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incomparable atmosphere of antworten

> One hundred and ninety seventh chapter himself to practicing? At the moment among transit College, mole old man is preparing to have a look inside the storeroom there any herbs stolen treasure status. wWw, QuANBEn, Com, but just as he was humming a little song, when suddenly a look of a condensate, eyes flickering, "Baraka map, obediently, who is this such a big mine, do not know how that old guy retreat like the "old mole turning oldest transit transit College Hall, murmured" It seems Tianxuan continent had almost come to an end. " Then the old man is not contrived, twisted twisted little ass turned to continue walking toward the storeroom, these days he is also prepared to practice medicine do several mysterious. Meanwhile Li Yichen with white, two guys suddenly rapid run up. "Ha ha, this is how fast run up shadowless feet!" Li Yichen laughed behind him in hot pursuit of a dream florid burst of blue teeth, she did not think this guy's legs how to run faster than rabbits. Blue dream most florid silent is Li Yichen amount of white on the shoulders of small mammals and occasionally even tilt a little ass and let it continue to shoot countless golden feather to God, was stunned to get rid of the little tail. "Li Yichen, you think you can run it?" Blue dream florid snorted, walking slowly, step by step, very cold eye, stunning figure bathed in golden light among the endless golden god feather flashing SG . "Proud heart formula, first type, Aojian reincarnation" moment, bathed in the golden god that behind the blue feather florid dream to play in the hands of Feng Xue Jian. Sword heart moving heaven and earth as if into two instant reincarnation in general, endless rewind the earth, the sky above the connectivity like in the painting was a reincarnation. At the same time, Li Yichen entire body as if into a ball,Madison Coach Online, constantly running in this whirlpool of samsara,Women's Jordan Sale, but still can not get out. At the same time,oakley sunglasses online, Li Yichen shoulder white small mammals not bear with that white paws over his eyes, "hastily grass, white, we went out of the pit" and Li Yichen moment regardless of how to use shadowless feet are not out of the whirlpool Instead, like a constantly spinning in the whirlpool, and deeper and deeper. "Well, you think you can get out of it?" Blue dream florid disdain smiled, turned, did not look Li Yichen one. "Run, which ran away?" Li Yichen saw a blue dream florid left of the figure, this guy is really confident, but at the moment reincarnation whirlpool momentum once again changed, and the endless cycle of the gas at the moment sword into Italy, as if the whole swirl have become a reincarnation of the great sword, which is constantly on the outbreak of a sword intended participation reincarnation. Li Yichen and white as if skiff in general, run wild in the maelstrom, ass followed the countless Italian sword, cut each channel are extremely frightening. "Blue Dream florid, below you wet", "blue dream florid, the last time you put me XXOO not pay it," "Blue Dream florid, you do not pay no problem, how they have to let me put you XXOO, so considered evened "" Blue Dream Whisper, "resigned Li Yichen was about to go on when I saw the white on the shoulders of small mammals suddenly flapping white paws milk and milk sound of gas channel" Yiyi Ya Ya ......, Blue Dream florid, you have a small wood * Mimi "Then they patted the small white paws, a proud look. "Bam ............" Li Yichen raspberry looked at the little guy, my God, this white how ruthless than their own, ah, so a superb beauty, if not small * Mimi, it is also how touched ah! At the moment, Li Yichen egg pain, this is not an ordinary white ruthless ah. Distant, blue dream florid staring positive rapid rush to the middle of a battlefield, the last stop is about to open, almost able to hang on until the end of each session students will get the world award, this award can be said that all college dream, it is said First year students have to get a day pattern. Today, naturally has a lot of students in order to stay and had to battle, only the last three participants have a chance to stay. Li Yichen touches so many here have been unable to resist the sword meaning, and this moment Li Yichen almost vomit blood, NND, followed by a lot of ass sword means, every sword means specially staring at my ass. With chrysanthemum Shuriken Sword Specialization is different to that ass shot, the moment that both sides of the bottom has been hit three or four holes, looks like an injection by unscrupulous doctors wrong, put a needle inserted Like three or four times. "Your sister yo" Li Yichen finally broke out, if you do not come up with trick really is not blue dream florid opponent, but at the moment is different, Li Yichen rusty grain Phoenix God instantly burn. Around the world mysterious gas manipulation was once again reached the limit, an incomparable atmosphere of terror spread instantly up. Tien drug refining technique, the first-in, and took the body into the mysterious! Moment Li Yichen changed hands, a mysterious extremely complex in changes that had been churning whirlpool in the moment as if heaven and earth uncontrolled general crazy spin. Between heaven and earth veins composed a stoop in incomprehensible patterns, between fingers beating, a tract veins intersect the entire vortex melting them. At the moment, no one noticed Li Yichen here, because everyone seems to Li Yichen has certain death. However, it is still in the fingers constantly beating, mysterious runes pushed this mysterious gas between heaven and earth, manipulate them, along with this huge whirlpool that can be manipulated up, this moment, endless sword means casting furnace body, day Phoenix SureFire concise furnace. "White Phoenix grass will come up," Li Yichen suddenly between dignified look up, at the moment he was mixing drugs, it can be said that refining the body, through the ages has not been such a big mine. "Damn, kid, you are not trying to practicing their" old man widened his eyes incredible watching Li Yichen to Feng Xue Jian sword means reincarnation casting furnace body, the Phoenix God surefire concise pattern furnace, with its as Dinglu. "Boy, are you crazy, is not it," cried the old man, he suddenly found that Li Yichen is beyond their imagination, the world of strength concise itself, with the Phoenix God grass concise own strength. "Old man, I want to try," If this world Dinglu really concise, my mysterious gas will again be a big step realm "Li Yichen mouth with a smile, aches and mysterious air once again broke out, very fit with each other around the mysterious gas condensate at the same time, the cold distant dream discourse suddenly shocked, look instantly become incredible, the sword has not even proud of their reincarnation control. "asshole, asshole ......" blue shouted florid dream physique rapid fired Li Yichen again here, very cold eye <

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