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03.06.2013 02:33
those countless imprint wrapped antworten

Update: 22-- "buzzing" those countless imprint wrapped my and Dean's slow rotation, and not directly into their bodies, but began to fuse together. As the attraction to each other, water soluble R ǔ, these markings flashing a dazzling light, perfect fusion, every good and Dean's imprint is in perfect fusion, if carefully look into words, is found, these surround beside them. No more, is exactly one hundred and eight thousand! And the reason, the peak is not known. These marks fusion rate was fast, but the later is suddenly become very slow, with such progress, but at least two or three hours to complete fusion. But good and Dean soul began to emit five s è luster,Oakley Monster Dog, and even more dazzling. "Huh? The speed of integration and how Dean inherited the memory records is not the same? It is not, because two of them under the auspices of the reason? According to the memory,Satchels Coach Online, it will be soon. I only have an hour time, huh, not so much, only can spend a great deal of St gas and source, acceleration!" The eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly, beast God Island ancestor that head, is suddenly appeared a very unreal spiritual body, it is the soul body he left in the body. The soul of the body is very weak, even stronger than the peak now soul body don't go, but, in the sun under the protection, is extremely safe. "Go!" This illusory soul body just appear, is a noted, emitting a huge pressure. Xu! With his sound and have a, suddenly strands of J ī ng blood to the beast God Island ancestor in vivo sh è,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK, and fusion in, and the sun is sh è out a strong st gas, joined them. Sure enough, as he used the holy gas and source of breath, two mark fusion speed up again many times, not much is the fusion of 4/5. The rumble of good and fall en soul with more dazzling up, gave a sudden sound wonderful voice of praise, there seems to be countless beautiful epic legend singing sounded in general, born in praise of a statue of the tyrannical invincible. The peak at the moment is still such as wax general standing, but it is very anxious, his heart still infested with strands of anger, but is still no effect, not the real C ā O control in the Buddha, spread out. Thunder! A few minutes later, the two hundred and sixteen thousand mark suddenly neat one earthquake, is all perfectly together, into the one hundred and eight thousand mark, the mark of Yan s è is a platinum s è Ze, emitting a strong smell of noble soul, and seems to have an irresistible force. The platinum s è Ze atmosphere seemed very noble, holy gas are higher than Guitai exists between heaven and earth, as a great force. "Ha ha ha a success! The last step!" Rao is the beast God Island ancestors experienced steady, but still could not help laughing. A total of seven Gen yuan, seventy thousand long years, he finally saw >

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