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03.06.2013 02:29
is a hard fall on the ground antworten

Update: 22-- each other since control of Ao Mu soul, nature is the first time to peak crushing each other's soul force, the second points within the body of the Buddha, is too good. Om imitation if appeared out of nowhere, gold s è Buddha wearing robes, and appears in the Ao Mu mind, is sitting in the void, unmoved, but eyes glaring eyes, a grand, Hao Ran, pure six words. "Om Mani Padme hum" the Buddhist six words almost all fix true people are aware of, but by then spit out the statue of Buddha in the mouth, seems to contain a sense of great strength, sweeping, breaking rocks, eliminate all crooked ways. "Kakaka" is almost as Buddha mouth say that Buddhism in six words above, wound proud Mu soul a soul force suddenly one Zhan, immediately to struggle,Coach Handbags Sale, is a strange one inch fracture, turned into nothingness, completely disappear. "Peng!" With this soul force disappears, Ao Mu body shiver, is a hard fall on the ground, is that a soul force caused a great burden on his mind. Seeing the Ao Mu fell, peak hurriedly put out a hand, will pull in the arms, the gold statue of Buddha is s è again back. Feel proud for the gentle breathing, peak that gradually put down a heart, don't worry. "Fortunately, the father just mind suffered some damage, to rest for a period of time is will again recover." The Ao Mu no danger after the peak, it will again focus on his body, while the heart is thousands of thoughts turn,oakley sunglasses sale, extremely shocked and surprised. Especially think of it as a living creature like crawling mark, is the peak of the mind is difficult to calm. "It is this seal! Why? What is it? What is happening to me, how will the mysterious strong always want to inject in my body that strange handprint, rather than my x ì ng life! There must be a day y ī n big plans! And my body, but also with the fingerprint "peak frowned, a mystery circulation in his heart, that he really difficult to calm down. Will be proud for back to his home to rest, command someone to take care of, the peak is still some not trust,air jordan sale, direct is in Ao Mu home side piandian, a care of Ao mu, a thinking of many strange things happened today. "The heaven and earth, the blue sky on the poor, down into the dust, the heavens, to my obsessions, get rid of false! Break the false!" Piandian, sit cross-legged peak and have a sound, then suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood, hands and magic, to draw a mysterious trajectory, formed an occult blood word in front of it, then his body second. Suddenly sh è out a strong magic gas and the gathering together, then is not into his body. Buzzing with peak display hemorrhage exploration of the law, the most violent nervous in breaking false, suddenly saw his body, also seems to be faint with a group does not stop wriggling pink s è fingerprints in the slow motility, is >

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