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> Articles of Chapter nether spiral Arrow "rumble rumble ......" The whole green tree trunk bones constantly shaking, rumbling vibration shook the whole cave also followed up, there have been rockfall down, and obviously everyone can feel itself at an elevated process. WWw! QUANBen! COM "rely on, is this tree can stand up half bone fragmentation?!!" Zheng Yuan is responsible for manufacturing the wound did not catch a steady, almost falling off, the reigning whispered cursed. "Shut your big mouth, words are nothing every time you finish a good thing!" Chu Yuan Cheng Jincheng quickly stepped forward to cover your mouth, but all too late. Burst of violent shaking, will be on top of all the roots in the bone were all thrown down,Coach Handbags Sale, and even two ancient devil mechs are no exception. In all eyes,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, the Fengyun pale over three hundred meters of the huge tree even bone is slowly stand up! Those tangled roots as pale giant snake general swing back and forth, the bone slowly from the ground above the tree stays up, and those branches of activity up again, like most of a group of snake dance in general, ruthless relentlessly toward the crowd whipped up, and that was Zhang Yi and Zheng Yuan open up the big hole is slowly healing with, if left unchecked, and within one minute it will completely heal. "Fuck, you can not let that wound healing, Ed, I block those branches, you must ensure that wounds do not heal!" M who immediately got up, patted Eduardo's shoulder, turning leap into the candle fell on the ground dragon. "Well!" Eduardo is also recovered from the shock of them, Yi Gulu climb up, which also jumped into the cab. "Rumble rumble ......" bone tree still standing in the up, roots down on the soil constantly peeling off the entire cave floor were shaking, but the strange thing is that the tree is just close to the bone cave walls that stand slowly up and did not leave the walls, or that it can not leave the cave wall! "You hid behind boulders over there to see if there any way to speed up those green mucus flow rate, here I am and Ed to resist, quick!" M where one side controls the candle dragon stood up, one side said: " Ed, on! "" Rolling rolling ...... "the voice suddenly sounded mech movement, candle Dragonlance already been in hand, frame lights up bright red flames on top, purple candle Dragonlance already into a flame guns, gunpoint pendulum, then stir into a ball of bone directed branches rushed past. All branches of the tree is already bone overlap each other together to form a branch composed entirely of bone pale python, python stout body bone suddenly pendulum, then toward the candle dragon pumping over. "Drink ......" m where shouted, control candle dragon a type Soaring, do not flash does not avoid python head toward the bone rushed, empty them bright red flames suddenly spread, like a larger version of the candle Long general sky, those who have been exposed to the flame of the bone into Huifei all branches, and even a huge bone pythons are bounced back. Ancient devil mode! At this moment, m where already opened the ancient devil mode, this green mucus flow full circle only eight minutes or so will be able to, but now the internal forces in meters where the reserves to support the fifteen minutes of the ancient devil mode or without any problems , so the meter where a start they put their strongest gesture bright out. "Honghong roaring ......" m who do not flash does not avoid, that is positive and bone Python Ying Han, candle Dragonlance constantly hitting the bone python's body, to keep the body's bone composition of its branches crashed , while the surface of the candle flame dragon has also been burning the body count. However, when the Fengyun green trees stand up after the bones of the dead, it seems to have regenerative capacity of a qualitative leap, bone broken twigs constantly, constantly being burned, but it keeps constantly grow new branches, the whole body bone Python there is not even the beginning of time reduction than how much! When the number rises to a certain extent when, is in confrontation with the quality, but this number is more than enough only. "Boom ......" sound sudden loud noise, so that the whole tree green bones are trembling a little, shrill howl more and more to loud. With the sound of loud, bone above the tree itself is about to heal the wounds that had been a Mexican red arrows direct the energy explode, even more than just still huge, and the speed of the green mucus out further accelerate the circle lines already have a small half exudes Yingying green light. Bone tree trunk under attack, even in spite of m piece of bone where python attacks, forced throw rice fan, go back Yingkang Eduardo energy arrows next one, suddenly raised the sky bone debris. "Wanted to run?!" M where the roar heard, the embodiment of Ares dragon candle flame speed approaching an incredible degree, a diving stop swinging directly hugged bone python, stabilized after reaching unplug the waist stature between the candle dragon sword, sword will cut. Flame sword suddenly turned into a flame thirty feet long sword, sword only throughout the thick bone python body, m where the sword turned abruptly cut off the bone Monty Python's body, enough to have three ten meters long snake crashing landing, scattered all over the floor into the bone rods, and finally turned into ash, dispersed in air. "Boom ......" is a loud noise, Eduardo Ink Red Power Shot once again hit the bone accurately tree trunk above the wound healing not only to curb the trend, but also to further expand the area of ​​the wound. At this point Hades is constantly exchanging pace, with minimal moving distance to resolve continuing to hit him bone branches, although the vast majority of the branches are gathered bone to become a huge piece of bone Monty Python, but there are still some branches have been attacking the bone Eduardo. To know that even a slight vibration will affect an excellent sniper last shot accuracy, so Eduardo constantly adjust the angle of their own, continue to elude drawn to his bone branches, while searching for the best shot opportunity. However, bone tree seems to understand the intent of the two, when the bone is cut off for a while after Monty Python, Monty Python huge bone will stick to the wound in the bone of the tree before Eduardo make every effort to stop the energy arrows. "Well, thinking that it would be able to stop us what!" Eduardo saw his shot fewer opportunities, immediately thundered loudly. Voice hardly ever, Hades Hades hands of quiet blue bow suddenly spin up, a red ink on the extremely bright light in the center of the bow rapid Pluto gather together. "Nether Spiral Arrow!!" When Pluto bow center turned into a red light ink twisted shape of the arrows when, Eduardo screaming, Hades suddenly leapt through the air, cleverly evaded all attacks over the bone quality branches, dodged a pretty big gap, twisted ink red energy arrows are suddenly thrust stretched out. "Ow ......" bone tree which sounded a neigh of fear, followed, in spite of a huge body bone python m where the attack in an attempt to use his body to resist the momentum of terror stone. "Creak creak ......" However, the energy of the rotating arrows is unhindered through the bone Monty Python's huge body, incomparably precise hit bone tree wounds, along with a deafening noise, large tracts of broken bone fragments flying in the sky with green mucus, bone tree itself already by this horrible half stone blasted tree trunk, green mucus as not the money pouring out water constantly Gulp general, the circle on the ground already lit by half! "Haha, Ed, well done! I also gave it to look!" M Where to see Eduardo blow succeeded, laughing, the candle dragon sword back into his waist, hands Dragonlance a candle, brought up rain of fire from the sky directly on the body is bone Monty Python Eduardo fired out a huge jump over the gap in the past. Two steps in front of the tree to the bone, m where the hands of the candle flame Dragonlance already turned into a monstrous Atlas pillars, with bright red flames crashing huge impact in the bone tree trunk above. "Drink it ......" guns forced to move a bone over the trees have been opened a large hole in a green mucus is constantly Dragonlance candle flames scorched the sky above a green smog, whole grain bone trees are crumbling, it seems likely fracture collapse at any time. However, when the meter where you want to go further with a candle Dragonlance completely through the body of the tree when the bone,nike jordan outlet, but it is almost always the candle Dragonlance felt a strong force block on the outside, not into nothing longer spines. "Boss, do not bother, the Fengyun bone tree is shit hell god emperor said, it has two parts, the general here, the other half in the United League side of the Caribbean Sea in an underwater cave which!" Chu Jincheng waved a stack of information on the meter where shouted: "two parts separated by a space barrier connected, so you can not candle Dragonlance sharp again here on through these two parts!" m where suddenly realized, then the bone behind Monty Python also wields great body pumping over, m where they are no longer fighting, a record Shenlongbaiwei withstood attacks bone Monty Python, leveraging jump backward to go . This time due to the destruction of a large area of ​​green mucus out hundreds of times faster, two flowing lines in the circle of green mucus which is already going "realignment" in one, and the circle light Dasheng, waves energy fluctuations came, the whole circle will start success! "Everyone stood in the middle to go, the circle will start a success!" M where screaming with excitement, shot the bone python repulsed, control candle dragon battle and retreat, continuing to circle near the center. Zhang Yi, who has long been at the center of the circle waiting Eduardo devil out of the ancient armor, standing in the center of the circle, everyone is eager to face, after all, this is not a gloomy underground cave resort. Only Chu Jincheng also turned the hands of the center from the base to find information, from the tree to avoid the bone attack began, he has been look at data, otherwise it will not know those green tree bones secret. "Pa ......" Finally, green mucus sinks over the entire circle, a green light in the hair channel Among these sky, energy fluctuations more intense, the whole cave have been the green light filled. The next moment, m where finally retreated candle dragon controlled central circle, just at this moment, the sky above the circle of the light beam gradually come together, a more energy is surging all wrapped in one . "Finally want to leave this awful place ......" candle dragon among the m where the cab took a deep breath, whispered. ............ <

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