, this makes nine days to stabilize the world, but unfortunately you have been Shishu concentrate on refining drugs, even these things do not care, "said four elders sighed and shook his head. "Boy, you want to kill you Shishu" medicine day eye became extremely angry moment, that mole on the left side of his face endless dithering even at this moment, apparently by four elders to the gas. "Shishu, as long as you do not stop me, I have just the kid and his heavenly hands of the mysterious beast, so that you and I are good, as I think Shishu kill him you will not care about a stranger's life and death, right!" Said four elders Hey smile, walked slowly toward the side of both Li Yichen, head suddenly between that toe enlarged, as if the world is shaken like a general, the earth shaking crazy, distant three old incredible watching four elders . "Fourth of how exactly" One old man quickly asked, staring at the four elders, with some anxiety. "The youngest do not ask, read something Master Ching already know, but unfortunately ...... read Jung eventually escape their" Another old man exclaims, he told the president he remember when Master Chen in the closing and they had to take pictures name read infidelity, he this surnamed Wu, had no explanation Master, even he was kept in the dark, he only remember Master Ming Wu said he hoped he could own original mind. "Come on, Dean Now that we know, there is no need to interfere with" the elders is still a dull look, even the two elders and three elders, nor ever seen the mysterious Grand Ayatollah specifically said anything, but today He even found the elders said Dean teachers already know this whole thing? Two elders and three elders are all honest walking in behind the elders, the elders they only know the president does not even say loudly brothers,Oakley M FRAME, but has only itself to the great elders, never say in school matters, even occurs What events are rarely spoken. But in the moment they walk in behind him, the elders had become turbid eyes, bent figure that is instantly upright, like a flash from a grown old general who became prime, then shot a light eye suddenly between , and instantly see a shadow to college, but at the moment beside the two elders suddenly between Putui, Grand Ayatollah looked frightened. <

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