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03.06.2013 03:44
Gem real roar sound at the same time antworten

Update: 2012-12-20 the whole scene at a three hundred and sixty degree turn just or trampled sapphire bull broke out even more amazing momentum in seven or eight short breath has soared to the Mahayana period. [material] is to find novel "days demon seed for my broken!" Binge drinking a sapphire bull in the J ī ng pure energy such as river ch á o water surging and seems to have no different in essence. A moment for a thousand times wipe shock suddenly his body days demon seed is issued Zizi sound rapidly withered up. Chi chi...... Fine Chi Chi sound still continuously and jade buffalo that spread throughout the body. The pattern is disappeared into a dark s è mist to the top of its head up and disappeared in the void. Get out. In the lost days demon seed jade buffalo that mass of muscle body suddenly again the extreme expansion of thunder is trapped spirit fairy cable support shivered uttered a hastily whistling is suddenly turned into a golden once again returned to the gem human hands. A large body of like giant God stands jade buffalo coldly looked at the head of the great magic gas vortex which caused the death of robes is has already been dead monster back over his body. "Prajna spells collecting!" Seeing jade buffalo so aggressive alont monk hurriedly hit a road and all of a sudden the Prajna spells back into a yellow paper spells on the top of the head rotation walk sent bursts of Buddhist singing voice. Now four of the forces of the peak of the strong heart has a fear period of Mahayana animal as four hook scattered fix peak plus the life is simply terrible powers in a complete mess they have not worried. Ha ha ha. You just not very arrogant? To soothe the adults I is the world pet animal jade buffalo! If you do so profane animal thing then let the Lord give you leave a little lesson! Well you should be like the adults this life magical power?" The mouth is the thunder general Bang Jade's eyes have the slightest cold and pleasure. "We from LAN star is bounded wu-earth Xian Zong forces is one of the one thousand eight celestial Saint star you can't do this!" Gem real roar sound at the same time,Oakley Oil Rig, the hands is suddenly appeared a black s è sword. This sword is a magic weapon to his final life of emitted bursts of intense Fairy Magic Weapon to tear gas as heaven and earth looking is not. Ha ha ha. This man is the animal! The animal you know? Don't say little wu-earth Xian Zong's tyrannical ten times had nothing. The adults once rise is there will be a strong animal to guide you don't think I animal a will is weak?" Laugh jade buffalo seem to enjoy this feeling. "Hum! Celestial forces the Fairy Magic Fairy demon fairy Buddha and the animal a each other with some protocols don't you remember? Although you are the animal but if from LAN star caused no side killed to rob but also very uncomfortable? Or do you think he is a super absolute being monster any trouble animal will for you all to resist?" The cold smile dead monster appears on these very >

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