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sister but never high genius antworten

> Chapter This really can not blame Li Yichen, every time I see clouds of white chest that is ready to come, he will feel a gratuitous blood surging impulses. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm "Otherwise hub up clawed it?" Li Yichen some could not help but think that this can not go far ...... readers comments to the point ah! . Clouds that while the Li Yichen contaminated with the blood of the shoes off, gingerly way people pamper, aside Li Yichen straight Leng Leng looked at the ground Qiaolian, two rabbit in there ...... flick flick of. Bottom slightly pursed, slightly delicate dress with clouds of body slightly swing, a different kind of grace in the eyes of rock. "Ah, brother, how has your nose bleeding, blame my bad, did not stop Lee of gold" clouds that two big eyes and thrown tears. "Break!" Li Yichen almost did not go out directly to smash his nose, really does not live up to expectations, the more a critical moment barely more. "No ...... nothing!" Li Yichen some guilty conscience said. "Well, brother, you're early rest, wash these clothes I get past the" gentle voice in the ears, clouds will slowly Li Yichen quilt cover, and took the side with a blood-stained clothes. In the clouds gone, Li Yichen had just fought again recall everything Kim Hyun Lee of gas level is too high, Xuan Huang second interim, he could not really resist. "Boy, this time you did not use mysterious air, really surprised me," the old man's voice in the Li Yichen ears. "Spent what, I am afraid to be who abuse was even worse, to the time they will tell others I can practice this waste, I am afraid everything will complicate it!" Li Yichen open road. "Hey, kid, good analysis, once you spent a mysterious gas, is equivalent to the waste can also tell you a practice, it is not only your family to see you dislike these guys, and if so those present know, you probably Really not live long, "the old man seemed very afraid that the presence of his mouth, uttered these words to stop talking without saying. "Tien drug refining technique, I do not know how much help, but this power law absolutely can not easily let people know," Li Yichen again thought of the power law. "Well, boy, this is a mysterious gas gathering and refining drugs surgery supreme classics, if placed on the continent is definitely spell the lives of countless people fighting for the good things in thy strength is not high when not to be used lightly." the old man's voice was solemn. "Damn it, I should not be a waste," Li Yichen cried. But the old man has become the voice still calmly "That does not necessarily, mysterious pharmacist can be controlled to some extent, between heaven and earth mysterious gas, but this mysterious pharmacists are generally highly talented person, unless ......" "Unless how kind?" Li Yichen quickly asked, every time the old man talking to a critical moment will pause and let Li Yichen wait crazy. "Unless you absolutely revealing mysterious drug high talent, but also high scary the kind of" old man some sinister smile. "Well, I do so much, then my mysterious pharmacists but also just the primary level," Li Yichen somewhat discouraging opening, after he contacted mysterious pharmacist in this industry is still early, for mysterious drug refining just out of infancy. "Haha, boy, placed in front of you is not there a gem of mixing drugs surgery Moreover, the kind of mixing drugs with your talent is definitely qualified to" the old man laughed. "I?" Li Yichen not believe that every time he is careful to follow the old man said mixing drugs, for their strength really not very understanding. "Relying on my point of mixing drugs scores can really do?" Li Yichen not believe asked. "Damn it, seen shameless, never seen you so shameless, you know you mixing drugs success rate is the number one hundred percent ah, this is the entire continent's top refining pharmacists are unable to achieve results, you still ask me you Can the results? "" the amount of ...... "the old man looked at the excitement that kind of spittle flights, Li Yichen somewhat speechless. "Hey, from now on you have to give me a high-profile, and is definitely the kind of high-profile, to make people know that you are a highly talented absolutely mysterious pharmacist, then ...... Hey," the old man that intriguing smile again in Li Yichen mind. "Good" Li Yichen nodded his head, the old man to say yes, he must reveal the talent, the only way to really set foot in Lee's senior, he wanted to see for themselves that the so-called father, he was not a waste. Tien drug refining technique, heaven, earth, mysterious, yellow, indispensable thing Tiancheng, Hyun also transitory man, take Baraka satisfied yourselves ...... Li Yichen mind constantly recall the TV drama Tien mixing drugs surgery practice of the law. Li Yichen head slowly lit up a little points of light,Nike Jordan Take Flight, the photoelectric initially very small, accompanied by Li Yichen between one breath, then slowly began gathering spot. A little while small spot that would have been doubled. Liyi Chen Tien mixing drugs while practicing the technique, while self-feeling between the mysterious gas around the world, this moment is like the endless mysterious gas turned into one little spot between heart flowing. "Tien drug refining technique, really extraordinary," Li Yichen slowly opened his eyes, at the moment he felt his spirit seemed extremely abundant, slept like a general. Even Li Yichen has felt the slightest mysterious gas has been flowing around the body. According to Li Yichen known technique consists of mixing drugs Huang Tien-level drug refining technique, mixing drugs mysterious art class, ground-level mixing drugs and surgery surgery day level mixing drugs. Each realm is equivalent mysterious gas each realm, also a big state is divided into four small stages, each stage is also divided into small beginner, intermediate, advanced, peak. "Yellow-level drug refining technique, the primary" Li Yichen faint looked around that little yellow thrown mysterious gas. "The next few days persisted in practicing mysterious air it, as medicine or the first, and so mysterious" After a few days of training, Li Yichen's body back again almost, Qi Xuan, Xuan Huang a late stage, yellow-class refining drugs surgery Intermediate. "With my mysterious gas even in the face of mysterious yellow one order peak of the realm can be no fear, and my Xuan Huang Lian medicine surgery practice fast, once Xuan Huang Lian medicine surgery reached Xuan Huang an order peak, even encounter mysterious yellow one order peak of the person by virtue of my special mysterious air, hit a two can definitely beat the opponent, "put down the hands of the mysterious yellow mixing drugs surgery practice, Li Yichen know their mysterious gas is fundamental, but mysterious gas practicing what is most important , Li Yichen most clearly, because of who! "I swear, this time if you see clouds sister naked, I certainly hub up holding her, not for anything else, the amount of ............" Li Yichen's minds once again reminded of that mysterious air rocket ride in general growth. "Of course, the most important thing is that feeling," Li Yichen dreams again. The spirit of Buddhism had no one, nothing concrete ideas, Li Yichen decided risking a try. When Li Yichen into clouds of small yard dismay when they found that clouds the door remains locked. "Clouds go out?'re Not," Li Yichen some weird looked at the locked door, shook his head and turned to leave. "Yes Yi Chen brother do?" At this moment heard the sweet voice in Li Yichen's ears. Exquisite curves in black tights that backdrop, it is extremely sexy, purple blouse photo collection live inside some pink corset in white. "Li" Li Yichen first time recognized the front of the woman, she is among the family of genius, has a unique talent, but also has numerous stunning teenager envious, you can say that this is a set of beautiful and talented woman. "Li sister, Something wrong?" Li Yichen lukewarm openings. "Little brother, you seem to not like my sister ah, my sister is doing wrong, so that you so hate his brother," Li that delicate face, even delicate and charming. "I do not have that blessing,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Sale, my sister but never high genius talent, I'm just a waste, which can not be compared," Li Yichen faint smile, avoid leaving Li's body. "Oh, my sister had wanted to say something, but unfortunately ......" Li shook his head, pretending to sigh. Li Yichen still did not look back. "Do not you want to know something about the clouds do?" Suddenly Li Yichen Li spoke again Suddenly the strides had stopped, looked to one side look to Li, "What do you say? '" Clouds are with the family to participate in elite training, but she does not want, but in the cloud brother insistence, he finally took the training, "Li simple opening,Coach Handbags Sale, they saw a smiling Li Yichen, and turned to leave. "Well," Li Yichen's eyes suddenly between the light emitted a sharp, "Lee insistence of the cloud? Shit, must be their threat clouds" Li Yichen not a fool, let clouds compromise only yourself. "Well, since it is ye provoke me, then blame me polite" Li Yichen decision broke out, he could not let Lee Hua-yun so bully clouds. "Hmmm, a fool, a month later I let you see exactly how a fool would waste your beat" with anger, Li Yichen to return to the residence. This time, Li Yichen decided refining mysterious medicine. "Boy, this time from time than the last time, the mysterious third order of the mysterious yellow medicine is not so simple, there is a little bit flawed nuclear explosion will produce mysterious beast!" The old man serious opening, obviously this time mixing drugs extraordinary. "Well," Li Yichen nodded, once again caught up in the madness refining mysterious drug. Mysterious beast again resisted the terror of nuclear power, Li Yichen constant grind the mysterious beast nucleus, while the Star Fruit and lily grass configured simultaneously. Whole day, Li Yichen finally refining a good first mysterious potions. Then the second and third parts of the refining agent mysterious relatively a lot faster, even so Li Yichen also spent nearly four days. <

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