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but larger weapons still antworten

> Two hundred and fortieth chapters bloom blue kite in the air, solid fuel stove which flowers bright yellow flame that will group around nine soldiers door Ying was flushed, Chu Zi Yan stood in the midst, in his hand a hologram image projection device, above a blue-purple flowers are blooming with its charm, of which two relatively large petals with two yellow and black stripes that look glamorous and beautiful. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM "Irises,Coach Classic USA, because petal shaped like a kite tail and call it a bird, its genus name iris is Greek for" rainbow "meaning, metaphor rich colors, while my hands this multi-blue iris flower, it is represents hope of Italy, which also happens to be the most we need a spiritual force, so I think the name blue kite government soldiers. "uttered previously Chu Zi Yan Bing House Blue Iris name, the crowd a time is not understood whether this represents what specific, so they ask the Chu Zi Yan came out to explain, but after Chu Zi Yan explained, nine regiment soldiers clapped and wow, this name has become not only the name of their new home, but also represents a spirit of hope. "Here I declare that, in order to return to their homeland, in order to wash shame, in order to defeat Wu, for the happiness of all mankind, and blue kite soldiers government, today, the formal establishment!" M where large waved his hand, raised his glass and shouted loudly. "Blue Iris soldiers House!!!" One thousand nine regiment soldiers all stood up,Coach Handbags Sale, all are raised his hands of the glass, or bowl, along with the cries of the clink of glasses, the crowd an upward, that it would be thousand and into wine. "I m where the wedding today, but today, I also lost the glory of the motherland has become a traitor, but it does not make me afraid, because I have my best brothers with me, as long as We think we will be able to come back! "" roar ...... "starry night sky, a bright crescent Xiegua not in the sky above, under the stars of the people, but it is heroic spirit, and even these cold The night sky lit .................. next morning, meters would be to all the people who wake up, followed, where m is the start assigning tasks. First, a few meters from where these people in addition to their other than ninety one divided into ten teams, of which the first and second team responsible for the initial establishment of fortifications, the third and fourth team responsible for the construction of the inner life of buildings, the fifth sixth seventh team responsible for the entire reinforcement work of Atlantis, the eighth ninth tenth Small Ensemble who is responsible for the rice were brought out from the arsenal of some laser heavy artillery, anti-aircraft guns and other weapons build up a number of places to sit. The meter squad everyone who is responsible for them in the center of the temple, will be able to cover the entire Atlantis monitoring communications command center, as well as large amounts of data as well as other defense facilities and others who need to build rice, So meters and others who figure is also very difficult. Above sea level, the sun just comes up, towering Jinmang the calm sea sparkling printed, it is truly spectacular, all nine groups of soldiers were also being encouraged by these spectacular sights are all screaming, that is, separately began to work to go. M Where to sleep early last night, when the crowd is to ring from space which will be needed each squad material into the corresponding position on top of it this morning, the crowd is not need to go material handling, which intangibles also accelerated the Atlantis, which is now blue kite soldiers House construction speed. First, the most important thing is that the city of Atlantis reinforcement work due to perennial city of Atlantis were soaked in salt water, although once Atlantis has windy world of science and technology, but their construction with urban roots soak in water millions of years there were still quite a serious loss. And others who are now m total of only ninety few people, and has not yet appeared what large weaponry, so now the city of Atlantis is also able to support is maintained, but the future is bound to expand government soldiers blue kite size, m Where other people will now have to lay the foundation of Atlantis, to save any problems. M where the space ring seems to be very advanced species, from m While his grandfather who was picked up that day just meters from where the side of the ring in which seems to have endless storage space, into which all ten thousand Xiongshou do not have any problems, so m where space ring which, naturally, is the owner of a large number of materials. At this point the fifth sixth seventh team is carrying a single rocket jet pack, in the city of Atlantis beneath work with, as has the role of space suspended enchantment, so they figure outsiders can not see, At this point they are city of Atlantis with that black gold boulder junction,Air Jordan 1, with some metal brackets to the already very strong connection to connect more closely at it. This city of Atlantis base do not know what goes into melting, immersed in seawater for such a long time, there is not even particularly severe corrosion, fifth sixth seventh team just use some metal bracket which cracks in welded together, that is, the city completed the Atlantis base for reinforcement work. Somewhat like the entire city of Atlantis is a huge boulder inlaid with black gold cone, the entire city revolves around black gold boulder built up, not only has buildings on the ground, and even under the ground also has a large space, just as the year of the disaster, and now is a huge underground black gold iron locks up. As above ground also has a bunch of things that need to be addressed, so the meter where it has no idea of ​​exploring the underground world. Reinforcement city of Atlantis is a complex and difficult project, not one or two days to complete, so the rice and others who also did not wait for reinforcement project completed, it has already started building fortifications on the ground, as well as layout weaponry. Rows of heavy artillery and fortifications laser city of Atlantis began in the outermost stand, a layer inwards, has also created by concentric manner with, but the city of Atlantis too huge, even m where space ring which has a lot of weapons and equipment, but also can not cover the entire city of Atlantis. But fortunately meters where space ring which also has some manufacturing machine tools and material, so that the equipment was able to slowly build up, but larger weapons still difficult once built, after all, m where space among the metal ring and other materials is limited. The outer fortifications construction full swing, the internal living facilities also further improve them, the first is to establish a central command post, because now m where their staff is too small, so only need to establish a central command building can , everyone eats and sleeps here will be able to work. The remaining large tracts of open area, m where now there is no way, after all, he was just evacuated an arsenal of weapons, rather than the entire Third Military District. Fortunately, everyone also has combat vehicles, main battle tanks and other equipment, although it has only a dozen are only, but also for the people to provide some transportation, defense and work convenient. Day after day, the city of Atlantis was thinking about a military fortress transformation, and that side of the Chu Zi Yan Kee jointly designed with the summer out of the flag, is the center of the top of the command building fluttering flag on tis blooming dripping blue iris flowers, Masamori stood dazzling brilliance .................. "the report heads, our satellite was monitored in the South Pacific on a moment's energy fluctuations, and treason Force transport aircraft ever at that location stay long, and finally mysteriously disappeared at that place. "an officer rank of Major, standing in front of Wu, respectfully said. He has a huge scar on his face, so that his right eye is almost blind, but the contours of the face can still vaguely recognizable out the officer, it is the original old life Marshal's grandson, Bi Yuntao! "Ah, I know, sent reconnaissance to scout around, and always pay attention to satellite monitoring of the dynamic of the place, there is nothing unusual, report to me immediately!" Wu rubbed his temples, whispered. "Yes! Heads!!" He finished, Bi Yuntao Wu turned and walked out of the office, but which in his eyes, burst shot a wave of hatred but cold light .................. <

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