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03.06.2013 02:57
two old monster y ī n Yang soul cases antworten

Update: 2012-12-10 if there are strong from LAN star in that such dialogue will surprise the tongue students gobbled up. [] at the moment two strong identity of the dilapidated Xiuzhen star is really too terrible a is a great reputation from LAN star waste Valley caused the death of old strange three hook scattered the body of a dead peak robes horrific nobody dare to. As for the other one background is also big scary but from LAN Star Valley four Hall of nine ten Yang Zong old Furu Juyoko three rob to spread fairy level. "Hum! You old devil's cunning was unexpectedly will nest in it is about to burst Bai Yanxing pity you door-to-door appeared within Ji ā n you hiding here message has already been I fix a true group was informed that this time you have to die! The blue fairy,Air Jordan New School UK, you come out." Mouth laugh Chun-yang child excited then suddenly toward behind the unreal way. Along with his shout behind him void immediately began to strange twisted up immediately the two figure is out. A hand head-on with whisk a Taoist dress hefatongyan like old fairy general is a great reputation from LAN star two rob to spread fairy,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket, reality. As for the last one is a young beautiful girl like the corners of the mouth with a mark appears some enchanting is two rob to spread FAIRY BLUE fairy. "Dead old blame you this dead hum you freely from LAN star killing endless didn't think there would be such a day? We have already cast off from the general God speaking all souls in God forbidden strategies you can't call for help. [] ",Nike Air Jordan 4, there will be a real Frank laughter only eyes but with fear of s è. The dead monster is scattered the three robbery at a dead magic robe is the rumor goes beyond the low-grade magic for their nature is very afraid. But they have their own small abacus y ù and left after to kill dead monster get many of his wealth. "Patter... You so shameless. Path or Y ī n risks! But I already have a ready y ī n soul evil spirit evil Yang you out!" The first face s è changed slightly immediately caused the death of the old blame is once again to restore calm cool shout a voice behind is also vanity a distorted two figures came out. "Toot toot....." the two figure is just out there are waves of wail like ghosts and howl like wolves came countless y ī n soul goblin in Y ī n wind wafting finally all condensed into two Y ī n soul throne surface each sat a clothed in linen face s è pale white beads wafting the pale ghost fire middle-aged man. The two strange middle-aged man look as like as two peas hands are holding a scepter which bones continue to shout voice a look is not everything. (to find novel material) "two old monster y ī n Yang soul cases? Well you are two. The peak strength is not busy how to du to rob to come here together what busy." Chun-yang child face s è a Y ī n sink some resentment of the road. "Patter.... you fix it is y ī n insurance is actually three people besieged the dead brother we two brothers are dead brother's good nature to protect his complete nonsense not say Na >

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