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here put a lot of delicious antworten

> Two hundred and fiftieth chapters into the underground world of the key "Blue Iris soldiers House! Blue Kite Army!" Facing meters where the more than 1.5 million blue kite soldiers shouted in unison, roar of thunder, You can imagine the roar of 1.5 million soldiers, with how amazing strength. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm m Where lifted,Oakley Oil Rig, raising his hand, pressing the a voice of all the soldiers, and then said: "Since the decision Lijun,Air Jordan Outlet, then I would have to come up with a viable military power allocation scheme, the only way we blue kite Army to be able to go farther. "Then, m who nodded his head, the side of the Chu Zi Yan came forward, would an LCD panel handed m where hands. "First of all, the blue kite Army commander, commander in chief, that is where I m a." Who pointed to his rice, laughing: "Chu Zi Yan, deputy commander respectively, we have little to say, right?" One congregation Blue Kite Army are not speak, obviously, for the meter where this decision, no one disputes that. "Remote firepower troops into remote and remote sniper fire corps Corps, Army chief of these two corps were Zhang Yi and Eduardo; aerial fire support for the Army Corps of long summer Kee." Paused, seeing blue kite Army soldiers no opinion, is added: "Assault Regiment Army chief Zheng Yuan, surprise Legion Army chief Chu Jincheng, so we have not allocated any comments it?" Standing Atlantis within the city although most of these soldiers and others who are more than m qualifications but also the old veterans, but after rice and others who are "Senior Corps" members, and regardless of the domain in the development of the brain, or in the ancient devil mech The driving skills are higher than their own group of people, one chip, so there is no veterans dissatisfied. "Well, since we have no objection, then all of the ancient devil A well chosen direction of the soldiers, according to the order earlier, stand five teams." Where m is ordered. Hear the meter where the command, all soldiers are active up, one million is m where selected to become a member of the ancient devil Mech Corps soldiers in a very short period of time divided into five teams. Remote artillery regiment of the ancient devil are at the chest armor has an energy cannon, showing dark green throughout the body, it is extremely heavy; while legions of ancient devil-range sniper mech is almost all carrying a huge edged with mech Average length of sniper rifles, the whole body showing quiet blue. Air support Legion armor used in all of the summer Kee Venus above the mech morphing technology, can be said that among all the ancient devil mech most troublesome batch manufacturing process, so their number is minimal, and the all-blue stripes. Although there is no mech assault Legion Legion armor is so remote heavy gunfire, but compared to other regiments of your mech, or is very heavy, and all mechs are showing a dark red color, see it is murderous rich. Surprise Legion armor is thin to achieve more, but they are also the highest number of flexibility and explosive armor, showing a purple body, is more suitable for the characteristics of their surprise ambush. Of course, all of which are on the overall armor showing a blue color, but in this color below, but it is distinctive. But all the chest armor that launched a brilliant blue-violet flowers blue iris, it is exactly the same,Coach OP Art Online, which is what they are blue kite army badge! Before looking at the brigade has been divided into five military blue kite, m where the hearts of pride Dunsheng, waved his hand, the whole side of the white, but in the middle of the printed an abstract blue flag iris flower, is in black gold Temple of the top rising slowly. "From now on, I'm blue kite soldiers government, is the world's fifth country!" M where the hot eyes flashing light, continue to loudly and roared: "Which country refuses to accept, we hit him convinced so far; Who if you want to hurt our friends and family, will certainly let them cut to pieces! "and" blue kite soldiers House! Blue Kite soldiers House!! "Hear meters where the impassioned words, the bottom of the blue kite Army soldiers also have to roar up from Chu Zixiong was caught and now they have lost a large number of his comrades, but also lost too much glory. Now, a fully belongs to them, they come complete with guard homes have emerged, they are bound by a lifetime of effort and blood, guarding their homes. Blue Kite government soldiers, so many forces in the future, afraid of the powerful corps, in the year 2313, December 21, the formal establishment! ............ Blue Kite Army officially Lijun, the remaining task is to constantly enhance their own strength, not just ancient devil mech, m where also soldiers from the third military technology amongst a considerable part of the soldiers, the soldiers set up a Blue Iris House Research Department, responsible for the development and upgrading of blue kite military weapons and equipment. Where the meter is still kept out of the turbulence and the empty space of the environment, a large number of colored rock god with the Stars where the iron ore mine is moving back yards, refining the stars have left residues of iron magnetic Europe mostly stone So now black gold stone temple at the top of the magnetic Europe has grown from a fist-sized, growing to a diameter of more than one meter sphere, surface Guanghua flow, constantly absorbing solar energy, to provide the city with an endless supply of Atlantis of energy. Where the meter is in this time of the year which, constantly developing the magnetic heath among the various capabilities, but so far, rice or only be able to use them where the ability to replicate, time and space transport capabilities, urban mobility and simple magnetic force field in Europe's ability to control the other's ability to m where still like smoke and mirrors in general, elusive thorough. Although at this time is late at night, but the meter where the temple were still sitting black gold, kept by the power of the devil himself ventured among the various magnetic heath running routes, but it is still difficult to succeed. "Damn, boss, how do you stay up?" Is kept in meters where the use of the power of the devil tempted magnetic Europe on the occasion of stone, summer Kee passing yawning black gold temple, to see who is still sitting on black gold God m Among the temple, could not help but ask. M Ha Kee who heard the voice of the power of the devil pushed stopped, turned around and looked at the summer Kee laughed: "You do not sleep well big night, wandering blind out what?" "A little sleep, but also Some hungry, think of it during the day along with Ziyan here put a lot of delicious cake, so come and get points, I did not expect to see you awake. "Xia Qi Ann rubbed his belly and smiles. "You get it, then two more, and I also brought back a little to Ziyan." Meters where nodded. Ha Kee the already hungry is not a light, black gold rose and went to the temple is among the refrigerator before, took a little cake and thought, but also to help m where a cup of coffee. A hand holding a sort of cake, a hand holding a coffee, Xia Qi Anhalt owed toward meters world where even walking, but it is not paying attention at the foot, accidentally stumbled Zhuojiao, the people lose focus, to former sprang. "Ah ......" Summer Kee gasp, in the hands of coffee sell out, impartial, just meters from where the buckle in the head. Where the devil is being pushed at the moment m of the force, along the magnetic Europe among a congregation stone path to try to run without too much attention to the summer Kee movement, but there is no escape the cup of hot coffee, steaming instant coffee poured on top of the head where the meter. It was a stimulating hot coffee, rice where suddenly a conditioned reflex, Ji Ling, even with force control for the devil is there are some slight deviations, the power of the devil turned out to be a path toward the next run in the past. "Pa ...... hum ......" However, to m where no thought is, so it goes, turned out to be lucky hit, successfully activated the magnetic stone has a capacity of Europe, and this capability, it is now urgent to think where m To get in, opened the two will be isolated from the ground and the underground black gold gate capacity! "Xia Qi, you throw hot coffee which is ingenious, simply perfect ah, that's great! Fantastic!" M behind Ha Kee who disregard the weird eyes, stature flash, that is out of the black gold of God Temple, toward the door that two black gold rushed. "This is my head ...... Is the cup of hot coffee, hot silly?" Summer Kee who looked m back, strangely said .................. <

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