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> One hundred and sixteenth chapter, at least with hairs "Well, old man, let's go!" Li Yichen somewhat weak, if not mysterious at the chest and blood in Denon has always supported, as well as those left out of Phoenix Blood Bone bursts of burning sensation, I am afraid he is now because of excessive bleeding to death. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM old man looked deep a Li Yichen, from beginning to end are still unbelieving look for Li Yichen he was too well, because to understand why he would not believe that he would rescue a mysterious snake. "Boy, you honestly tell me why to save the piece mysterious snake," the old man finally spoke, he still do not understand this kid is not head to ass kicked. "Keke, old man, which you do not know it!" Li Yichen suddenly pretending to be contemptuous glance at the old man road. "The amount ............" old man two stare, this kid will not find any secret of it,oakley sunglasses, does the piece mysterious snake extraordinary talent, limitless future success? Also, or it will become a real dragon? But how do you know this kid? Maybe he have any tips, no, I have to listen. Thought of this old man scrape some closer, for fear of accidentally missed it. I saw Li Yichen against the old man's ear, whispered Open Road "is actually a piece of mysterious snake beauty snake, to the time if the changing shape of .................., let × × × ×, then × × × ×? "the old man: ......................... Grass, wait for an old man killed, this kid shameless ah, it really is shameless ah, far more than the black belly ah, is simply the belly belly black black ah, is indeed that beauty steal underwear, people cut down small JJ invincible wretched men ah! "Ahem ............, kid count you vicious old man I really admire you," the old man looked at Li Yichen look of shame, this guy was just a XXX, NND now and they have a plan for the future again No wonder the old man did not bubble to the girl I was then, people from the source. No start has been lost on others. Wondered if the old man could not help but think of here is not should develop a plan put forward a beauty? At the moment only Li Yichen inadvertently looked back, just that sentence is said to the old man to hear, let him change his mind on the real snake is his last corpse lying on the pile of snakes among the achievements of its least those snakes, In death than those who did not feel like some of the noble dead snake. "I hope you can truly become a mysterious Dragon" Li Yichen mumbled, slowly left, but in Li Yichen left the eye piece of snakes but it is still staring at his shadow, and did not have any movement ... .......... "Li Yichen -----!!!" Heard terrible screams coming out of the hole in the Li Yichen instantly rang, followed by a killer's eyes had almost ripped up. It intended to kill like ten thousand Jianguang hacking and over, people feel like being soaked in jiu Chill general. "The amount ............ That, I was voluntary, the amount was not, I was forced to" Li Yichen quickly corrected himself and said, looking at his eyes suddenly a kind of killing the urge to escape. I saw in front of blue dream florid dragged some tottering steps, foot twist twist came, but who still hint of white, people can not help but want to once again × × impulses. So beautiful, though hated this blue dream florid, but Li Yichen have to believe what this beauty is definitely the dream of countless men, the kind of desire and can not climb feeling. But when Li Yichen look to her chest when suddenly between the mouth can not help but twitch a few times, she is inside what to wear? Piece of silk underwear Unending snow still in his hands, and that she did not wear it ............ not! Thought here Li Yichen that could not help but gaze began to move, move, then move, NND, when she put on pants. Li Yichen moment vomiting blood gas, why should pants ah, I knew it had to take the way also took the pants. Li Yichen has already started to regret in their hearts up. "Is not that right clothes at all like the original away ah" Blue Dream florid walking slowly, mouth with a subtle hint of smile, but also with a very gentle words that tired dead attractiveness taste. "This is how the line, at least go back and do also with hairs commemorate" Li Yichen look in favor of open road, the mind is agitated, and she met confidant ...... amount, not ah! As if what comes to mind, Li Yichen suddenly looked up and saw the blue dream of being florid still smiling and looking at myself, to continue opening said, "what Mao ah, do you want me to help ah!" That voice still tired dead attractiveness, but he florid dream but saw blue eyes smile into a lead by the intention to kill. "No, really do not have a" Li Yichen continuous stepped back, feeling ah,Oakley Monster Dog Cheap, egg pain, senior egg pain. You think, ah, to say in front of a woman's face with hairs back as a souvenir, kidding with what hair? It goes without saying it? Drops, because of who the system to remind you that you have been hesitant outsider florid beauty blue dream to XXOO, but hesitated everything coincidental circumstances, so the task is not complete. Objectives: outsider florid beauty blue dream, blood blood phoenix super best beauty beauty Rating: Super best beauty beauty Personality: arrogant, charming, hot. Mission requirements: Conquest physical beauty, beauty conquer all! Task completion: zero percent. Reward: ten thousand mysterious gas growth values. Get quest: to zero. Get the task Total Awards: Zero mysterious gas values. As Paoniu system in order to encourage you to continue because of who the owner to get beautiful heart, so the system will be an additional incentive one hundred Paoniu mysterious gas values ​​to show encouragement, please continue because of who is best to not soak up her bubble. "The amount ............" Li Yichen at the moment I do not know is happy or painful, just this superb beauty staring at her, and that his eyes can not wait to give it a swallow, the other side, just mysterious air to the mid third order Xuan Xuan, Even Xuan Xuan mixing drugs before surgery but also third-order early, this rate is too pit father. But also because of who I was about to be soaked dead, Li Yichen wait yells, he obviously was soaked, but also was XXOO, the only award one hundred Paoniu system mysterious gas values, NND, soak time should be hacked to death. Drops, because of who the system to remind you to get blue dream florid assured you'll get an extra surprise, so the owner you must speed up. My grass ****,oakley sunglasses cheap, Li Yichen cursed them directly into the system because of who, what shit Paoniu system clearly is cheating the system. Drops, because of who the system to remind you that you must look within three days Touching outsider florid beauty blue dream ass, but added there will be rewards, if not complete, you will get punished because of who the system. <

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