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suddenly outdone yells antworten

> Two hundred and fourteenth chapter, swords, had not the sword "Pata ......" scrag clueless beat down, not even the mysterious gas fluctuate, stunned a board child brick man looks confused and disoriented. wWw, QuANBEn, Com All of a sudden, the original down to the realm beyond the bounds of ten yet again made into a nine. Shadow extremely painful, temporary decline in the realm of mysterious gas not resorted plus, he just has a horrible combat power, but they are not thrown shot. However, Xiong Li shadow attack still extremely mysterious gas terror waves between heaven and earth, gold veins intertwined, making Li Yichen, who continue to endure the endless bombardment of veins. Every gold veins are like a lightning, come shadowless, plus sword flashing pattern, together with the side of the Xuanming is almost withstand systemic blood constantly overflow, meaning sword two days but could not resist. Next, Li Yunfeng projection out an eye of a sudden,Outlet Oakley Holbrook, sharp "jis" Li Yunfeng shouted, rushing in front of the whole body, the endless bombardment Tao Li Yunfeng moment veins of the body, cross the blood stream. "Go away, I did not let you help me resist" Xuanming frowned, she does not want to see that kind of Li Yunfeng twas no mysterious gas, in this world no one will pity. Even Xuanming also maintained a certain distance. "Oh," Li Yunfeng sad smile soon, the whole body constantly being staggered gold veins, Flesh, dense bones is bared. "Or do not want to do?" Li Yunfeng wan smile together, perhaps in the eyes of Xuanming he did nothing, just an average guy qualification. "We can only be friends" Xuanming cold opening, took a mysterious drug, let Li Yunfeng dose, but that the body is constantly bombarded veins, not a human form of care. Side of the Li Yichen heart inexplicable gush anger, though he and Xuanming no hatred, just like Xuanming attitude makes him think of the original himself. Sword Italy rippling, Phoenix Fire broke out, Li Yunfeng Li Yichen instantly came around, white continue to play round after round golden glow that will withstand endless veins out. "All right!" Li Yichen also come up with a mysterious golden medicine, this is his right, when the old man requires refining, and now came in handy. "Nothing," Li Yunfeng faint smile, nor rejected, the mysterious drug dose, the people better. "You go! I do not want to hurt you because of me," the voice was not cold Xuanming not short, she did not look to Yunfeng, but to turn his head in the past. "Oh, how do you remember the Jedi out of the abyss it?" Li Yunfeng smile suddenly become extremely bleak. "So what we have grown up, a child does not really matter," Xuanming cold voice, she did not want to see this performance Li Yunfeng, just took over for things. However, Li Yunfeng turning the sky, "meaning you repair the sword, I would choose to give up, I know hello strong, do not want to see someone walking on the Italian sword in front of you," Li Yunfeng now become somewhat lonely voice down. And his hand does not know when an extra touch of sword, simple minimalist, seven feet Qingfeng, but it is as if an indomitable vigor in the beating. "This is Qingfeng, when his father took over this sword when I had promised to let the sword on the mainland in Tianxuan bloom, but unfortunately I have not done," Li Yunfeng some self-deprecating smile. "Lee ah, when the whole continent Tianxuan aspect, Lee had hit the outside of heaven and earth, and finally falls apart" Li Yunfeng back laughing, his whole body slowly exudes a hint of Italian sword. Mood seemed to be a kind of fierce, which has transcended the meaning, but the heart of an outbreak. Yunfeng Li Yichen heard one side of the room suddenly looks to tell a move, he seemed to think there are many things my grandfather did not say it, had not his grandfather once said Lee can imagine, that also has its own father. I remember my grandfather's face when he seems to have something awkward in general. "Well, do not take Lee's past to mention, Li Yunfeng, our marriage thus cancel it!" Xuanming sigh one, she was unable to tolerate the fact that Li Yunfeng mediocre qualifications. At the side of the Li Yichen some helpless sigh, probably impossible to get poor ** silk pro-gaze of others. Light sighed, though did not feel anything special, but it took the sword in Yunfeng Li Yichen when it felt a mood attached to the sword. Unlike Xuanming sword quest for just stronger, while Li Yunfeng give him the feeling that is a kind of obsession with the sword, as if the person is a sword, not a metaphor, but swordsmanship, itself as a sword to sharpen. Although this seems to be an illusion, but Li Yichen still choose to believe their feelings. Meanwhile, the shadow of the veins has been completely surrounded by the crowd, endless golden veins intersect, flashing, round after round of terror mysterious gas collapse days fracturing. "You're a small wooden **" critical moment reemerge white bird white paws, milk and milk sound of gas began. However, white shadows hear curse uttered, suddenly outdone yells up, "you only have a small wood ** it." "Bam ............" suddenly between a huge slap in the face instantly appear, a slap in the face shadows fly sweep, but at the moment is also black out from behind, glaring way to go flying out of the shadows, "I have a small Jj long out, you even still call me. " Shoot fly out black felt strength is not enough, but also added something feet, bombers fly directly to him out, but added in front of Li Yichen, who burst stunned, this guy probably did not expect him back in the black bar! At the same time, Xuanming snorted, stature suddenly between injection and did not care about the side of Li Yunfeng, and instantly disappeared in front of the crowd. "Go," Li Yunfeng sigh of relief, his eyes with a hint of complexity, as if to see the original that slim girl,Nike Air Jordan 7, an embroidered yarn naked, face amount of the day really, faint smile. "Yunfeng brother grow up, I want to be your woman" the small girl with a sweet smile. "Yunfeng brother,oakley eyeglasses sale, you want to call me fall asleep, I would like to master the sword all the same meaning" girl smile intoxicating. "Yunfeng, meaning that you have to give up the sword, and I will go further, abandon it, you and I have been impossible" if the woman's face cold frost, with a merciless eye. Too persistent things could not get, funny, really funny, Li Yunfeng eyes flashed complex will gently Qingfeng took out. "Jis say you've given up the sword meaning, to give up everything, but who knows you have been tempered, who knows she is a sword means love, but she walked side road, no longer into the real sword meaning of the "Li Yunfeng sigh loudly, his realm is not high, to stay in vain. Did not say much, but to a cry against Li Yichen Xie came to a farewell, there are many way to go in life, his way is the sword, but the sword is no longer the sword! <

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