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how can one make you cool antworten

> One hundred and eightieth IX, maximum burst once "Then I'll let you pick and choose to try," Li Yichen's not loud, but it is with a kind of chill,Jordan New School Sale, watching the unitary planing lift eye in that kind of contempt , Li Yichen move. WWw. qUanBen. COm sword surging grain, the whole sword sword shrouded forest, including a Unit handed sword Italian Jew if extreme chipping whole earth in general, terrible sword groves into big sword in the hands of Li Yichen was fired. Unitary planing Ming moving more than a show of hands in the sword, but the next moment his eyes instantly becomes horror, staring at the sword groves of the big sword, fear back. "You're able to control the whole sword forest" unitary plane lifted revealing an incredible voice of color, the sword in the forest he felt a terrible feeling. However, Li Yichen cold out laughing, "You do not want to pit me, I'll let you try crater" suddenly between Li Yichen taken the third, Lin Jian sword meant that cross-day meaning sword Jianmang which suddenly between whereabouts. School Challenge, the horror of watching countless college Li Yichen, this guy is not crazy, actually want the sword alone control of the entire forest. At the same time, the outside eye Priscilla looked dignified sword in the hands of Lin Li Yichen pattern jitter even with the sword arm as means to make general. Accompanied by the beating pattern sword, the whole forest countless Italian sword sword cut in a moment of terror swept sword Italy, the moment unitary planing lift inverted out the entire body, together with that in the hands of the sword is a burst of thunder. But after unitary planing lift inverted out over the entire sword forests, many top-class participants suddenly between shots, a Unit of mysterious gas bursts out, almost all of Tien strong level, dozens of people together shot, horror mysterious gas makes Li Yichen instantly back. "Your sister" Li Yichen angry cry of these people actually want to protect unitary planing lift, dozens of Italian sword almost Tien level, even Li Yichen control of the sword had to retreat to avoid the lines. And now the big sword groves of endless sword began to shake,Air Jordan 7 UK, apparently difficult to control the long-term, and instantly turned into a sword forest again, heading for the students who were top class. But how can such a good chance Li Yichen easily let go, I saw him return to the sword among forests and endless Sword Freya is Li Yichen are all over the place automatically avoid. In contrast to those top-class students are in the face of endless Jian Yu, overwhelmed. "Dust brother, dust brother" in the moment Li Yichen behind a fat one thin finally now over, and a look of excitement cried. "You have come?" Li Yichen burst of surprise, but still did not relax for those top-class participants attack, these people are not very cow * force you, behind the attack, that Li Yichen naturally have a little better for them. "Rest assured, dust and brother, look at our" moment to see Li Yichen shot, fat first rushed to the front. Coquettish come up again in the hands of a cry silently daisy shuriken "daisy!" "Oh ............" top class crowd a guy screamed, voice full of pain. "But that guy to see other participant was no movement, too embarrassed to rebid, see fellow trainees cast doubts over the eyes of man is fighting back pain, shook her head right. Followed up all those sword fight again forests, but these touches it to the outside fat furious, this guy was kind enough to actually like nothing. "Zaibao once? "Fat Man looked somewhat respectable brothers, burst a little reaction at all, it should Zaibao once, how to say gift not too shabby. Thought of this fat again come up in the hands of chrysanthemum shuriken, and then again in the hearts of silently uttered "daisy." And that had to walk some one who is not smooth top class academy is preparing to resist those swords forest. But here not resist, suddenly threw a tight ass between. "Oh ------ ! ! ! "Another scream sound, this time the man was even worse, mouth trembling, while the whole body is jitter, walking twist twist. Around trainees once again cast a puzzled look, but that guy barely smile laugh, embarrassed that he was the sword Lin Xueyibujing to burst chrysanthemum, had choked back pain, while also showing nothing else to look. "Dude, so strong? "Now even the fat are stunned, even explosive twice, this guy did not hurt does not itch, so cattle * force? Touches at the moment, many students outside the ring mouth twitching, they finally found one so that they can not understand thing, what is the fat in the hands of the sword. how every time a sword, when all accurate burst man chrysanthemums. most numerous people mouth twitching, foaming at the mouth is that the guy was literally burst chrysanthemum mouth Smiling is also a very enjoyable way. Dayton School disgusting countless times, are all firmly remember the kind of face, later to be far enough away to walk point. "Oh, I admire those who can withstand the hands of chrysanthemum Sword of the people, since you have so much resistance, how can one make you cool ah! "Then again, the fat out of chrysanthemums shuriken, and then on the TV drama's ass again silently cry" daisy "." Shoop ............ "sound fine inaudible voice once again appeared in the man's ass , and followed the man finally did not live, and I saw him suddenly jumped up. "Nima, shit sword Lin ah,Oakley Oil Rig, how I always burst chrysanthemum, Alice my ass to the left, from the left, you will Nima explosion, my ass to the right Alice, Nima, you will burst from the right, "the man finally broke out, a look of anger cried, while a few people around at the moment the eyes are all over here some do not understand, but when they see this guy's ass when finally mouth twitching, can be considered truly understand. And at the moment is not far from the fat silence, because just now, he still received no stop, so once again silently uttered daisy. "I fight with you ............ spell ...... "said the man half, mouth twitching, face sluggish, and was once burst, but after this time, the college students obviously have face fat to heart, offended Nobody can offend the fat. "Well, I feel a person has been blasting how did set you mean, to come to come together! "Said Li Yichen hand sword lines flowing. Suddenly, the whole sword sword forests are beginning to move." Oh, you have to blame the attack can only blame me, crash has been very pure drops of up to blast a " Said Li Yichen Lin once again pushed the sword. endless sky sword Lin moment. those top class students face the horror of watching these sky sword forest, but the next moment these people's eyes glaze over the I saw that the original large-scale cooperation sword Lin Jian, suddenly learned the side of your neck, and then rapidly appeared in everyone's ass. thanked shattered all illusory support for the creation of Yi Chen, thank you, everyone's favorite Red tickets are hit over it! <

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