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said to have been hit antworten

> One hundred and eighty fourth chapter, the contest has already started a majority court opinion, Li Yichen muttered looking at the sky. wWw, quanbeN,Jordan Flight 9 Sale, cOM but Li Yichen at the moment is not urgent, now the most important thing in their hands which ten million gold coins bet get it back, this time at least, there should be a five hundred million or so. "Yiyi Ya Ya ............, White said Li Yichen this again fortune" at the moment on the shoulders of white staring Li Yichen hands of that piece of paper, two big eyes fly from the stars. As if seen countless waving to his mysterious drug that have already started leaving little mouth saliva. , But the little guy at the moment is still a thief yo belly pulled from a mysterious purple-colored medicine, felt no one around, this assured placed inside the mouth, a little golden juice flow out from the mouth next. At the same time, an old man staring transit College storeroom above a palm-sized hole, could not help but look whom togethers. "Who did what, ah!" Old look of hate called up, fill the hole until the last good, but also specifically to please a prohibitively five of the strong lines will be drawn throughout the storeroom again in days , so what's the strong prohibitively two fundamental unbreakable. But this time, he again saw the palm-sized hole, and this hole looks like a sword sticking out of the side of doom. See marks on the hole, this really what the sword, so strong, groaning lines are not afraid, the most critical is the person who is, such a point of big holes, stunned the entire storeroom tenth of the mysterious medicine to steal gone. But this time the old man saw the mysterious storeroom outside is no longer cook, it is no longer a two lump, but a full three lump stool neatly placed in the cave-in. Feelings are these guys stole the medicine to take more mysterious, simply pull down to children on out. And this shape is also elusive, two lump round, a big point, a small point,Oakleys Hijinx Sunglasses, but most of this next stunned a triangle. Nima, it also allows people to live, old man anxious to steal the mysterious drug that guy pulled out alive hacked. Of course, at the moment not far from transit Academy fat one thin two guys in that moment of excitement took out the mysterious drug. "Pange, this time it gave those guys who robbed a thing, we at least have earned ten million gold bar, plus these mysterious drugs, hey, Yihong the red and flowers are not our, By the time the money let's go and redeem them when the wife "was the look of excitement Road. "Also, ah, I have been abandoned to the red right, Zanxiong Di can not ungrateful not, again, you do not always like flowers, put them next time we go to redeem, and then how to say Zanxiong Di two are Rich "skinny fat brother patted on the shoulder, and the two men coming out of those things up. Suddenly, thin look of puzzled a lot from the fat little panties to the side took out, "fat brother, what time did you get, how much?" Thin face looked amazing fat, honey, so much underwear ah! "Ahem, ............ last trip accidentally and mortar female dormitory, and then accidentally brush equipment brush back" Fat coughed, to express their embarrassment. How to say this is possession of the goods, even by thin to see it. "Sure enough, or Pange you badly, go to the female dormitory brush equipment also put before I came, I went to brush point back" thin look of excitement ah, brush equipment is always good. But just two people talking excitedly when the female dorm again bursts roar, and then a guy called mysterious war was more than a dozen transit Female college students in the strong kill. Full a few days off, mysterious mysterious gas war increased, the realm of going broke,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, it all becomes faster Lianpao, most importantly, has been the mysterious wild endless war, he saw a woman knows ran. Almost ran to meet even dare to ask why not, the last of his own to figure out what is the reason, distracted by a dozen swords stand on the neck, and then a bunch of rotten eggs, smelly shoes, smelly socks, the most important thing the last time he actually saw a bloody rectangular paper material (** towel), stunned abruptly pawing at his face. Since then see the woman ran mysterious war, which has become the whole school a beautiful landscape. Since the latest recruit transit College School, has prepared students ushered in the first majority, many freshmen is thrilled to be able to demonstrate a good point to get better conditions. It is said that this time the majority relate with a lot of class rank, the more you want to know the front rank, class gained more resources, student resources are limited, but limited resources will be used in which gifted hands li. But most of all colleges worry is that three top class results almost unimaginable, is said to have been hit prohibitively two realm. Of which there are orchid family orchid dream florid dream, sky north peak Shaofeng Lord God, unitary planing lift, of course, many people cite for unitary plane still do not understand, because the rumors unitary body lift planing already far beyond the avatar , powerful terrible, but no one has ever seen a body lift unitary plane. At the moment the court majority, Priscilla's eyes quietly watching over the ring, and now has the entire arena full of people below, and many of them are new transit trainees. Priscilla now watching this little ring mouth with a smile, "the little guy, everything will look up to you, in order to allow you to war, but I paid a lot of things." That the Young's mouth with intoxicating arc, in that stunning suffocation Qiao Lian, almost maddening, because any man can not resist the temptation to stuff, the most important thing is that white thighs slightly moving so seductive look, entire college many boys have startled the little ** ah! But there are also a lot of new people's eyes seemed to be somewhat strange, staring at the ring in that little place, in front of such a small ring how to stand on? Touches on some of the old man's eyes seemed to be somewhat calm, for this ring clearly been surprised. Soon, the ring on top of a platform, I saw an old man a glamorous embarked on a foreground, smiling at the crowd. "The headmaster even so young," looked at the old man does not look old up a lot of people are amazed. An old man could not help but remind the road "that are classmates, allegedly because of strict management college, so have been unable to graduate, which also had to stay in college were." "Poof ............" Many students are stagnant while that he heard right, there is a not graduated? Finally, in the slightly younger old man came up when the woman behind a slightly old woman came up, her hands was a purple knife? Chopper? Everyone is shocked, this man holding a knife do? <

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