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and time and space among the antworten

> Two hundred and third chapter breach "Xiao Xiao ...... ......" In the splendid and temporal turbulence among the storms that road space as a fish in general, swinging his body, constantly elude the dragon burst out candle flame shock wave, and also from that of the air as the giant among the general population shot sky space razor, razor distort space-time is like a Chuanhuahudie only in general, but m where know that these beautiful razor actually have time and space What a terrible destructive power. Them in mid-air, like a fireworks show general, m where that road space with razor like fireworks in the sky on a jet general, the whole scene a gorgeous time becomes abnormal, is very glamorous. "Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang ......" Flame shock and bump into each other from time to time and space razor,Air Jordan After Game UK Sale, broke out in a violent burst of sound waves, which do not know in which time and space turbulence has what kind of sound transmission media, but she sound propagation speed of light reached almost the same. In the process of the fight, where rice has been observed that a space storm at the top of the mixing of colorful gemstones, the more observations, m where more is found, sinking five gems clouds because, even at the chest with candle dragon That a colored stone of God, very similar! "Is this the origin of colored rock god, even this temporal turbulence which is what?" M where murmuring, but suddenly stopped rotating. Candle dragon is also the same time to stop the rotation of the hands of the candle Dragonlance pendulum, a series of flying sparks, the next moment, candle dragon already appeared in the space before the storm, thundered loudly, like raindrops candle Dragonlance stab out a road cone-shaped flame shock moment is covered in a storm at the top of the air space above. "Honghong Honghong ......" series of explosions, but she was back again and again and space storms, twisted body wants to escape candle dragon's attack, but was closely followed candle dragon, in any case it is difficult to escape the wave of flame bombardment. "Xiao ......" Suddenly, space storms uttered Lee Xiao, like the tail of fish generally even like a bullwhip in general, toward the candle dragon smoke blow away, even the temporal turbulence have played a road with ripples, speed fast, almost like a mirage in general. "Bang ......" caught off guard, candle dragon was mercilessly pumping space storm hit out,Totes Coach Online, this channel attack speed is too fast, like ho broke the fetters of time and space in general, almost teleport, where even the m also react less, be bombers fly. Very scary space storm attacks, numerous temporal razor bombardment in the candle dragon body surface energy absorption enchantment above the surface actually is point out the candle dragon body surface energy absorption enchantment direct pumping broken! Lost energy absorption enchantment candle dragon directly bear a violent attack on the temporal and spatial turbulence, Goddess of the siren heard, even if it is timely softened rice where energy absorption enchantment, even candle dragon sturdy body, are by turbulence in the body over time and space left traces of mottled, since the meter where to get candle dragon since this is the first time, let candle dragon received such a serious injury. "Damn, I had wanted to continue to study your structure, in that case, that I still do not have to stay hands down!" M in front of one who looked suspended in front of the light screen, the screen above is the extent of the damage dragon candle The report, immediately angrily. Even ancient devil entered the mode where m or can mask at any time in such a way to access some cases, only the display light screen is not very stable, and can not display some fine things, where usually are not so m go with Guangping. Thundered loudly, m where the hands of gentian gun instantly more violent purple flames, candle Dragonlance also tripled up big at the moment, turned into a two-edged dyke rifles, the next moment, burning fiercely Zhebing purple flame guns dyke is mercilessly toward the temporal storm cut down. "Boom ......" with a bang, space storm turned out to be split candle dragon abruptly scattered part of the whole temporal whirlwind storm abruptly reducing the temporal part of the cutting edge, the next moment, it turned out to be a road space storm turned , toward the distant temporal turbulence escaped! "Damn, this thing still has the IQ? Know they can not beat boss, actually turned around and ran away?" Zheng Yuan somewhat stunned to see that the road has begun to escape the space storm roared in surprise. At the moment m Where are depressed, he did not even think of this space is also known to escape the storm, the dragon candle database, m where only know that this space is a space storm turbulence among the most common phenomenon, very destructive amazing, but it is not known, but there are still thinking of this space storms, but also aware of the dangers, but also know to escape! And on top of this space-time storm, even also has a very similar rock god with colored gems, perhaps the reason why this space storm showed that side, because they have the jewel that is the reason. Can not let him get away! M Where hearts emerge such an idea, suddenly behind the controls candle dragon with open wings, like a flame giant bird in general, toward the temporal storm rapidly snatched. However, the speed of time and space to escape the storm does not slow, who did not dare m far away from the piece of land, so altogether the ability to use the space jump, although m also know where turbulence in space and the ability to use them is very dangerous, But wealth and risk seeking, if we can determine the spatial and temporal storm top is colored gems stone God, then, who is able to meter the future, to create an ancient devil Mech Corps! "Shabu ......" sound Qing Xiang, candle dragon stature already shuttle into space in front of the storm, candle Dragonlance dance, while rice mouth screaming: "Dragon Dance nine days!" All of a sudden, candle dragon is burst burst of dazzling violet light, followed by seven composed entirely of purple flames, glowing violet light of the waves of the clearest Zihei queue with Dragons, toward the front of the space-time storm swept away mad! "Squeak ...... Xiao ......" space storm felt like a general threat from the front, sharp whistling sound came, then had time and space in the constantly rotating storm began to spin up more violently, a sharp knife to the road space exterior transmitter away in an attempt to block the seven flames queue attacks. However, this seven purple flame queue entirely by the purple flame composed of extraordinary power and space razor Although these seven flames queue can cause some damage, but can not cause fatal injuries, after all, there is no flame queue entity composed entirely of flame. "Zhi Zhizhi Zhi Zhizhi creak ......" Flame queue regardless of time and space storm attack, seven flames queue all with indomitable momentum, wrapped in the space above the storm, constantly spend the temporal power of the storm, while a series of violently Explosion in space and also the appearance of the storm generated a lot of time and space directly ripping razor to make this space storm further reduce the size. Storm in space with seven flames Changlong fight each other on the occasion, candle dragon is covered with a burning flame, were holding a candle Dragonlance, threw herself in front of a space storm. "This stone, I'll accept my gift, thank you." Meter cheerful smile who came to speak, this space seems to be able to listen to understand storm where m saying in general, more fierce resistance. However, his forces have been very weak, coupled with the seven flames queue winding bondage, candle dragon very easily grasp what jewel in the hands, and then said something back fiercely, escaped the storms of time and space before dying counterattack, successfully mixing Fengyun colorful gemstones income among the space ring. "Har ......" just a lost piece of precious stones, and space storm is "Crash" sound collapsing open, a channel space razor rotating burst shot to the seven flames destroy the queue, then that is flying into the turbulence of time and space which disappeared without a trace. Where the meter back in jewel hand at the moment, it has controlled the candle dragon back away, so the space storm last outbreak does not hurt to shred candle dragon,Jordan 2 Sale, but lets m where learned about ways to generate a space storm . Presumably it is very likely that colored gemstones jinseki will slowly gather together the dispersed turbulence in space and time and space among the razor, and then gradually formed a space storm, while in possession of a certain size, the presumably this space storm will produce some intelligence , just know that time and space to escape the storm, is the best example. Spread my wings, rice candle dragon who controls the rapid return to the piece of land which, slowly falls above the ground, where m is already out of the ancient devil mode, then the cockpit from the dragon candle which jumped out, carefully read Look scarred candle dragon, heart, an indefinable feeling, after all, where the candle dragon has the equivalent of an old comrade m general, as the hero on the night according to the jade lion's feelings in general. Subsequently, the meter where the candle dragon ring which income space, but also took out the jewel. Gem sinking feeling that comes out of the atmosphere, m quite sure where to, which is colored rock god! At this moment, m the most of this land who stood at the edges, very close to the energy absorption enchantment, and when he took out colored rock god, the meter where keen to find, in the only space separated by a layer of enchantment mess stream which, it seems that there is a slight fluctuation in the slightest. M where naturally will not miss this discovery, immediately wrapped in his own body on the surface of a layer of energy-absorbing enchantment, temporal turbulence endured the pain of cutting his arm, sinking colored rock god will come up with energy-absorbing enchantment! "Shua ......" With the emergence of sinking colored rock god, the original is still relatively quiet as temporal turbulence suddenly raged in general, a colorful land turbulence road turned out to be constantly surrounded by colored rock god spin. When the meter where the power of the devil himself slowly along the palm-colored stone of God which passed when the turbulence surrounding space-time is kept turned toward the sides spread out, a very weak temporal cracks appeared in the colored front .................. tomorrow jinseki small letters, four more outbreaks seeking collection, so stay tuned! ! <

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