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> Chapter 59 Japanese emperor's Inferno Dance "lovemaking pops ......" are people who want to ask how to get these strange meter capacity when the burst of applause rang clear, followed, says Colosseum words slate under that door, crashing open. "Wonderful, what a fantastic fighting animal performances, you really did not expect to be able to kill the monster,Coach Crossbodys, but it is not even I have to clean up the terrible monster ah." New Japanese emperor empire came the voice from the speaker, sound over the audience. With his voice, rice and others who finally see the huge metal door from the door after coming out what things. It was a full two hundred twenty-two Taiwan printed red and white stripes Japanese fighter A! Seem to be able to highlight the new Japanese empire "majestic strength," the momentum, and that two hundred twenty-two Taiwan and Japan fighter A forty units per line slowly toward the crowded state of the Colosseum, which was originally fairly wide tunnel this Shique seem crowded abnormalities, mechs are crowds, came to the door in rows. "But now you also how are my magnificent Japanese armor forces opponents? Japanese nation invincible! Japanese nation invincible! Japanese nation invincible! Japanese nation ......" Japanese Emperor still in there forever boasting of his Japanese nation is how good, but the next moment, he is like suddenly being strangled in general, will be back behind the words life and pharynx go belly up. "Ed, Jincheng, destroyed them ......" Mi Yi Zhang who was leaning, raised his head feebly on the duo said. Eduardo and Chu Jincheng two are not under the armor, they have been waiting for the meter where the command, now hear the meter where the command, two nature is no longer hesitated, his hands on top of the rapid operation of the controller, and instantly , all the body armor missile launchers all bounced out, followed, dozens of pieces of torn by the impact of those missiles and four high-explosive missiles with colorful tail flame speed Colosseum door flew open metal gate. "Retreat, all retreat!! (Japanese)" Japanese Emperor shouted themselves hoarse in the positive valiantly, high-spirited, very close to two hundred twenty-two outside Taiwan and Japan mech ordered. However, the first row of Japanese armor seen flying missiles, but the rear of the Japanese armor but it is simply not aware of the critical season, in their view, more than two hundred units mech mech not kill five minutes minute thing, so the front of Japanese armor struggled to the back, the rear mech do not know what happened, still Bickering ahead. Until the Japanese Emperor's roar before letting them react, began receding, but it was too late, dozens of pieces of torn by the impact of those missiles and four high-explosive missile roared flying into the tunnel which, along with a burst of dazzling light, a gust of explosions which pass out from the tunnel. "Honghong Honghong roaring ......" billowing from the violent explosion of fireworks with which sprayed out from the tunnel, even the rice blast set off a storm and others who are able to be felt. Fireworks to be too dispersed, that the extraordinary momentum outward originally very close over two hundred Taiwan and Japan have a computer that is not imperial armor left, all in a violent explosion being turned into debris, and even strong exception tunnels are blown collapsed in general, big chunks of rocks scattered in the tunnel which was originally neat tunnel becomes a mess. "Well, I did not think the plan would be so successful, it seems that Japanese people love to install - no matter to what the nature of force at all times so as people love to hate ah." Hey where m laughing, sitting above the ground sigh Road. It turned out that all pilots are crazy missile when the meter where already thought of ways to deal with mold large dumplings, although able to add a lot of bombing kills Lvmao large dumplings success rate, but the meter and who let Eduardo Chu Jincheng retained together with their armor on top of missiles, as Zheng Yuan and Zhang Yi, m who know that even if they would not let them stop and listen. Where the meter is intended to keep these missiles, it is foreseen Even if he slew Lvmao large dumplings, Japanese Emperor will send new Japanese imperial forces to bombers kill them, and the two channels in addition to m Colosseum and others who come in the piece, only huge metal door after that tunnel up. Expected to think that tunnel came in the tunnel with their similar, so m where they conclude that if they are not out of the tunnel at the time when they commenced bombing out of the tunnel to the Japanese forces formations of view, it will certainly give them a slap in the face, just meters from where the effect did not think this plan will be so good Bale. "Ha ha ha, m where, really useful to you!" Listening meters where the narrative oriental forest with a laugh, he can not use the armor has been completely paralyzed, so he simply got out mech, sitting meters where side. However, Laugh, oriental eyes suddenly cold down the forest, intense hatred and anger gushing out from the eyes, almost from the teeth out of the words: "Go, now I go kill that dog ~ Mother raising the Japanese Emperor! "" Yes, Captain! "m where four people in unison Road, this thing is they are now desperately trying to accomplish one thing, that the floor of the armor pieces, all that bright red blood filled with their hearts, so that hatred and anger turned into a burning anger, they want to get rid of Japanese Emperor, blow up this base, allowing Japanese national total extinction! Moment, Chu Jincheng three of them are still out on the mech mech, the collapse of the tunnel does not allow tall mech already passed Besides, now there is no armor on top of the armed forces. "You ...... you ...... Shina pig, I want you to Budehaosi!! Me to Japanese Emperor swear in the name!!" Japanese Emperor piercing scream again from the Colosseum loudspeakers were passed out. However, rice and others who did not care about the threat of Japanese Emperor, Eduardo and Zhang Yi totter out force m also some who, five members of his piece into a tunnel collapse. This tunnel is not very long, and there is no authority traps, all extremely slowly and carefully walk in them was,Oakley Scalpel Sale, after all, after so many organs trap, five people are now seeing the tunnel will not consciously vigilant. M Where are constantly pushed the process of walking the child dragon decision of the operation, tried to recover his own forces, which recorded just after the consumption of the abyss of the inflammation, rice force who has consumed a now empty, and in this break and then established under the disguise attend, meter dragon who feel that their child may at any time determine a fourth breakthrough, reaching the fifth re-realm. Meanwhile, in the field of brain development reaches thirty percent, the meters themselves who clearly felt that the use of force is the spirit more skilled, and had only been able to call a small part of a huge spiritual force at this time can also be mobilized thirty percent so, it seems that the degree of access to spiritual power of brain development is closely related to the domain. I just sailed slowly forward, in meters where force to restore about half the time, five people finally come to a normal-sized metal door before. "Squeak ...... squeak ...... squeak ......" This fan looks abnormal gorgeous metal door slowly opened outwards, while the Japanese Emperor's voice from within the gates pass out: "I personally welcome you to prepared for you - the grave! "Listen Japanese emperor that frenzied roar, rice and others who had a trace of heart inexplicable pleasure, and then five people have no fear to go inside. After the metal door is a huge base hub, and numerous full-line monitoring screen located in the center of the wall above the base, a huge light flashes on the operating platform, while the so-called Japanese Emperor, sitting operating platform,Coach Madison USA, after the gold spectacles a pair of snake eyes staring into the base of the central cold rice and others who. At his side, two backwards naked woman's body, the two women at a bloody chest, delicate busts still disappeared, apparently to rage in the Japanese emperor to squeeze burst ...... ...... central base among the other staff are also among the bloodbath, no survivors, even those generals no exception, lower body to place a bloody tragic death in a place not far away from the door. "It seems that this is a psychopathic Japanese emperor ah ......" m where ditan loudly, very coquettish touched his nose. "Fuck, but also, and this metamorphosis fees something, go directly linked to him, can be considered as a sacrifice brothers revenge!" Zheng Yuan looked Japanese emperor's face, then Puhou soon rushed up. "Shina pig, I said, does not want you to survive, not to die!" At that moment, Japanese Emperor roar, and instantly, an atmosphere of arrogance and Mikado black body comes out, seems to have traction in general, a road to the base of the central black gas released into the atmosphere in which all the bodies on top speed into the body which. "Fuck your mother, you think you can stop I just fart Mody?" Zheng Yuan look of disdain and a leg whip pumping blow to Japanese Emperor. After such a long period of training, Zheng Yuan, who also has been able to withstand seven times the gravity, and this kick out, the less there are a Senpachi pounds of force to Japanese Emperor emaciated body, presumably will be a Kick it into a vegetative state. However strange scene took place at this time, the original down to the Japanese emperor around the bodies of those two women suddenly stood up, the speed for Zheng Yuan is a surprise, and which is to be credited leg whip it sudden resurrection of the body block down. Obviously kicked in a woman's body, Zheng Yuan has felt like a kick in a Ferrari alloy above the power of an extremely heavy legs will not even kicked that female corpse, but rather Zheng Yuan was counterforce bounce. And the crowd around the time that hundreds of corpses threw all stood up out of their wounds still bright red blood, their broken limbs just hanging on the body, or dragging on the ground, their mouths uttered a muffled roar of sound, and most importantly, all of them toward the meter and others who rushed over! And at that moment, Japanese Emperor body again ejected more dense black fog, thick black fog enveloped the moment they put the entire base hub in which the pitch dark! Gorgeous crowd behind door metal door is closed with a bang at this time, Japanese Emperor somber voice was then rang: "This is my specially prepared for you, hell dance!!" ............ <

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