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quickly rushing toward the antworten

> Article four chapters, sorry, took the wrong "big elders, this kid die we do not have good results, or shot it!" Three elders looking gloomy road, despite the immediate Li Yichen can manipulation mysterious gas is not high, but can escape easily beat themselves, this strength is so amazing it. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm, "this child die, eventually Cheng Kung University, it can not stay!" three elders and the elders as the one, are all horrified to see each other's face, who can imagine a Xuan Xuan under the control of the mysterious gas levels would have been enough to fight the mysterious land level, but also to suppress each other. At the same time, not far from the eyes flashed Li genre pleased that he was finally able to stand up to this nephew, and by virtue of the share of the face, and he alone against the mysterious to the strong. Not far from the clouds Qiaolian flashed excitement, originally afraid Yi Chen brother what went wrong, but now face alone when he saw Li Yichen strong without color, mind flashed a little happy, Yi Chen brother and becomes stronger the. Not that white Qiaolian between perception more difficult to conceal a hint of reddish. Hmmm, big pervert amazing ah, how to eat when it is not so bad, is it afraid of me? At the moment only one side of the small Nana Juezhao pretty mouth, angry watching Li Yichen figure, a small 99 heart attack begins, hum, until the night I have to look at the small satyr Li is not severe, you big pervert look at it,Jordan SC 1 Sale, this time no one can not stop. Thought of this little Nana Fenquan clenched, big eyes do not know what to think. The sky above has been Chixue Phoenix in flying, a terrible mysterious gas fluctuations in rippling beneath the elders and three elders to resist, the two fingers flying, mysterious gas horizon, the two mysterious to the strong equally powerful, shaking The mysterious gas in surging. This time, Li Yichen not using mysterious explosion Dan, he an anti-two alone, looking the slightest change. "Great elders, we shot together, this time must be to kill this kid, I do not want to grow up watching this little bastard" three eyes flashed Yinhen elders, while his hands appeared in a black immortality . "Mysterious explosion Dan?" Li Xuan suddenly between not far from the look of a cold, immediately Suddenly his face changed, "Haohen ah!" Lixuan the clenched fist, eyes revealing a more anger colors. "You idiot!" Clouds of white teeth biting his lips, mind flashed one worry, she did not expect this two elders not only big bullying the small, but now it has resorted to a mysterious explosion Dan, this trick too hard. Not far from the same genre Lee exposed worried about the color. Along with three elders remove mysterious explosion Dan, when Grand Ayatollah equally mysterious gas skyrocketing crazy,Purses Coach Outlet, like the Galaxy nine days spilled general, facing Li Yichen bombing, did not give him the opportunity to respond. However, at the moment, Li Yichen face a hint quizzical look, I do not know whether to laugh or painful, even these two guys in front of their mysterious explosion with Dan? "Hmmm, boy, let me give you a mysterious explosion Dan a ride!" Three elders face flashed Yin Li, looking somewhat grim, one hand a black mysterious explosion Dan instantly shot. "Haha, this kid even dead layer of skin off too" big elders laughed, had Li Yichen is to use the mysterious explosion Sunzi Xuan Dan victims of their own waste gas exhausted, and now use this trick on him, but also the hearts of a large burst of elders fun. "Boom ............" mysterious explosion Dan exploded in a flash, at the moment Lixuan with clouds, who could not explain to the eyes closed, afraid to look down. "The amount ............" But the next moment the elders and three elders explained stunned watching the Li Yichen, rubbed his old eye, eyes flashed unbelief of color. Especially the three elders, he clearly remembers the mysterious explosion Dan threw a Li Yichen, but now people are not even something standing in front of their own, this is what happens? "Are you looking for it?" Suddenly Li Yichen stood out as basketball in his hand a big black ball. "The amount ............" Li Xuan will look shocked, half did not react, even not far from the eyes of Li genre has become somewhat sluggish. "Giggle ............" clouds light hand over her pretty mouth, then his mouth, revealing a trace of a trace of tears Meimou not hide a smile. Not far from the Grand Ayatollah mouth can not help pumping the pumping looked blankly Li Yichen hands of black ball, is not that mysterious explosion Dan do? But the mysterious explosion Dan has so much you? Side of the three elders also shiver at the moment, he could not help the small ** in jitter, it is far more than the frequency jitter ah, is simply shaking up to life ah! NND, who is so shameless, practicing a mysterious explosion Dan also practiced such a large, three elders could not BS-ing angry at the moment, that mysterious explosion Dan himself is nothing but a big fist, but now out of the hands of each other than simply the head Also big thing. At the moment Li Yichen a step forward, a black mysterious explosion Dan instantly shot, quickly rushing toward the three elders here. "Well, we wait for you at this time," the moment the elders eyes flash Yin Li, a mysterious air shaking moments play out, crazy mysterious explosion hit unto Dan. "Boom ............" Dan the next moment that mysterious explosion in everybody's eyes burst open,Coach Bags Outlet, and a huge impact even the elders can not help but step back, even spit three old blood. Despite suffered light injuries, the elders and three elders hearts are flashed excited, obviously the other mysterious explosion Dan himself, who did not cause too much damage. Hmmm, what about Dan mysterious explosion, burst one, I see you have many, three elders mouth flashed a sneer, ready to re-shot, but the next moment his smile became sluggish. Once again saw the opposite Li Yichen not be slow to come up with a mysterious explosion Dan, but this time it has become a mysterious explosion Dan the size of two basketball, watching the big elders and three elders almost can not help vomiting. This is God horse situation, so much more than a mysterious explosion Dan horror, kidding, and then crushed Who can sustain. However, the performance of Li Yichen next moment the idea that almost let two burst, saw Li Yichen scratched his head, looked at the hands of the strange mysterious explosion Dan, shy Road "I am sorry, took the wrong?" Took the wrong? Three elders hearts barely feel better some, after all, so much of the mysterious explosion Dan who can not withstand. Even around the elders also could not help but sigh of relief. I saw Li Yichen again and not be slow to come up with a black from her mysterious explosion Dan, only this time that mysterious explosion Dan actually have three basketball so much, and then hint of satisfaction with the color channel "finally find out! "Seeing the hands of the mysterious explosion Dan Li Yichen, elders and three elders big mouth twitched up once again, that frequency is simply more than a small ** shake up even violent. Seeking collection, find the red ticket ah! <

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