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> The second heart 295 a round dark red flames dancing in the air and over, like a road dancing elves in general, but this is a beautiful flame scythe of death, the flame had at all Bonecrusher soldiers are screaming back inverted out, no one can stop the pace of progress candle dragon, the dragon is like a candle flame angry lion in general, constantly toward the heart of the impact energy away. wwW! qUANbeN! coM "surrounded him." Ryan Gard XIV Although he somewhat shocked at the meter where the strength shown at the moment,Oakley Scalpel Sale, but still calm, commanding Bonecrusher fighters from all sides will gradually surrounded the candle dragon. "Left Left roar ......" I heard the sound of angry roar from the group of Rennes Garr star Bonecrusher warrior mouth broke out, followed by their body surface rapidly began running up huge bone, connected to each other in the air to form a tract huge bones chains, these chains surface bears a Unit of violent storms bones, bone debris swirling, it looks amazing power and influence. Rennes Gard XIV waved his big hands, a road of bones chain rotation immediately open, like a giant whirlpool, the candle dragon enveloped in which powerful storms kept cutting the bones of the dragon candle body. A collection of a dozen soldiers forces cracked bone bones cage storm, very powerful force, and the bones of a dozen huge chains in Bonecrusher soldiers led by constantly rotating, with the rotation of the force, constantly enhance the storm cage of bones power. "Chichi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi ......" bones of the storm came friction cage which kept cutting the sound, and all the bones of the body above the gray skeleton warriors completely out of their bodies, and that a huge storm cage even bones is to bring a candle dragon slowly toward the sky suspended away. And that round after round Gradually blend together the chain of bones, bones of the storm throughout the prison became a huge, constantly rotating ball, dragon candle can be said now completely in the powerful storm erosion among the bones. "Well ...... it seems not the hands of the emperor." Ryan Gard XIV sneer, a vicious grip palms that bones toward the center of the storm cage is rapidly shrinking away, no one can move them in this survive, when bones cage storm reduced speed range, it is the strength of the trend of rising geometrically. "Uh ...... ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ......" Suddenly, in the bones of the storm cage in the center, broke out in a burst of sound earth-shattering roar of the explosion, followed, numerous dark red flame is in countless bones Storm strangling them, abruptly from the cage of bones squeezed out the storm, the next moment, accompanied by a violent shaking, bones cage storm crashing explode in mid-air! "Shabu shabu ......" a road was torn apart bones Duanren with dark red flame shock, kept away toward impact around the bones of the storm cage surrounding Rennes Garr star Bonecrusher soldiers bear the brunt of being violent shocks bones Duanren pieces. Originally Rennes after a war Garr star people remaining Bonecrusher soldiers not much, but the rest of the cleft bone warrior among the half turned out to be killed in meters where there's hands, which had to Rennes Gard fourteen World hearts angry exception. "Bang ......" covered in dark red flames burning candle dragon comes as the Vulcan in general, slowly fell above the ground, suddenly around the charred bone chips, a plume of smoke from the ground up to take over. "Shua ......" candle Dragonlance before suddenly refers to the blood of the candle burning layers Dragonlance Senleng gunpoint Gal XIV directed at Rennes, at the same time, where m is the contemptuous voice rang - "You, too, but this, I one person alone, but also to destroy Huanglong!" "Kacha ......" Ryan Garr XIV crazy angry eyes emitted rays, one will be in the hands of a crystal skull crush , with the 后雷恩加尔 XIV stature flash, the next moment two huge hands appeared glittering crystal skull, followed by two huge crystal skull bite of Rennes Gard XIV's wrist, just as two huge glove generally toward candle dragon heavy bombardment from. M Where not panic disorder, candle Dragonlance a pick, fend off Ryan Garr Zhiquan, while a rapidly rotating body candle dragon, close to Rennes Gard slip past the next uppercut, knee lift and crashed into mine En Jiaer XIV belly. Rennes Gard XIV same knee into the sky, with the candle dragon's knee coming together, a loud noise, they are a few steps backwards, but the two who would not spared anyone, have roar sound, but also hedge from. "Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang ......" The two you come to me, constantly exchanging attacks, adopted piecemeal, Ryan Gard XIV fighting method m where not seen, and the same, m where The moves way, Ryan Gard XIV have not seen. Both the Vietnam War intoxicated, candle Dragonlance whipped up and down, with one pair of Bauhinia Skull Fist repeatedly collided with Mars radiance, a road dark red flames, with a piece of bone debris swirling up and down, a circle Qijin flying open to , the two bones of the foot in all directions toward the ground cracked one and a crack. "Hu ......" "Hidden Dragon inverse!!" M where rapid control of the candle dragon candle Dragonlance will stand in the chest, with the 后雷恩加尔 XIV but also with a heavy pile of bones Storm Road toward candle dragon shock away. "Bang ...... boom ......" Ryan Gard XIV pair of heavy bombardment in the heavily Dragonlance candle on top, followed by candle burst above Dragonlance rich blood-red light, m ​​where blasting drink soon, As the comet swept month candle Dragonlance general, swept over, turned abruptly Rennes Gard XIV punch block down. However m where it is not expected that the heavy rain over Garr XIV also bears even more violent Another interior strength, accompanied soon Detonation, candle dragon that is in the direction toward the heart energy down speed fly out. "Hey, thanks, old mine!!" M who laugh loudly, and he did not think Ryan Gard XIV actually helped him an equal, because they have the determination to hold the die, so at the moment it touches the mentality where m very calm, even Rennes Gard XIV opened the joke. Where the devil coming state body for m load is very large, even experienced an edge of death, physical fitness and the ability to have all aspects of a comprehensive upgrade, but still difficult to resist such meters where the negative erosion. So m Where now though seemingly tyrannical, but it has come to the brink of collapse,Oakley Squared Sale, as harm than good in general, but this time Ryan Gard XIV who knock the rice is tantamount to helping the meter where a lot. "Roar ......" Ryan Garr XIV roar heard, who want to go chase m Now, however, where the rice is already covered with dark red flames and crashed into the energy heart. Where in the meter dragon candle blew ready to start the program, and Ryan Garr stars who die at the moment, the kind of cold feeling from the bottom of the soul once again spread to the meter where the body, let m where a time could not move, could only feeling kind of cold in his chest tattoo between being kept wandering, followed by candle dragon is one of them crashed into the heart of energy! "No!!!" Ryan Garr XIV seeing the meter candle dragon who crashed into energy and heart,Oakley Flak Jacket Online, suddenly alarmed, as long as the candle dragon blew, then the energy intensity of the energy heart which must naturally be detonated when the time Not to mention Ryan Garr star's base, even half China, but also razed to the ground. "Boom ......" However, so that everyone did not think that the seemingly ferocious dragon candle crashed into the heart of energy, but it is as crashed into the curved pools in general, crashed straight to the heart of which energy. "Fuck, boss actually hit go in?" Side is still struggling to support the Zhang Yi, who saw m Where arise, Scatter his face cracked bone soldiers kill a lot, but even with the tough matchless Rennes Gard XIV fighting a well-matched, all see the hope, as long as get rid of Rennes Gard XIV, then, even if not self-destruct, but also be able to Rennes Garr star people out of the Earth. However, the development of things beyond all expectations, m where there is no self-destruct, but it is one which crashed into the heart of energy, which makes all are unexpected. "Just give us a head command!" More careful Eduardo suddenly glimpsed among the common command channel, a line of small print appeared, suddenly exclaimed loudly. "I'm not dangerous, you quickly retreat, do not make unnecessary expense!" This is the meter where the contents of this command, then no matter how Eduardo then contact m where, but there is already not contact. Zhang Yi, Zheng Yuan and Eduardo trio looked at each other, suddenly nodded his head, did not hesitate to take the rest of the more than 400 members of death squads, full speed toward the incoming direction of the evacuation, but was still shocked among Rennes Gard XIV did not find even a moment. Bent just retreat, no hurt the enemy squads blue kite very smoothly out of the bones of the city, toward a star who is Rennes Garr bones of the city covered by the impact speed away, only to enter the city, everyone Collapse the armor, opened the temporal suspension enchantment device, please smoothly from the pursuit of the enemy. When Ryan Gard XIV get this message, it is rage, their troops on the people of casualties, only in exchange for the other hundreds of casualties, although the loss is nothing but a low level soldier, not much time will be able to recovered, but those who want to restore cleft bone warriors, it is a longer time. And most Rennes Gard XIV concerns that are in the heart of energy among the m Where, he can not determine where m is still alive, alive m not able to determine where, what kind of things will make to , everything is an unknown. For fear of the unknown, not humans have, and any advanced intelligent life, will be on this unknown, instinctive fear, that fear comes from the soul. So at the moment m where, how do? ............ <

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