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days have been busy repairing antworten

> Two hundred and eighty six chapters of human Rebel Alliance "Energy transitions!" M where the roar loudly, candle dragon stature suddenly burst blur, then appeared in the right front is about 100 meters above the position, tight Then, edged huge giant sickle matchless bones rubbing candle dragon with blood red ink blue intertwined with light, wiping candle dragon wings hacking down. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm "Mom, this Bi Yuntao got exactly what forces could be so tyrannical, able to physically compete with ancient armor devil!" M where the candle dragon through the outer depending on the equipment to see the behind the figure already reached five meters of the giant's Bi Yuntao, could not help but curse loudly, then it is fully pushed candle dragon, rushed towards the sky. However Rennes Garr star who does not seem to want to see the meter and Bi Yuntao where they go it alone, a ship with battleship gray fish tail bone inflammation gray smoke appeared in the top, and a myriad of small droplets is from warships all sides surrounded the candle dragon up. M where the power of the devil until the start to shop, but did not find any signs of sudden large influx of the enemy at this time, suddenly frowned m where the heart suddenly sank to the bottom. It seems that Ryan Garr stars who have some special force that can send objects over short distances, and the batch is still very great, m who were caught this time, but the only short-term displacement capacity is already used. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha, m where, today you can not escape the Chachi!" Bi Yuntao hoarse and maddening laughter came, along with the size of madness, his body on top of a layer of bones also have burst open, a to the front section of broken bones kept sharp shock away, there are thousands if laser. Under a last resort, only meters from where the reflexive control of the candle dragon dancing candle Dragonlance will bounce off round after round of sharp broken bones, and with the power of Fan Zhen over shocks to keep away. Bi Yuntao emits a broken bone above the body is covered with a layer of dense bones, followed by his growing stature is one point,Oakley Sunglasses Hijinx Cheap, in the hands of the bones of the giant sickle is followed by more huge light surpassed. At the moment over the candle dragon fish bone is close to warships, however already behind Bi Yuntao Kuangchong from, although he could not resist the line empty, but amazing jumping ability Bi Yuntao fully capable at the moment by virtue of tremendous power closer himself and the distance between the candle dragon. "Hidden Dragon inverse!!" Inevitable, only recklessly, m who also are excited out of the war, his eyes bursting out strong light, candle Dragonlance backhand that it would be a cross on the chest, violent Zihei Jumping kagero call to an instant that it would be wrapped in a dragon candle flames among the entire candle dragon looks like a huge fireball matchless general. "Bang ......" candle dragon with Bi Yuntao incarnation of the great warrior mercilessly coming together around one or two severe shock suddenly collided with that point as the center, to the surrounding speed spread, all trails Rennes Gard Star interstellar warships have inverted out, collide with each other, have to explode. "On!!" Then Bi Yuntao roar is heard, in the hands of a huge bone sickle suddenly swept out of the blue ink with blood-red hue interwoven light as a broom sweeping out the general, and then purple fireball is crashing inverted out toward the top of the fish bone warships hit away. In the fight over power, candle dragon turned out to be over, but Bi Yuntao, even displaying the inverse, Hidden Dragon, but still can not compete with Bi Yuntao been tremendous force bombardment inverted out. "WARNING! WARNING! Mech extent of the damage thirty percent! Mech extent of the damage thirty percent!" Candle dragon cab at the moment among the sirens sounded constantly, but no time to take into account other meters where all efforts are concentrated in the top of the top of the fish bones warships. See candle dragon fly upward impulse from, all fish bone warships barrel are aligned with the candle dragon mouths, just enter the dragon candle range, then it will be welcome to the bones of thousands storm. "Kuanglong ...... flash!!" Difficult to control the candle dragon launched Kuanglong flash, m where the mouth suddenly ejected a mouthful of blood, but as long as Kuanglong launch a successful flash, then m where even managed to escape the dragnet. "Shua ......" light flash, did not react at all the case, turned into a dragon candle flames, speed toward the top of the fish bone warships shock away, Bi Yuntao at this time is to see where the intent of the m However, he did not, after all, the ability of the line Royal Air in the air, even if we can leveraging can not send much power. "Honghong Honghong roaring ......" series of explosions came, like a candle flame dragon wizard in general, in a boat fish bone warships shuttling back and forth between speed fast anomalies, no one could catch his shadow. "Bi Yuntao,Satchels Coach Cheap, you are the man a traitor, one day, I will personally accept your head!" Midair, suddenly came the meter where the angry voices, followed by candle dragon is on top in a fishbone battleship empty shells sky, behind the wings to show, crotch instantly appear a white horses, neighing loudly after the candle dragon is back across the bread on top, and sped away. Rescued from the dark ............ Feng, who has passed for half the time, when fighting with Bi Yuntao m Where Shou Lexie injuries in half the time it is fully recovered within just heart anger and unwilling to become more rich it. M Where had no idea how, Bi Yuntao for revenge, even at the expense of all the people on earth will be, Ryan Garr star people seeking refuge, and also from Rennes Garr star who get unparalleled strength to flesh and blood could have been with the ancient devil machine A contend considerable strength terror. The star cast iron candle dragon, although the appearance and looked not much damage, but there are some dents, but internal parts is destroyed a lot, we can see that although the hardness and resistance to iron out a very strong , but once the shock is too violent, then the internal parts mech structure will be destroyed, and the performance will be greatly reduced armor, or even completely damaged. Candle dragon is like a meter where the old comrades in general, see the candle dragon damage, m where the heart is very hard for me personally every day repair candle dragon, dragon candle looked inside the damaged part, anger is growing for Bi Yuntao . "Old man, you've worked hard." Side repair the candle dragon, m where one side of the mouth whispering softly, but harder to repair candle dragon, dragon candle sought to repair all the damage suffered completely. Where to concentrate on repairing the meter dragon candle on the occasion, Zheng Yuan ran in from the outside, panting and said: "Boss, someone outside looking for you, we have to put to them, or else people are likely Ryan Star Gal will find our whereabouts. "** listened, then m where frowned and said:" Put come? What people? "side said, m where one side put down the hands of the tools outward together with Zheng Yuan walk. Just arrived outside the black gold temple Square, where m is seeing a lot of acquaintances, but these acquaintances are all foreigners. "Hey, m where you this place is really good ah, in the future Harris alliance soldiers, they follow you mixed up." Sciard Where and smiled meters greeted, but he is now pale, who many scars looks embarrassed exception. On the other side, duo? Than mine is some tweaking walked over and looked m where, haltingly said: "m where, do not know can help me and the people of our third World Alliance, we must be grateful, our Third World coalition soldiers loyal to life, reward you. "has come to the point where the two meters in front of the eyes watching the two ardent, m where smiled and said:" To be honest, I would have think you will ask, just thought coming so late. "Back in meters soldier who founded Blue Kite House, China began to invade the world, when m who let the dark Feng found Sciard and duo? Bireh They gave both of them a man a contact device, such contact is suspended enchantment through time and space, linked to the city of Atlantis, just meters from where did not think that they come now. "These days have been busy repairing my armor, so for you to come, things still did not know, one time for me to arrange so many people, I have here the fundamental arrangements no less." Looked at the huge city of Atlantis Place on top of the dense crowd, m where some screenwriters and said. "I also know that some things difficult for you, but in addition to this, we really can not find any place to hide, the following land in addition to the Tibetan Plateau, where have all been occupied Ryan Garr star, we can only come to take refuge you . "Sciard see m where undaunted, suddenly some anxiously explained. Nodded his head, looked around where m Chu Zi Yan and others, followed by Chen Sheng said: "Well, you people of the two countries, I can only be placed in the square as well as other non-main streets above, but also only provide military tents, as to be able to enjoy our soldiers are treated blue kite army, as long as you swear, obey my command! "" No problem! "Sciard with the duo? Bireh in unison replied. While above ground because Rennes Garr star's invasion, they have regained some territory of their own country, but Ryan Garr star who is more terrifying than the presence of China, as long as they do not take orders from people who would be drowned . So now they can only come to take refuge m where, and now all of them bought by accept, although conditions are some simple, but as long as there is a relatively safe place to live, it has been very good. "Well, since you have no objection, told me to go back to prepare an agreement,Nike Air Jordan 1 Sale, which is good for both of us." Eager to see the two expressions, m where patted their shoulders, turned and walked toward the temple of black gold . "Protocol? What agreement?" "Human Rebel Alliance cooperation agreement now we have to set the power of humanity, against Rennes Garr stars who invade the Earth!" M where turned, looked at the two said ...... ............ <

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