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seeing a Jinmang who antworten

> Two hundred and sixtieth chapters surprise success, with irresistible force "bang bang bang bang bang bang bang ......" Like a candle flame top general impact of the Dragon Emperor Dragon, a series of high-rise buildings ripped through Shiyu Zuo, finally, in a printed the "Dragon," the word on top of buildings, and stopped. Www! QuanBEn! COM "Boom ......" with a bang, a huge dragon emperor entire body smashed numerous reinforced concrete, smashed numerous glass walls, broken gravel and deformation of reinforced constantly falling, while the candle dragon it is as if the body of the dragon emperor on leveraging general, mercilessly one foot on the chest between the Dragon King, followed by candle dragon leap high in the sky. Until this moment, Wu genius felt able to regain control of the Dragon Emperor, from the candle dragon kick in the lower abdomen above the dragon emperor began, Wu felt himself unable to control the dragon emperor, he calculated that life in people's minds, only Some scientific research but also to build their own forces while doing. Maybe playing in Trickery above, Wu savvy than m where many, but troops in combat and for the understanding of the above weapons, Wu will have poor out of the galaxy. Candle dragon that kick, just kick in with a central focus on the most important mech control circuit board on top, for a mech, this site is the most robust, but the rice with a wave of Jin Qiao who will impulsive shock to the mech inside, so that within a short time the Dragon King lost the ability to be controlled, this can make candle dragon lore from a situation in which counter-attack was successful. "I was Wu, I'll lose to you how this plaything!!" Wu crazy roar, roar and become distorted face because, on top of the dragon emperor suddenly violently beneath the golden light, golden sword mutual Liangbing cross-strike, followed by the Dragon King ejected behind blazing golden flame speed toward the candle dragon. Where coldly looking at the impact of rice over the Dragon King, controlling candle dragon a wave, bread is in the crotch dragon candle, candle Long legs and a clip, bread is neighing loudly, laden with candle dragon does not flash not avoid, toward the Dragon Emperor hedge away. "Hey." Watching the speed rushing candle dragon, Wu Yin Xiao soon, then shouted: "Gravity Enchantment!" Suddenly a golden enchantment is the dragon in the candle just above the complicated France array emitting a bright light, while a huge attraction came from below, in meters where strength, candle dragon turned out to be irresistibly toward the bottom falling down. Wu, just as the first step to know the movements of the dragon candle in general, did not hesitate to turn swooped down Liangbing golden sword across his chest, toward the candle dragon severely hit in the past. Since the bottom of the sudden change in gravity, m where the devil had to use more power of body care, otherwise the sudden gravitational force exerted on his body will certainly make visceral subject to certain injuries, coupled with the sudden appearance of gravity enchantment, so m where surprise, turned out to be difficult to control a time candle dragon defense. "Bang ...... Chichi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi ......" Dragon Emperor Sword crashing Liangbing golden dragon candle body hit the top of the candle dragon opened its doors at the moment, did not make any effective defense, and that Liangbing Golden Sword severely hit in the chest on top of the candle dragon, brought up a series of sparks. "Sou ...... boom ......" The next moment, candle dragon is the dragon emperor was a direct hit on the ground, along with a thud, candle dragon severely impinge on the ground above is knocked a moment huge crater, surrounded by smoke and dust filled the air, several buildings in the already crumbling under this violent shock, finally, unable to cope, with breath-taking sound teeth are slowly toward the bottom stumble. "Honghong Humming humming ......" a seat collapsed buildings, like dominoes in general, brought up the large tracts of soot, reinforced concrete and other kinds of furniture, appliances swirling in the sky, thanks to the surrounding residents have long have retreated, otherwise this fight I do not know some how many innocent people die. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, m where, you can also just so, a simple enchantment let you desperate to I go to hell!" Wu insolent size, controls the dragon emperor riding on top of the candle dragon body , Liangbing golden sword aloft, and then struggling to striking down. "Dangdang ......" twice Ming Jin Tiejiao the crisp sound, m where in this critical moment, finally regained control of the candle dragon, raised the candle Dragonlance, cell block slay the dragon emperor blow . "Well, but it is a gravity enchantment!" M where Leng Heng, whole body suddenly burst into a rich purple blazing flame, like a flame melting pot, and instantly that it would be reinforced around the iron melt into molten iron, and Just above the candle dragon dragon emperor bear the brunt of a sudden blown out. "Jincheng! Action!" M where controls candle dragon jumped up, because the flame explosion's sake, the air of gravity enchantment had disappeared, so the candle dragon jumped up very quickly, before the candle Dragonlance series of thorns, a Road flame blast as many missiles toward the general direction of the Dragon Emperor inverted shocks in the past. "Honghong Humming humming ......" successive explosions rang, Dragon King huge body submerged in a series of explosions which flames, and who did not intend to let the rice Wu, candle dragon a Zongyue, is leaping high in the hands of candle Dragonlance Henhendixiang split down the ground. "Yes! Boss!!" Chu Jincheng seems to have adjusted their status, simply and clearly should be the one, the next moment, Wu Tamron forces behind the store with arms and other strategic materials warehouse is crashing explosions, ablaze, smoke billowing. Meanwhile, the candle is crashing Dragonlance split in the ground above a flame spree as a general wave of flame dragon emperor madly forward direction of landing impact away. "Mom, how could this!!" Body among the Dragon Emperor Wu roar heard, the Dragon King whole body suddenly burst into bright tight busy, a golden energy into the golden dragon emperor queue from within the body around the sky, and crashing wave of flame that road collision, while the Dragon King also take this opportunity to retreat behind the madness. At this time the body of the dragon emperor already appeared on the large and small damage, a channel spark is often shines in the Dragon King's body on the contrary, candle dragon, although the body has a lot of scuff marks on top, but No one is damaged,Nike Air Jordan Womens Sale, this is the iron that comes from the stars of the territory in which empty horror of metal. "Wanted to run!?" M seeing a Jinmang who flashed suddenly roar heard neighing loudly bread is appeared in the crotch candle dragon, wings a show, that is toward the Dragon King Kuangchong away. Wu's Dragon Force apparently also received the order to retreat, all mechs are opened defense enchantment, the direction toward China kept retreat inland, they no longer make any counterattack, just all the energy used in the a defensive enchantment and injectors above. The battle appears to be very short, but also experienced more than an hour,air jordan sale, but just out of the astral forces impact is simply no, I am afraid they are not enemies with former comrades in arms now. "Charge!!" Zheng Yuan a look at the local troops had signs of retreat, suddenly roar loudly, led the assault howling toward the Dragon Legion Legion chase away, m where there is no opposition, now is a good time to win, After all,Nike Air Jordan 12 UK Sale, he is going to Beijing to Chu Zaixiong rescued trapped et al, now that the opportunity to have in-depth China hinterland, m where naturally will not give up. Now China, after the disaster of Destroyer, the program has moved to the first original Luoyang to Beijing is now, while Wu and his troops retreat Tamron direction is the direction to Beijing. Followers assault corps, the rear is all blue kite Ancient Legion swarmed a time rolls around, all of the armor are high-rise buildings in the original road between supreme bolted. "Jincheng, pretty dry!!" M where the side of the chase, one side laughed. Chu Jincheng Tamron forces behind the supply was shut off, it can be said that a broken Tamron troops posterior face of such a powerful enemy army blue kite, you can not fight a protracted war that is meant to be annihilated, so Wu decisive under evacuation orders. "Army pressed on! We broke into to Beijing!!" M where the holding candle Dragonlance, gunpoint on top of whipped endless hangs from the side of the blue kite flag .................. <

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