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01.06.2013 05:44
looked so Wu dominate the world antworten

> Two hundred and seventieth chapters China dominate, looking at the stars far away in the Middle East, China tigers of the division as the army general, keep killing the Third World coalition soldiers, soldiers at the moment China eyes full of crazy, they look Among the soldiers had already gone proper determination and unyielding, at the moment they are in addition to killing is killing, Taiwan and Taiwan has become a killing machine. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...... kill it, enjoy kill, the more you kill, the faster I was promoted to mention the time where m is the King I come, I Wu also not looked down! "Sitting Dragon Emperor Wu among cab frantically laugh, constantly flowing over his body from blood red light, just as the blood soaked in thick among general. And in the sky which, whenever a China soldiers kill a Third World coalition soldiers when, a blood red light is to be floating in the air dancing, like a blood-red mist road general,Oakley Oil Rig Sale, kept flying Dragon King, the Dragon King surrounded in them, with a V, as if this group Xue Wu breathing in general. But such scenes in the eyes of ordinary people can not see, only the degree of brain regional development over fifty percent of people are able to see this vision, and the entire battlefield, in addition to Wu, is no a person has such power it. The soldiers are still in the bottom of desperate fighting, but the Third World coalition forces simply not China military opponent, China just as the soldiers were hit stimulants in general, fought fearlessly, a rush down the Third World coalition which an army of twenty thousand is defeat across the board, leaving the bodies of hundreds of thousands of soldiers after fled in panic. But now China army had invaded into the hinterland of the Third World coalition, they do not resist, that means that the Third World Alliance tracts of land ceded China, but they simply can not withstand China army rush. "This is the blood of God Omen large ~ France really worthy of the first cult in ancient times, strength, which is power, ha ha ha ha ha ......" Looking fled while walking down the Third World coalition forces, Wu smiled more insolent. Where other people see the distance meter China began to invade his country's armed forces that video recording of the day has passed a whole month's time, and which in this month, China is the way invincible army, first completely conquered Harris Union forcing them in a small corner of which, if not ancient devil Harris Union Army resisted desperately, surely now the world does not exist the so-called Coalition of Harris. And according to Wu's character, nature will not soon be completely exterminate Harris alliance, he likes to play games, but also likes to play with people, to give them some hope, and then all the destruction, so the game will become interesting too more. Therefore, Wu suddenly is directed against the Third World Alliance, and within half the time, already occupied large tracts of land Harris Union, China's army was Wu cast a "blood god Omen Big ~ Law ", can not help but take complete control of the soldiers thought they also became very tough fighting, there is no force able to compete with them. Even the Third World Alliance ancient armor corps devil can not stop China is the pace of progress, not to mention China also has a "Senior Corps" existence. Soon, China will completely destroy the Third World Union countries, after that, China will certainly have to prove safety ferocious conqueror of the United States across the Atlantic alliance. Conquer the world, is still not a dream, but a strategic goal of being progressively completed, Wu in a large-scale battle in the most becoming more powerful, it also allows him to rule the world, full of arrogant confidence. However, under the roar of gunfire in the underground palace Wu among the white structures made entirely of gold gorgeous underground palace which, along a road bloody mist is build from all directions toward an enormous pipe transparent utensils were brought together, at the moment there are third transparent containers already occupied by bloody fluid. In this transparent containers next to his face with a terrible scar Bi Yuntao quietly watching the bloody liquid containers kept rolling, and a thin tube is kept will be one of bloody fluid conveying to his body . Now Bi Yuntao Wu won the trust, although Wu Bi Yuntao just more interesting as a dog, but it gave Bi Yuntao can not imagine many others, including the right of access rights of this underground palace. Has been buried deep inside a seed of hatred even more hated than rice Wu Fan, Wu is more hated than the world Bi Yuntao now doing a crazy thing, one is likely to let themselves into a beach meat things. Wu out frantically absorbing Scarlet mist, while Bi Yuntao is in this underground palace secret cave in which, the construction of such a great receiver. Wu even crazy, but he is received by the blood of God was transformed from large ~ demons killing the soul, or will deliberately be those crazy, sad, fear, unwilling to give up negative emotions, because he sought is the most pure power, but he did not want anything about his mind. So this part of the killings took heavy negative emotions of the soul is to be Wu abandoned, but it was Bi Yuntao according to some ancestral methods to collect from, come together, then slowly inject his body. Doing so is the ability to quickly improve Bi Yuntao natural forces, but also allow Bi Yuntao get some incredible ability to use this method to gain strength, however, is tantamount to quenching thirst with poison, a mistake will blasting to death, yet very pale Bi Yuntao calm, even with the slightest enjoyment, it is gaining strength enjoyment. "M where, one day I'll make you understand that what is called despair!" Bi Yuntao eyes flashing with crazy and exuberant revenge flame, his face look even more hideous abnormalities .................. "Boss, Wu, the animal has basically dominate Eurasia, the next step I would offshore operations, directly kill the United League. "Zhang Yi staring at a map of the world, carelessly said. "It seems that Hitler did not finish the dream, but it is done by the China, and as a hedge against Hitler's mainstay, have to say this is a great irony ah." Edwards might have had one before tea, said with some self-deprecating . M Where this is not black gold temple Shique conference room which, at the moment where the rice is very close to the temple not far from a high platform above, where the site of the original city of Atlantis is the legacy of a pyramid like high tower, now it is being transformed into a meter where stood a huge telescope observatory. "It seems that in the distant places, are abnormal outbreak of war ah." Whosoever m telescope electronic display boards before raised his head, looked beside him to come and stargazing Chu Zi Yan said. "How do you see it, I can only see the colorful one, the other can not see anything ah." Chu Zi Yan some tightness raised his head, his face looked puzzled m where. Now this era, mankind has been able to accurately observe some of the very distant from their own intelligent life exists, of course, which is limited to observation, because the current level of technology to mankind, the ground can still move freely between the months, If interstellar travel, large-scale development of the planet, it is wishful thinking. Even the development of some asteroids is somewhat difficult, not to mention the other giant planets. Chu Zi Yan heard the question, m where some frustration smiled and said: "I just learned when training recruits some basic knowledge and know is not very comprehensive, but Barrett instructors experts in this field, Unfortunately ...... "Here, they could not help but silence down, Barrett and others retreat, where the other people on the meter so far is an uncomfortable topic, so often talked about this topic, everyone will become silent. After a silence, Chu Zi Yan somewhat bored playing for a while the information on the table, and then looked up at the meter where said: "Xiaofan, we really looked so Wu dominate the world what? Are we really nothing do not do it? "Rice raised his head and looked at where the Chu Zi Yan, then bowed his head while continuing to collate information, while said:" Now the whole China is an exception to support Wu, China's flourishing for the domestic people who are naturally a good thing, so now if we come out to hinder China rule the world, then no doubt the Chinese people are standing on the opposite side. "" Besides. "meters where a portion of the data collated, stored in a liquid crystal display panel, after which followed said: "Now our main effort should be made to work to develop space military, I have a hunch, and soon, we are coming here to the guests." hear meters where say so, the nature of the Chu Zi Yan suddenly by the transfer to the outer space, where the arm pulling m said: "Xiaofan, you really will have to close for intelligent life in outer space What? Why would they want to come to Earth?" "aggression, just as we humans colonial aggression between , they should just spotted land Earth, and then you want as their colonial planet,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK Sale, of course, this is just my conjecture, the specific situation, I am not sure. "" Well, it seems that We really want to pick up the pace, and maybe one day people come to invade our,Jordan New School Shoes, and that time we still so, is estimated to suffer a great deal. "Chu Zi Yan playful stroking his chin, said with a look of aging. M Where could not help looking at the way the Chu Zi Yan smiled and rubbed Chu Zi Yan's head, said: "We are soldiers Blue Iris has not only the purpose of government is now looking for revenge Wu, to return China, we also To become the guardian of China, even in the dark knight, so we are now, we should start to develop a military space! "............ <

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