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Xuanming in the main hall antworten

> Two hundred and twenty second chapter, such as hello, to accompany me to drink this summer, the weather was scorching, but all this is located in the mountains for transit college without much heat, more people are feeling the a little hot, but it still can Tingde Zhu. wWw, quaNBen, COm "beautiful teacher, did not think you still see me empty," Li Yichen smiled, since that injury, Li Yichen manipulation Baraka found himself once again exceeded the realm of air into the mid-Tien third order, Perhaps this is a desperate struggle for the outcome. If it had not Xuanming fight between life and death, extract pushed his last crazy world of mysterious gas, now how could escape. It can be said Baraka gas manipulation is his escape ultimate protection. But when he regained consciousness he uttered the first Xuanming change things, but let him be silent about it, but thinks he entire colleges in nonsense. He did not think when he appeared in the ring after Xuanming also came out, the same is seriously injured, and even on that eye color is also disappear. But it is early to say Xuanming presence of meat ball, and then said that bloody boulder out, the only difference is that Li Yichen behind the attack, alone, into a bloody round behind,Madison Coach Online, and she was left, but after it Scarlet eyes of Li Yichen are being hunted down, his fear to flee. Despite this Li Yichen also do not believe that people will believe Xuanming Institute of nonsense, but the most important thing is to say Li Yichen Xuanming seriously injured in after her did not choose to continue to kill, but quickly left, but she also found Li Yichen fled leaving is followed out,Oakley Oil Rig Outlet, as Li Yichen why would kill, why did you let her, she was the one that said meat ball attack, and she also is not clear. Sometimes there is no evidence of evidence is the most perfect, not to mention Xuanming reap the opportunities, but wake up after Li Yichen said no one would naturally believe, on the contrary more people are into it that Li Yichen After Bloody boulders, got something. After all, ripped off the face of a black woman after beauty, more students is to choose to believe, let alone into the world after Li Yichen shot against a group of all participants. Because of this, when Zhao Donglin was seriously injured, when almost no one to visit, in addition to fat and thin, it touches Yunfeng also came. Then Li Yichen could see that the original well-honed edge sword finally began to show, and that brought out the sword in the eye but like flowing implied meaning that the original look of wretched appearance also changed, becoming dull water. There seems no sword sword wins. Li Yichen believe Wu Yunfeng through all this sword has pierced the sky, waiting to break through the sky is shaking a fight. Although they did not say anything, but it's a short phase, as if, like spirits generally with a hint of spicy. "And hello, to accompany me to drink," Li Yunfeng opening sentence is the first sentence, there is no affectation, no extra words, but Li Yichen is laughing. Whilst this did not have much greetings, but Li Yunfeng it as a friend, a drinking friends, this is enough, this friend is worth to pay. For the words of Li Yunfeng, Li Yichen just hold the smile, then looked past decade sword, but did not care back, looking at a wine of joy, Li Yichen know that he has finally started to give up. A feeling, a copy of all the exchange with their own feelings eventually came but relatively cold, the change is done himself, Li Yichen do not know how to deal with. Beside that enchanting and lovely figure, enticing smell seems to drill into the nostrils constantly flirting with Li Yichen. "Well, then you mouth depleted, Li Yichen, you know that now you become the hearts of the entire college all students an out brutal, almost all men doubt you attack his classmates, anger and kill "Priscilla said here can not help but slightly Qi eyebrow. That is not applied Prostitute Qiaolian because that hint of Qi eyebrow become exceedingly beautiful. But that pretty mouth could not resist the opening of the "You still involves a boulder behind something, everyone thinks you got that bloody thing behind boulders, so now dean of the College once off entire college students will Dean will tell you something, when you are afraid to help themselves. " Priscilla say unreasonable, bloody terrible boulder he witnessed, said the institute if the people inside do not know what he is absolutely not going to believe, the only possibility is college looking for something, and that something for the entire College is extremely important. What is it, Li Yichen clear, except for that fourth off among the rest is that bloody meat ball boulders and Xuanming in the main hall to get that bloody thing. Thought to want to, or can not be figured Li Yichen, the last piece of their own hands, even purple boulders were also taken into account, but that purple boulder itself is not powerful and can even say that even the original piece of bloody boulder could not resist. "Oh, I would like to know to enter the world of college so that students who really want to get what college is also or college in what to look for," said Li Yichen here staring at the front of the eye Priscilla seems to want from a pair of eye seen out any clues out. But in the end he was disappointed, and had to give up, since no idea then do not think of. So Priscilla replied loudly, "Can you understand that these are not" directly after the Li Yichen to fool passed. But at the moment Zhao Donglin is still smiling at Priscilla, but he remembered the beautiful teacher still owe yourself a requirement that can not forget ah. To know even today's world go whoring, if money is called, people still owe themselves once, of course, can not forget, this can all write down the. For Li Yichen it was like a big beautiful women standing in their own eyes, a REN Jun mining antagonistic way, as long as he would say this requirement, the beauty will not hesitate to rushing, and then directly to the XXOO himself up. "Beautiful teacher, you still owe me a request total will not forget!" Zhao Donglin faint smile watching it stunning that the two groups under Qiaolian plump rabbit, and next to that delicate rounded waist Bottom . Beauty ah! You can not be excited, not excited he is not Li Yichen up,Oakley Oil Rig clearance, NND, must be accounted for cheap points. Li Yichen thought in mind. "Oh, the little guy, you do so soon already depends not live by?" Wang Shi Ya Li Yichen did not directly answer, but with a hint of provocative pair of beautiful eyes looked Li Yichen. <

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