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03.06.2013 03:06
Quietly issued such a knowledge antworten

Update: 2012-12-17 "rumble......" After the sound of a dull sound that great hoof is shady directly wrap a monstrous dull Bang is how also cannot break out. [] had raged three or four breath the behind-the-scenes plotting it again settled just terrible beef has been resisted. Faced with the sudden attack of the old man is very calm and beef until it appeared in the near it and held out a finger. "Just means!" The old man has a desolate voice is branching off in front of a strange with the finger directly there has been a huge virtual finger. This finger skinny bony is an eternal immortal breath like it is a light gray transfer of energy is the energy that it looks like the immortal general. But this illusory these are followed by the great finger out immediately a monstrous energy began to sweep the world around the around the Vaillant more amazing. "Titter!" Then this illusory finger is with the Green s è cattle impact together as offset each other not only in general moment against the impact site has left a huge space of cracks which have a spatial energy terrorist unit in the volatile. [material] "to find novel Sutra the Buddha's palm!" Mouth uttered a Buddhist monk sing alont hands suddenly an illusory prints to the front of production like is unconditional general once resisted the Qing s è cattle then severe concussion thousand times directly make the vanish do not see. The leader four forces are the display means of animal jade bull attack resisted. But all is not joy but hesitated slightly. The original on the display after the savage animal trampling a sapphire bull was again shake the body when change becomes rough shape directly is torn open in front of the void cast sh è. If you just let jade buffalo in cast sh è in at the same time,Coach Bags Online, unexpectedly again issued a terrorist attack made it around the void is brought forth a ferocious. Fix true space is very stable in which the space energy is more terror abnormal even some fairy to also with great care for fear of what space storms like natural hazards. As for the foot day level unless it is treading day peak fully comprehend the Tao or into the space which were risk very may fall among them. "Hum! Don't think of escaping into space crack is able to escape the back foot day "!" The old man have a sound is under the command. "The five of us into the can the rest of the disciples were back to hold the position of Prajna prevent jade buffalo escape!" Alont monk also have a sound command. "Fairy follow me into the pedal day level quickly back to the quartet!" Gem reality ponders a short moment is the command. "You follow me don't understand?" Quietly issued such a knowledge of God is dead monster mouth is loudly shouted "scattered with me into the other foot day levels of scattered around prevent jade bull escaped understand?" "Yes!" "Yes! >

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