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> Chapter 84 Nothing ventured nothing gained in the four left stopping the enemy's four successive explosions of nuclear submarines, the "dragon number" suddenly received came to support the one hundred Dayu class nuclear submarine communication, they have been in contact Dragon King Road, but because of the United Union of signal shielding, has not been contacted, just finally contacted the "Dragon King Road." However, four nuclear submarines have been unable to restore the explosion, Captain chair high above the Great Patriotic long sigh, but now is not remorse sad, because even if there are one hundred Dayu class nuclear submarine support, and their situation is still very dangerous. "High Patriotic Lieutenant, we're late!" One hundred total Dayu class nuclear submarine fleet captain, said Colonel Chenqing Jing made a military salute. "Now the country into three sides surrounded, you can come it has helped me a big favor." Gao Weiguo rubbed his brow, then said: "Help us to contain the perimeter of the United States nuclear submarine fleet, the rest of the things to us on the line." "Yes! Executive!" Chen Qing loudly yelled, then began to deploy tactics to help China's vanguard fleet thwarting the threat behind them, to ensure that the vanguard can complete the task without any distractions. Then, catching up with China vanguard fleet one hundred and eight nuclear submarines of the United League All turn, because if they do not come back to attack the China Fleet chased them, then they will be torpedo bombers ass blast! "Residual nuclear submarines, followed by 'Dragon No.' full speed ahead, no matter what's inside demons, we must kill to go to complete the task entrusted to us motherland! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!" Gao Weiguo waved his hand, and the remaining six somewhat damaged submarine while increasing horsepower, marching toward the cave. "I think we should be more shot time!" Yue Tian Gao Weiguo patted on the shoulder, then with rice fan,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, turned out of the meeting room. First came two cabins, mountain transit will bring ten soldiers called out, and then they once drilled twelve "dragon number", into which the cold dark sea. Just one into the sea, m where we can see, including Yue eleven men, including surface transit sudden a soft blue light, as they flow generally wrapped in one, the next moment, a huge eleven units The quiet blue armor you wear void, appeared in the meter where eyes. All ancient devil mech pilots, who are all these eleven individuals is the ancient devil mech pilots! M where the heart is not generally a big shock, after all, to the level of where he is now, with a bench ancient devil mech is already a very extraordinary thing, and suddenly appeared in front of eleven ancient devil mech really put on stage m where shocked. Higher level stuff, m reach where now there is, the secret forces of those countries, those hidden in the darkness of a large family, are not able to understand a little of the lieutenant. The emergence of these mech has opened up a new meter where the door to a new area where the meter has launched its magnificent picture! "M where,New Arrivals Coach Sale, and quickly summon your armor ancient devil ah, do you want these laser shot into a sieve it?" Yue Tian mech cab sitting in a daze on the meter still innocently Where roared. "Ah ...... yes! Executive!" M where all of a sudden they recovered quickly to be a cry, the next moment, a group where the rice purple flames wrapped in one, a huge dragon candle body also instantly appear, where the rice pull them into the cab. At this point, the cave has already been around the laser cannon Breath brilliant laser, a laser hit the road armored submarine above the projection out of Chuan Chuan sparks. "Dragon King" and other submarines are constantly around the launch of the torpedoes, submarine-launched ballistic missiles, will be in front of a mine detonated, so submarines can smoothly enter the cave. M and others who are driving the ancient devil armor, try to destroy the caves around the laser gun for China Fleet share some of the pressure of work, after all, even if it is impossible to sustain such a large class submarine laser bombardment. "Bang bang ...... ......" Suddenly, the outermost of the 7th nuclear submarine was unfortunately a bunch of laser penetrated the armor, the nuclear-powered stoves wreck, suddenly, the whole nuclear submarines explode, intense shock waves beside it nuclear submarines almost did not blow up, and now China fleet to a total of only five working-class submarines it. "Go ahead!" High Patriotic red eyes continue to command the fleet forward, revenge for the death of comrades best chance is to complete the task, destroy the United League of conspiracy, which is high Patriotic clearly than anyone else! "Honghong Honghong roaring ......" candle dragon energy cannon constantly shone a golden energy bomb,Oakley Glasses Online, every one can accurately energy bomb blew up the energy of laser cannon tank, every gun can make a laser gun completely scrapped! China Fleet struggling to move forward, they almost no turning back, behind the war remains high, and laser cannons roar and torpedo explosion voices, their comrades on with their lives as they paved a way to survive. Finally, in the constant failure defensive network of fire under the China Fleet difficult to enter into the cave being, on the outside of the laser gun is already no longer a threat to them, but the unknown dangers, and which awaits them in the cave. M and others who was driving a mech ancient devil tail nuclear submarines into the cave with them. "Zhata entrance!!" When the meter and others who also entered the cave, high-Patriotic immediately ordered the fleet torpedo the cave entrance Zhata. With a thud, dropping a large boulder cave entrance, the entire hole tightly sealed, and the collapse of the hole raised large green white smoke, like some kind of ashes in general, there were numerous falls on nuclear submarines and ancient devil mech above. "It's the color, the other half blue bones among trees absolutely right in this cave!" M where see large ash smoke color, suddenly in a public command channel which shouted. "Ah, just Fengyun strange tree here, we will be able to destroy it, to complete this task!" Gao Weiguo Fan's confirmation hearing meters, immediately open the command submarine searchlight, while Mega cannon began accumulator. Yue's voice from the public transit command channel pass out: "Lao Gao, I think there's something wrong ah, the United devils how true it easy to put us into a cave? There is definitely a conspiracy!" "Has come to This step, even if we have to have a big conspiracy insist forcing, as long as the task can be completed, even if we sacrifice all of them in this deep cave Whatdoes? "High Liangpie Patriotic touched his beard whispered. "Haha, in that case, I will say nothing Laoyue!" Yue Tian Gao Weiguo heard the words, immediately laughed. "Flap flap ......" a pick a high-intensity searchlight is turned on, the face of a huge sea cave instantly appear in front of everyone. In front of everyone, a giant to be added to the tree close to the bone wall behind it stands there, a huge tree where the body far more than the meter base in Japan saw the sinking underground cave bone among trees, numerous branches like a snake swimming in countless generally covered almost the entire cave. Just billowing white smoke is because of the collapse of the wall at the top of the bone is also dependent on numerous branches, and a full-sized football field twenty or thirty huge cave full of radial branches, the whole tree looks like a green bones a super-giant Norwegian sea monster lying on the wall in general. "This ...... This is ......" Gao Weiguo bones looked enormous green tree, mouth and swallowed spittle, because now he was not even sure that their total work this five-class nuclear submarines are able to destroy the tree The giant bone . "Reports Captain, Mega cannon empowerment is completed, please indicate!" Communications soldiers are still surprised to report the high Weiguo Road. "M Where are you sinking underground cave which destroy bone tree is so huge?" High Weiguo not the first time make instructions, but to m where asked. M Where is a cold sweat, his grandmother who would have thought the other half of the underwater cave is so huge bone tree, which is sinking into underground cave 300 meters of the bone tree is absolutely not a level it! "Reports captain, probably because of this tree has hydrophilic properties of bone it, so deep which will have such a great body now." Paused, m who added: "And it's very powerful self-healing ability , if not a blow succeeded, I am afraid such a huge bone tree we destroy this point it is difficult to fire. "listened m Where, then, high Patriotic nodded, immediately ordered:" first submarine launch a billow -56 ballistic missiles, try this guy's self-healing capabilities and defense just how perverted. "tree first test the bone healing ability of the defense force and what is the extent, and then decide what kind of attack to destroy it is absolutely Now the most correct choice. "Sou ......" a bunch of waves dragged -56 SLBM speed toward the blue bubble huge tree trunk bones, but the missile was in the bone before the tree is probably Metres sudden explosion, and the explosion that group even like the energy generated by a strange energy to wrap up the film in general, did not leak, did not produce shock waves, only broken shrapnel slowly sink to the bottom of the cave. Then, the energy of that group in front of everyone so slowly disappeared, disappeared in the last vestiges of the energy of the moment, a layer of dark green like a huge bubble general energy shield suddenly appeared in front of everybody. However, just Lvmang flash, the whole body of the bone tree wrapped up energy shield quietly disappeared, meanwhile, had quietly posted on the wall above the bone branches suddenly moving slowly up! "Om ......" no one noticed, even in front of the warehouse guard in titanium soldiers are not found in the green energy shield appears at the moment, warehouse eight huge metal tank top green light simultaneously lights, although they extinguished it, as if nothing had happened in general .................. ** coming myself, hee hee, Tell me what you have there is little expectation of wood about it? <

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