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> Two hundred and thirteenth chapter chase, target Antarctic "bang bang bang bang bang bang bang ......" sound they heard piercing voice came from the candle dragon whole body, and even be able to see a faint white circle sound waves to candle dragon burst open as the center, which is constant speed, caused by breaking open air. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm candle dragon's speed is quite fast, but the rocket Rocket "Aurora" speed is gradually accelerated, m where doing all speed, but we can only keep up with "Aurora" at the same speed, but nonetheless "Aurora" than the candle dragon launch early, so although the rate has been in the candle dragon "Aurora" the same, but they always catch up "Aurora." Seeing the height climbed higher and higher, has reached its thin air, has almost reached the edge of the atmosphere, have begun to appear around the endless darkness and the darkness of the universe, who knows rice now no longer able to drag up, Otherwise, the system is not installed candle dragon survive in outer space will not support long, their will because of lack of oxygen and suffocated. So where m is no longer hesitate to immediately control the candle dragon stature flash, the ability to use the energy transition, and instantly appeared in the "Aurora" side, but this time, a huge rocket has arrived with candle dragon are outside the Earth's atmosphere! Surrounded by boundless universe, dark, unknown, full of mysterious light and dark daunting, and outer space without oxygen, completely in a vacuum, so the surface of the candle dragon is the only Zihei kagero Where can rely on the power meter to maintain it. M Where the devil did not dare quit ancient mode, because once out of the ancient devil mode, candle dragon is not just the speed, it will also reduce the power of a large portion of that time could not catch up with "Aurora" also two said, even catch up, and probably do not have that power to change the "Aurora" running track it. If China's solar energy weapons can be applied, I am afraid meters where it need not be so dangerous to the body norm, but in the last civil war in China, due to the earth's solar weapons and gowns for bombers, although not lead to the collapse of solar energy weapons, but also by a number of injuries,Air Jordan Spizike UK Sale, until now have not been able to completely rule out, so I want to use solar energy weapon detonated in outer space "Aurora" is simply impossible thing. At the moment the raging flames of burning candle dragon is already close to the "Aurora" dragon candle arms, is clinging to the "Aurora" of the shell, is beginning to reach outer space after dropping propulsion "Aurora "At the moment the volume has been reduced by half, so by virtue of the dragon candle body, or can barely clinging. "Drink ...... ow ow ow ow ......" With m Where's a roar, dragon candle started suddenly force, body aches and a flame has burned to the extreme, even the dragon's body are like candle doubling in general, However, m where they need to use energy-absorbing layer barrier Zihei kagero enchantment and "Aurora" shell contact so as to avoid any impact. "Buzz buzz ...... creak creak ......" With the candle dragon force, "Aurora" Start sent waves of harsh sound of metal tearing sound and friction, such a huge rocket propulsion it is very powerful, even candle dragon, are just barely able to change the "Aurora," the running track. After all, here is the outer space, there is no oxygen, so m Where have adjusted their breathing to breathe inside, and where everything needs to consume enormous power of the devil, even rice to the child who has broken dragon tactics seventh weight, are difficult to replenish the power consumption of the devil. With increasing power, m where the eyes have begun to black, breathing becomes rapid up has begun, which is the m Where such a long time very rare conditions in outer space where fighting has consumed too much rice the power of the devil, the body due to prolonged hypoxia and lack of energy supplement the power of the devil, has begun to gradually become lost consciousness, but the strong will still let m where the constant force that controls candle Long Hard life and changed the "Aurora," the running track. Among the dark outer space, "Aurora" huge body already been changed candle dragon tough running track, falling down from the original in order to change the trajectory of the impact away toward the distant universe, I believe in internal energy supply system has been very precarious circumstances, this "Aurora" will soon be illusory universe in which self-explosion. "Pata ......" At the moment the surface of the candle dragon Zihei kagero, with a loud Qing Xiang slowly extinguished, and the candle dragon's body becomes very weak, began sinking toward the bottom blue planet rapid fall! "Buzz buzz ...... Chi Chi ......" candle dragon's body and the atmosphere constantly heard the sound of friction moment candle has formed a dragon around the body and the air friction and the emergence of fiery red flame layer, like a candle dragon is a one day general outside meteorite from outer space rapidly falling toward the ground. Because a lot of air injection, making the meter where the body begins to gradually recover, while m where consciousness, but also in a very short span of time to sober him, after all, where m body has been tough now to a certain extent, short-term vacuum state, and hypoxic state for him, but also to handle it. "Call ......" consciousness restored meters long where the first time out of breath, and then, candle dragon's body surface instantly burst open a group of purple flames, ancient devil mode is started again, in this short period of time Within meters where the body had already exhausted the power of the devil again resumed about three percent, only after a period of time, is able to restore itself to the optimum level. "Goddess, to determine the location of Hitler!" Into the ancient devil mode, m where the first time the command is issued. "Yes! Master!" Nuwa who immediately starts executing m command, because m Where stomping word that a Nazi battleship defense dish enchantment when it was a small cluster will remain in Zihei kagero on top of that enchantment, so now just need to let that small clusters Fire Goddess track, that is able to determine the Legion fled Hitler's Nazi orientation of the word. Soon, Nuwa is reported out of the Legion fled Nazi character direction, m where in midair adjusted his candle dragon body position, the next moment is to open up behind the wings, skimming rapidly toward the direction of the South Pole away. "M where! Xiaofan! How are you?!!" Has just opened communications, a series of communication is received in, m where the first communication interface to Chu Zi Yan came and saw where m without incident, Chu Ziyan also relieved,Air Jordan Womens UK, m where the two comforted Chu Zi Yan, Yang's command is transferred to the communication channels among the process will just briefly reported a lot. "Now we have excluded aircraft carrier fleet, advancing toward the South Pole, and the four countries have formed an unprecedented coalition huge aircraft carrier fleet base, which was once Hitler had nowhere to escape the!" Yang in the communications which also will be the response of one's own where m told. M where the first word to the Nazis fled the specific orientation of the Legion told Yang, then said: "Young Boss, my travels faster, on the first step, go to block Hitler." Yang nodded his head, and said: "Go, be sure to pay attention to their own safety, evacuation priority hazardous situations encountered, until the large forces arrive and then decide!" "Yes! Executive!" loudly to be a one, m where the immediate control of the whole body of the purple dragon candle Black kagero again expanded Zihei blazing candle dragon kagero promote rapid word toward Nazi legions chase away. Coincidentally, m where the orientation after falling from outer space, and the word Legion fled Nazi orientation difference is not large, so just after a few minutes, is already very close to the candle dragon fled the Nazi word Legion. "Hitler, eat your grandfather shot!" Body in the air among the m Where is the drink soon burst, candle Dragonlance instantly turned into a huge flame guns, rifles Mengsao, with a series of burning flames,Oakley Monster Dog Sunglasses, lightning struck Nazi Legion finally put a word the word Nazi battleship defensive enchantment dish on top! M where the attack position, naturally enchantment array eye, with a loud bang, and that the word dish Nazi battleship fleet defense enchantment, immediately declared broken .................. <

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