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03.06.2013 03:01
Binge drinking that caused the death antworten

Update: 2012-12-11 "peng!" Almost at the moment when her little monk Fanghua moment of strokes is struck dead monster body pale gold s è lotus exudes a chill all breathing directly is the body cut apart! Good is the life of the cutting! But see this scene of her little monk is no surprise but be startled at present,Kristin Coach Online. [] with the dead monster body is cut off his body is suddenly one Zhan be reduced to fragments of a burst apart and a pure magic gas to which is rising in the world. "Is a substitute for! Not good!" Her little monks have great experience at once is to see the clue hurriedly the hands choke Jue y ù to urge protection of the lantern in the head. But he was somewhat slow action. When he had some reaction over a sharp incomparable sharp breath is sweeping the world general suddenly to his head hit the fast speed's staggering blow it. "Sky lanterns!" Free magic sword. "!" Two binge drinking sounded almost at the same time with even a shaking of the noise from the void. [] "poof!" Very strong void in this moment like the paste is generally played there is a huge black holes in space and the two hook scattered blood out evil Zun is hurried to urge his demons blood large array to prevent dust little monks took the opportunity to escape. ",Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale;Hula la...." who caused the death of magic tunic is vacillating dead monster did not damage proudly looked be filled with a thousand regrets that embarrassed thrown her small bonze heart is secretly. For their own free magic sword Evil Dead monster very understanding of power is shaking heaven and earth to seriously hurt the two hook scattered fairy scattered the first-class but cut after the degree of the lantern took five forces broke to go to sky lanterns defense then cut in her little monk who is not the shot kill,Nike Air Jordan 14. "Good strong body unexpectedly than alont old bald Donkey Kong immortal body stronger it is integrated into what not to the baby? Hum.... wait this out his must be stripped out have a look what treasures. Since the little monk so hard I can do really means to show yourself." Heart secretly made up his mind to the dead monster is killer. And her little monk and now my heart is extremely shocked but he's strength is far behind the dead monster just by virtue of the many violent means in the deal at this moment is shown shortage already by not light injury. "Free magic sword is sharp and fierce matchless my diamond immortal Jinshen but some do not carry the box at the bottom of the trick and he has not cast out..." Hum.. "! The little monk deity and you do not have time fooling around the dead robes direct refining!" Binge drinking that caused the death of robes a caused the death of old strange body is directly flew out just change into a sun shield R ì like shady general directly to the young monk shrouded in dust which began immediately that slow contraction. [] "toot toot toot... Dead." robes to cast suddenly everywhere is the devil fierce soul screams issued palpitations. Get in by every opening general toward Yichen monk attack >

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