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Lvmao instantly disappear antworten

> Chapter 54 Lvmao big dumplings "I rely on, boss, which you are capable off!" Watching falling on the ground above the black snub-nosed monkey, Zhang Yi, who suddenly thumbs-up. However, if it did not hear where m general, light eyes Ke, rapid control of the driver's seat with both hands on both sides of the controller, the flexibility to turn the whole armor, laser gun is three Biao, a black monkey crashed landing. "This is the United League GM technology, which is the latest out of the whirlwind transformation monkey!" Eduardo saw that two black monkey when the true nature, the reigning exclamation. "After seeing a large number of genetic variants that beast when I feel wrong, it now appears that those really are the transformation failed experiment goods ah." Oriental Lin also mused: "It seems that in the back support This so-called heart Japanese empire, it really is the United alliance! "" hand in glove! "Chu Jincheng succinctly summarized. "M where Lieutenant (completed after the last rescue mission promotion), there is no monkey a whirlwind?" Oriental Lin asked in public communications command. "Report Executive, currently it only felt in two breath, I will pay attention to." M still close my eyes who replied. "Well, all the advances, telecommunications soldiers, scanned topographic maps near the What?" "Yes, sir, after one thousand meters in front of a huge circular area, it is likely that this underground base in the backbone area!" " Brothers, It's time to take revenge!! "Oriental forest screaming uncontrollably, so many of his comrades one by one under the command of sacrifice, his inner anguish can be imagined. "Roar ......" The rest of more than a hundred pilots screaming, with full speed toward the front of the Orient forest circular area. "Shabu shabu ......" succession of light noise sounded, m where hands like cramps in general, to ordinary people simply do not see the speed control of the driver's seat on both sides of the controller, mech kept modest increase of action, with a minimum amount of movement to complete the most simple movements, constantly fire in burst forward. For veterans who stop and watch the meter movement, some will be surprised to find that it is in the brain, regional development in order to achieve over 35 per cent made out of combat skills - nanometer displacement combat skills! This combat skills to operate at very high speed and accuracy, the control mech in the correct target range do minimal displacement, but just enough to achieve the intended purpose combat skills. This combat skills can greatly improve the efficiency of fighter A fight in combat with the fastest speed targets, it can be said, in the battle master the combat skills will no doubt be able to gain a great advantage. "Humming humming ......" extreme precision shot then shot burst so that each monkey only sprang to the whirlwind which was shot in mid-air, they are fast and can be easily cut with a paw armor, but their defense is essentially zero, shaped large-caliber machine gun laser Puli Sen blow up almost half of their body, so Eduardo and Oriental Lin looked a long time before they will recognize this is a whirlwind monkey. Along the way there are m where the Dao,Nike Air Jordan 7 Sale, never lost a man in the case of a kilometer away into the circular area. "Radius of fifteen hundred meters, is known all around the world hardest Ferrari alloy front with a huge metal door, above the door was written in Japanese words ......" responsible for investigating newsletter soldiers suddenly trembling voice , but it is on the door late unspeakable words. "What is written on the door?" Because of the distance, the outer armor so far as the equipment is not enough to close the words clearly, only soldiers are driving mech communication can be enough depending on the special equipment to see the outside door the words. "Colosseum!!" Communication soldiers almost teeth uttered these words! "Dog Day Japanese devils!!" To hear these three words three military soldiers surprised a moment, then followed did not roar out. Colosseum, which is the beast and beast or struggle between slaves and beasts name of the place, and now,Nike Air Jordan 5, he was used on them, it is an insult, it is an insult naked! "Ha ha ha ha ha ...... Shina pigs, which is ready to give you my grave, like it? Ha ha ha ha ......" New Japanese Emperor's voice again rang. "Kind, down!" Eastern Forest head down, throat roar of the beast is issued and placed on top of the controller's hands red with rage, almost to the controller crush! "Ha ha ha ha, first solve the monster right before your eyes, but this arena, you are the beast, it is a slave, Shina pig!!" Japanese Emperor's voice suddenly cool down with a cold temperature without a trace of the sound roared. When a person has a right to decide, with a decided enemy of life and death, life and death have the right to decide how the enemy, when the enemy always like slowly tortured, and then slowly play them to death, this is the mentality of those in power, it is difficult try to figure out but very simple psychological. "Well ......" With the Japanese Emperor's voice down, I heard a very slight, but very clear voice incoming pilots the presence of each one ear, the sound is not like the sound of the mech outside, as if is in your ear, and even feel a chill in toward you! "Om ......" In that voice sounded the moment, m where the head of "Om" sound absence for a second, then a familiar yet strange feeling in meters where the hearts thrown A cold, dark breath filled the meter between worldly. Suddenly, m where the chest becomes a cold, just as was instantly frozen in general, are not perceived cold one o'clock, as if he did not have this part of the general. "Ah ah ah ah ah ......" followed by severe pain who can not help letting m shouting out loud, as if something is m where the camel's chest grow out internal tear, tearing her muscles , his bones, his skin, desperate to grow outwards. "Hee ......" again gave the Qing Xiang, a group Yingying Lvmang centers throughout the Colosseum lit up, will attract everyone's attention all over. The strange thing is, along with this gave the Qing Xiang, m where the piercing like pain suddenly disappeared. Pain disappeared, m where the six sense of instant recovery, ears and other four shouts Zhang Yi has not relented,Nike Jordan 12 Shoes, just meters from where the sound of pain that roared so that they are surprised. "Ahem, I'm fine, just might be picking up an injury, felt the sting nothing." M where random lied, this matter should be perfunctory in the past, then he was quickly noted by others in an angle, tear their winter clothes, view their own situation left chest. Do not look good, that seeing it, m where almost did again exclaimed aloud, as he found himself on the chest, and it actually had a skull to the cave among the general goes snake tattoo ! This tattoo slightly protruding skin a little, lifelike, vivid, m where even able to feel the Fengyun skull snake comes out on top of cold atmosphere, the dark eyes which seem to have Hongmang flashing. However m where there is not much time to focus on the sudden appearance of a tattoo, because the presence of more than a hundred all see that group Yingying Lvmang among wrapped exactly what kind of things. That thing looks like a whole body covered with dark green hairy person, but this "man" No Eye, which strictly controls the only two black flashing two o'clock in general Lvmang like wildfire, as well as the slightest Lvmao Since the eyes and long out, as if the eyes were long weeds in general. Not only that, his nostrils, the mouth of which is covered with green hair, a dark red tongue dragging on the chest is particularly conspicuous, a pair of blue black palm on top of two inches long black nails metal flashing glow. In simple terms, this is a big Lvmao dumplings! (Dumplings is the meaning of zombies, can not understand the chaos into the "Tomb Notes") key is only Lvmao large dumplings very tall, a little before the fighter does not seem short, burly body like a gorilla general. "True to the head to make gold look, which his mother called King Kong!" Zheng Yuan Leng Leng looked at before Lvmao large dumplings, whispered. "Hiss ...... roar ......" With bunches illuminator light shines within the Colosseum, this Lvmao large dumplings suddenly wailed, a circle of sonic waves in general along with its roaring to four weeks Competition open to expansion. "Om ......" The presence of all are the ears while humming, just this burst of sonic attack, and brought many pilots some confusion, dizziness and blurred vision. "Bang ......" wait for the crowd reaction, but also a loud noise, large dumplings Lvmao instantly disappear in place, the next moment, a pair of dark blue palm forest in front of run ahead of the Orient. Orient forest hands rapid manipulation mech, stop backwards at the same time, pull out the high-energy limit of the laser shock dagger, Kankan Jiazhu Lvmao large dumplings the blow. Jia Zhu Lin hit the East did not stop his armor like a top general spin up fast, approaching Lvmao large dumplings did not react, oriental forest armor would have been around to the big seed Lvmao behind! Then, the laser light shine Liangbing speed dagger stabbing Lvmao large dumplings head! Mech combat skills - Spiral backstab! ! By the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation, in an instant from the enemy's potential, based on the enemy behind the launch deadly attacks, plus the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation, the strength of the blow would imagine. "When ......" soon Ming Jin Tiejiao of sound, like a dagger stab laser Liangbing extremely hard on a metal plate in general, there is not even penetrate nothing! "Ow ......" Lvmao dumplings seemed very big pain in general, howling cry, it will turn around freely an elbow behind oriental forest mech bombers were inverted out. Lvmao large dumplings tall stature abnormalities, compared Fighter A is only about three meters shorter, the elbow down, although the East Lin tried to get away, or between waist armor was hit out of a huge depression. This time, if it is equipped with armor on S-3362 ultra-thin high extension coated armor, the blow directly on the boom burst reactor up! "Roar!" Another roar, dark eyes and that two o'clock Lvmang unstable beating up, obviously, oriental forest just whack, it would be an even more angered .................. to, seeking collection , seeking comment, variety seeking ...... In addition, about the hero's weapon gentian guns, no teeth are checked the information, but the Internet is not necessarily accurate, the name is said to gentian gun from the Three Kingdoms original, so no teeth on the use of the name. But still thank reminder book reviews and opinions district brothers, gratitude ...... <

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