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> Three hundred and seventeenth chapter galactic center black hole wormhole send it seems to be in a soft flowing water pipe which is constantly scouring forward in general, seemed like a very long time, it seems only a brief moment, in this bizarre wormhole which seems to be disrupted by even the time of order, m where the six sense have become very slow, can only feel that they will Chu Zi Yan in his arms. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm finally, m who can barely feel in the front, there are bits and pieces of light appear, then suddenly being like wake from sleep in general, all of a sudden from the hazy state of chaos becomes clear , six of them feel instantly returned to the body. "Call ......" exhaled a long breath, m where looked down at his arms Chu Zi Yan, seems still in that hazy state, she is no meter where the strength so strong, so by the influence naturally relatively large. See their arms Chu Zi Yan nothing, m Where That looked up to see the surrounding space, because Chu Zi Yan is not able to travel freely in space which, so who has used a layer of rice They wrapped up the enchantment, so that Chu Zi Yan even among the living space,Oakley Active Sale, it will not suffer any harm. Where and Chu Zi Yan at the moment m is in a tumultuous two rocks in which the universe, does not seem to be around a little bit light, and m is the divinity who transported to place their own eyes, this could see the situation around . These meteorites are constantly, slowly moving forward in one direction, m who is able to feel a powerful force of attraction of the role of non-stop over in their body, if not his strength is very tough now, I'm afraid This share is fierce to attract the force, it has lead to him and Chu Zi Yan a nowhere. M who knows that he is now at the center of the galaxy on the very edge of the black hole, and thus there is no light, but not even light can not escape the black hole's powerful gravity to the cave, so the surrounding small meteorite will constantly move slowly toward one direction, And a powerful attractive force acting on the meter is kept on top of every body. By Luma Manchester memories, m where learned early Aru star who, long before we have dispatched the team had reached the center of the Milky Way near the black hole, where a lot of experiments and research, although eventually What did not get the full sense of the results, but they still through these experiments and research, come to a conclusion - black hole is likely to be connected to an inlet of the passage of time, just go to a black hole, it is possible to return to the past, or through future. And Aru star who also developed a preliminary method to determine the specific time, although all of the experiments have failed because they all pass through the black hole Aru star people are after crossing the black hole, lost contact with the side, so the experiment The results also do not know is good or bad. However, where m is a method of its own, his body seems to respond to a tattoo above the call of something, and this feeling echoed arrived since m where the black hole after the next, it becomes more intense . "Well ......" Chu Zi Yan in meters where the arms slowly woke, opened his eyes looked confused surroundings, he found himself not see anything, even using his own body forces is nothing to see less than when suddenly some panic. "Xiaofan, her husband, where are you? Me this is where?" Has just come out from among wormhole Chu Zi Yan body is still a state in which a relatively slow, so do not feel a sudden turned himself in m Where embrace them. Chu Zi Yan felt his arms nervously twisting the body, m who hastened to use the power of the devil himself,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, slowly entered into the Chu Zi Yan's body, relieve the symptoms of her paralysis, and whispered in her ear: " Do not worry, my wife Do not worry, I'm next to you do, I'm on your side, do not be afraid, do not be afraid ...... "to hear the sound of m where Chu Zi Yan gradually smooth down, and then feel the feeling of being slowly returned to his body, who feel that they are being m within the body, it is not panic, who quietly embrace them in meters, waiting for their six sense fully restored. "Xiaofan, this is where we are, it has been in the black hole inside it?" Chu Zi Yan, raising his hand touched the meter where the face, truly feel the presence of the meter where, this peace of mind asked. "Not yet, we should now be at the edge of a black hole." M Chu Zi Yan who kissed his forehead and whispered: "There was a very strong attractive force is acting on the top of our body, but I'm also able to stand up, do not worry. "" Then how do we now, directly across the black hole it? "" No, we went to see it for yourselves next to the black hole, in my strength now should be able to share against the black hole's gravity, first observe some , there is no danger, if confirmed to be safe, then we planned, through the black hole! "Then,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, where m is the holding Chu Zi Yan gently landed on top of a large meteorite, with the enchantment will whole meteorites are wrapped in them, and then release the Chu Zi Yan. Step on the meteorite above, where m is not attractive to resist the power of that kind of strong, but firmly standing on top of meteorites, so they kept the meteorite with advancing toward the black hole. Chu Zi Yan see anything, m where they can not be entered into the Chu Zi Yan divinity body, so can only walk around with Chu Zi Yan, and beside some of the interesting things will tell Chu Zi Yan listen. This time meter where you want to reach the destination through the black hole that previous generations space in which human beings, human beings are all previous generations had to dominate the galaxy, which will certainly not without reason, to humans so weak institutions, in not fully stronger before, must be there any way to completely change our system, and the meter where you want to, that is, this method. Now, the king who has been in existence despite countless years, generation after generation has witnessed the rise and fall of mankind, but they are, after all, is God, the king, the king is not able to participate in non-God disputes outside the planet, so they just want to tell m where some What is God, the king of the planet will be prohibited and can not say. All in all, we need m where to explore, because he is so far the only one able to intervene in matters of ordinary space, the king, so the meter will want to return to the past where to find this answer. This time back to the past, do not know what kind of things will encounter, do not know that this man has become a powerful way to what is the way, maybe it will request requires the presence of a woman, a man and a woman may need to combine the special requirements of the class, so the meter where will the Chu Zi Yan with you. He did not want to casually have relations with other women, he told Chu Zi Yan's love is pure, so he would be able to tolerate any betrayal. That is how they think of black holes all the way forward, but just when everything is calm, m where suddenly felt a fierce breath of the calendar, toward their side covered over. M Chu Zi Yan who immediately pulled into his arms, and then planted in the meteorite over hundreds of defense enchantment, whispered: "Wife, outside there seems little guy does not like us to his site up, I went out find him talk, you do not move here, obediently waiting for me back. "" That ...... then you ...... come back early. "Chu Zi Yan is now not see anything, for fear of the unknown person is most strongly , this time m whoever wants to leave, Chu Zi Yan is naturally very afraid. "Ah, rest assured." Where rice gently kissed Chu Zi Yan's forehead, then jumped out of the meteorite is above the enchantment, the impact away toward the black hole. "Babble ...... ha ......" sound strange sound directly at the meter where the minds of them sounded, the next moment, a large network of black as ink, toward the meter where the hood over, an enormous energy who is thinking about m rushed over. "Well ...... I dare to block the road, you really want to live!" M where Leng Heng, hands light flash, gentian is landed in the hands of the gun, and then the whole body billowing flames, flames like a god of war in general, toward the unknown monster rushed past .................. <

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