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01.06.2013 05:13
silk hesitation toward the antworten

> Two hundred and eighteenth Zhang Wan snake bite brain "Keke ...... yuck ......" candle dragon overturned on the ice on top of the whole body of the flame endless rolling, apparently its master meter where the situation at the moment is not very stability, m where at the moment is working with candle dragon a posture, supine in the fire that nothingness which, mercilessly spit out a mouthful of blood, the moment is being Zihei kagero to dryness. Www! QuanBEn! COM scarlet beast seems at the moment that broke out because too much power, and stop there, though time is very short, but the meter where it is will not miss this great opportunity, a stand that is controls candle dragon turning the sky, from top to bottom candle Dragonlance split down mercilessly. Suddenly, a violent wave of flame scarlet cockatrice close to the ground is a huge body toward the shock away, candle dragon stature fleeting, ability to mobilize the energy transition, the next moment, candle dragon body already appeared in the scarlet blame snake's body side, then, is like a whirlwind candle dragon spin up, a sudden whirlwind flame is already formed, a channel wave of flame pouring out like raindrops, heavily bombarding the body in scarlet cockatrice above. "Roar ......" Finally, the kind of short scarlet Python stagnation from which revived, followed by pain roar is heard, the entire huge body kept twisting up a scarlet blood vessels were bursting out of blazing light, Subsequently scarlet Python that turned out to be a huge body suddenly folded over, head scarlet claws that numerous vascular speed toward the candle dragon wrapped up. Look at those scarlet vascular wound on the soul of the force fluctuations, m where nature is inherent in them understand exactly how powerful force, when about candle Dragonlance dance into a windmill, take advantage of the enormous gravity, a portion of the scarlet vessels toward one side, while the candle dragon is lightning were drilled from that tiny gap in the past. "Boom ......" thud, scarlet cockatrice heavily hit in the head on top of the ice sheet, the moment is for the numerous large crack in the ice broken off from above, while the midday position turned out to be not stop to melt, forming a blink of an eye will small lake. "Mother, even with their own body of magma beneath drawn to attack, which is when their cargo pumps it!" M seeing where it has become a small lake ice shell which already is inhabited cooling magma, immediately exclamation. But wait m where too much lamented, that scarlet cockatrice see a miss, suddenly it is that huge body Yang up, then again toward the candle dragon mercilessly hit back! This time, who already had prepared rice, although scarlet cockatrice's fast, but it is the first step candle dragon jumped up, turned scarlet snake's body fell on top of the hands of the candle and instantly Dragonlance make huge flame guns, and then toward the scarlet snake that disgusting body brutally stabbed down! "Poof ...... bang bang bang bang bang bang bang ......" Because m where the surprise attack, which turned out to be a scarlet snake did not have time time to deployment, and its body is too great, even if it is determined, it might not be able to per a parts are taken into account, so the meter where this gun solidly tied into the scarlet snake's body were. Where m is the moment has mobilized all the forces which his body, which is input to the candle Dragonlance, that the already enormous flame guns up big moment is one point, and kept spinning, churning those scarlet blood vessels , even with the body which blew the flame of scarlet snake energy, and instantly the version history of the scarlet snake's body, abruptly blasted a disastrous. Aware of the power of the meter where the scarlet snake naturally not fight with them, in the production of so unexpected after the destruction, that controls a dragon candle stand, open behind propulsion, wings, grazing the moment a few hundred meters away. However m where eventually underestimate the power of this scarlet snake, but see that terror is being constantly creeping up over the scarlet blood vessels are covered, followed by that huge body suddenly pendulum, that countless fluttering scarlet blood vessels in the head turned out to be an instant hit over the body in the air candle dragon bitterly Zhuangfei out. "Bang ......" m where I felt like being a high-speed train Zhuangfei general, the whole body showing a strange posture, blink of an eye that is flying out of one thousand meters or more away, where the body if it is m abnormal quality sturdy, just the blow, that has been able to make his death can not be dead. Barely in the air under control candle dragon posture, mouth spray a few mouthfuls of inverse blood, m where managed to stop the candle dragon stature, on top of the ice and made a huge gully, and even the two successive roll circle, finally a firm stature. "Xiaofan!" It all to look in the eyes of Chu Zi Yan exclamation, we must summon the child who suddenly rushed over, but it was the side of the summer Kee stopped. "We are now in the past can only add to his burden, etc. Our fleet launching a laser guided missile, we again from another direction to go around." Eduardo holding his arms looked away fierce fighting,Coach OP Art Online, Chen Sheng said . "Damn, I can only watch their head beaten in there, can not do anything?!!" Zhang Yi a cop have been flushed, but they could not do anything. "Boss has us down too far, today, after the end of this battle, we must make every effort to improve their strength, the only way to get rid of fear only in the next destiny!" Chu Jincheng Fu Fu neighborhood where he did not know to gold spectacles askew, frowning. "Mother, I'm Zheng Yuan has never been so eager to strength!" Zheng Yuan red eyes, kept gasping roared. Just a few people resent their lack of strength on the occasion, but it is on their side of the trunk, the four countries combined carrier fleet opened fire again, no way inferior to an attack on the laser and missile attack overwhelming fly away, blink of an eye that is already close scarlet snake. This time,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, the scarlet snake was not able to send such a violent shock Zaibao laser and missile barrier, that filled the laser and missile bombardment exhaustively in a scarlet snake's body and the surrounding ice sheet above, for a time kept the blast swept toward the four weeks, while a coerced flames billowing smoke clouds, straight into the sky. This is an attack where the rice just right to give a slight respite, with the power of the devil was severing abruptly three ribs take back, although not able to heal, but it does not affect the action, beating , this is where the long m not experienced the taste. But the pain, it can not extinguish the flame of the hearts of every m, face still is so resolute, dancing a couple of meters from where the hands of gentian gun control candle dragon rushed up again quickly! "Xiao ...... ow ow ......" In the billowing smoke them, came the cries of screams, there have been scarlet blood vessels flying out over the surrounding ice road leaving a scarlet blood. M where it is simply falling down despite vocal scarlet blood vessels, rapid control candle dragon rushed into the smoke which, by virtue of energy for keen intuition, silk hesitation toward the direction of scarlet snake rushed past. However, just meters from where the scarlet snake about to close around the body at the moment, m where suddenly felt extremely dangerous atmosphere, this feeling instantly let m where hair stood on end, cross-flow cold sweat! "Xiao!!!!" As soon as earth-shattering roar, a visible light red cone-shaped shock wave into a spiral which rapidly since then billowing smoke out, break open the smoke, broke open air,Air Jordan Take Flight, straight candle dragon and to! Where there is any response wait meters, it is already a shock wave into the candle dragon which, m where two layers of cloth under the water flow speed and triple the energy absorbing shield enchantment did not play any blocking effect, that road is smooth price shock The candle dragon wrapped up the entire body. "Om ......" With the buzz loudly, suddenly toward the center of that road shock contraction of the body through the candle dragon, direct bombardment to the meter where the body above, followed by a burst of rice where the mind is blank, then light The shock wave turned red as a bar snake generally along the meridians where m, the impact to the meter where the mind which followed, that turned into a sword-like streamer channel, along the meter where the spirit of the above barriers that a crack, rushed into the meter where the fragile soul! Wan snake bite brain! Round after round snake turned out to be a general energy shock waves in the twinkling of an eye can be found between the meter where the biggest flaws, physical defenses along the meter where the weakest areas in an attempt to direct the souls who swallowed m! Meanwhile, scarlet snake that horrible but hideous skull carriers large tracts of lava, from top to bottom, the amount above the ground toward stumble candle dragon, mercilessly shocks come .................. ps: Tomorrow, there may be major news release, Keke, just maybe, just maybe ...... <

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