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obtain a legendary holy items antworten

> One hundred and thirtieth chapters next time Li Yichen occasionally come out about the other most of the time are in the refining of the mysterious drug treatment for my grandfather, although the refining process there are many needs attention, but there are Everything is very smooth in the old man. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM slightly more important will be in addition to the old man cried a little mistake, so mysterious drug soon refining successful, as Li Xuan Xuan dose of drug in the body after it began to recover, even the original is difficult to mobilize The mysterious gas also have life. During this period, clouds actually come to visit about Li Yichen, but the only let Li Yichen some eggs pain that has not put clouds wife gave XXOO. For the small Nana side, then more people silent, almost like a monitor at all times, as long as Li Yichen accidentally fell asleep,Oakley Radar Sunglasses, and that mouth came over. So it was a small Nana Li Yichen so repeated torture, but also make a small Nana previous succeed, Tao Li Yichen altogether last slept secretly run away. No way, it is this small Nana too fierce, after all, who can withstand the kind of hold on the inside and get out feeling. Everything old beggar touches here are extremely smoothly, Li Yichen has repeatedly said the case you want to rally finally reluctantly agreed to go with him to the ancient days of broken ground. Though reluctant at first, but when Li Yichen said he saw a lot of beauty to life ran when the old man suddenly two stare, do not will not. Next, after a brief recuperation after Li Yichen, a small Nana, clouds, beggars old man, his four starts to kill the days of ancient broken ground. As for why the two beautiful women to go along, here is the explanation. Clouds: Yi Chen brother go, I'll go where, clouds was my brother. If Li Yichen heard this sentence laughable certainly exciting, but there is so little Nana answered a little ............ egg hurt. Little Nana: Well, last time took a pair of scissors, but did not cut off by large predators found out, I was too greedy, Zaozhidaojiu first thing cut down to eat. "The old man, we should start from where the ancient and pieces into the day, you are old clues it,Oakley Sport Outlet," Li Yichen look sternly said, four people have been standing a moment the vast world of the Department, the front showing the endless black, as if a large mouth devouring everything, horrible scene like the crowd in the visual stimulus. I saw the look of an old beggar right way "into which you have to listen to me, without my permission who can not run around, or where the broken ground turbulence can at any time easily destroy you," he said here look somewhat dignified. The trio is like a small rabbit obediently general, nodded, but added Li Yichen side, hesitated Phoenix God that something strange pattern in the energy still continued to haunt him, so he had to use the mysterious gas repression. Four slowly forward, in front of a dark everywhere it touches almost do not see any of the other colors, the whole earth seemed to be dyed in general. At the same time,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, in the same four appeared behind a group of people led by a look of solemn old man, who does not know what he was thinking, if Li Yichen here will be surprised ---- Tianhe old man went so far as appears in here. "Congratulations again to the separation of one little master" Milky Way beside the old man suddenly facing youth began, however, the youth look is still flat, as if it's all but irrelevant in general. "Well, this time I have to get in that Siqi machine, it can only get into the real pinnacle" said here young mouth with a faint smile. "Continue to go, who split has been useless, dead also died" young mouth with a faint sneer, did not care about anything, as if the death of a pet in general. Broken ancient days to export more distant, also has a group of people, but that is a youth-led, eye lengli, dull look to the front. "Little Lord, we will soon reach the ancient days and pieces of" beside a broken leg for the elderly came out, his eyes beginning to end, endless calm, without any changes. "Hmmm, broken the ancient days, the ancient birthplace of the drug are superb mysterious, believe that this time Once these mysterious drugs can enter the day than the South, I'd like to see exactly who would dare to fight with me a small Joe, "said the youth's mouth here, a faint smile. Youth extremely slender fingers, and even can be said that delicate, slender fingers but enough so that all women whom jealousy. "Residual old, then I do not want anything out, mysterious home must obtain a legendary holy items, rest it and move on" Young whispered. Side of the remnant old nodded, sitting behind the crowd also began practicing together. .................................... "You have these pregnant prostitution, they do not play with you" big old Diao "shy," said a cry, a trend of significant stature soared ahead shot away, on the ground a men looked riddled brother, suddenly a kind of suicidal impulse. Meanwhile, almost everyone walking behind faint write one pair of beautiful eyes eyelashes look to the distant days of ancient pieces, the big eyes flashed excitement of color, beautiful Qiaolian can say definitely make countless people The madness. Happy Together chest charming as general, revealing two white, like creamy skin so impressive. Belly so silky smooth, two ** is the temptation generally unfolded. "Since we can not give you anything, but I hope to be able to do something for you," pretty woman that beautiful mouth slightly moved, with a sigh, once again toward the front of the front row, beside the old man saw a woman , but once again hesitantly. .................................... "You're a small wooden JJ" beast holding a small white dog paws cried milk and milk sound of gas, followed Tianhe old slipped and was originally intended to prepare bombardment sword so inverted out. "How is the combination of these two scary" Milky old man wiped the perspiration from his head, since the last time the old man knew that once gone Tianhe encounter these two guys have run far far stronger than their addition , nor are they the addition coquettish, but the two guys is too scary. Maybe someday that white small mammals pointing your pants said, "You ** off, then really lost!" By that time even if you do not want the egg pain ache. Of course, perhaps the elderly Tianhe big Diao really have not seen the old man, if you really saw him after seeing Li Yichen, who for the first time do not say hello to play, and certainly direct Paolu. Suddenly standing behind a small Nana Li Yichen some excitement rushed out, staring at the Milky Way called an excited elderly. <

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