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03.06.2013 02:47
the foot has two meters high antworten

Zizhu house clean a room, several brothers door Shichiku peaks are gathered there, even the water Rou is back,cheap jordan shoes, side follow a foot basin the size of beautiful butterfly, it is water Rou pet, an inferior animal magic butterfly. "Little brother, your body is too tall, the foot has two meters high,Air Jordan 6 UK, the sister I set off into the dwarf." Dissatisfaction with the pulling peak arm, water Rou complained. Heard that water Rou such speech, peak heart but suddenly flowed a stream, this is the first time he came to fix true feel some genuine warmth. Follow the big brother not guilty to three senior bamboo house, peak heart is cold, because he saw a face at the moment the room cold youth is sitting on the wheelchair, quietly practicing the. This youth eyebrows straight sword, some dark skin, give a person a kind of very strong feeling, it is the population of the three brother Zhou hao. "Hey, old three, you this is why? In your body, poor blood, impossible to break into a dollar baby to expect, the Late Jin, so penance is useless!" Softly sigh a, innocence has lead to Zhou hao. "Call!" After hearing of such feelings, originally crossed close Zhou Hao suddenly opened his eyes, smiled a channel "big brother, I still can not be reconciled, try always good. Well, this is?" It has a large peak height of two meters, is almost at once is attracted the attention of Zhou Hao, after a sound, then he is asked. "Three brothers, I am the master new disciple, I called the peak." He grinned,Air Jordan UK, peak is the first openings way. Oh? Ha ha ha.... the master has already had several years not Shoutu, like brother and he must have edge, ha ha ha.... that's good! Well, that I should call you seven teacher younger brother?" Zhou Hao heard the news, very excited laugh twice, then began to carefully looked at the peak. "Go, we go down the brothers Zizhu, build a bamboo house for little younger brother shi!" I do not know who proposed it, suddenly everyone is their cast means, flight control, the moment is to find a lot of very good Zizhu, few people make concerted efforts, only a half R ì is built a very J ī ng beautiful bamboo house. With the bamboo house built, the peak is also thoroughly settled in Zizhu peak. As the authentic disciples, the peak is obtained directly Xu Jue practicing qualification, is to obtain a whole bottle of Qi Dan, three parts of Lingshi, two popular Fulu, a low order space ring. At night, when the moon is high, the peak is seated on his bamboo house, secretly feel taught to their "pure and innocent white R ì.". Xu Jue, is a good practice of fix true, implies the world truth, and some precious books to fix true peak known as. However, the peak was only 1/3 books, only the power to attain a dollar baby to again won the 1/3 books, the complete fix true classics, that is the strength to reach God can. "Understanding since x ì ng, namely: the air phase, not >

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